. They have an all new lineup of galaxy book laptops. These are up for pre order now so theyre not even out yet samsungs offering a lot. If you do decide to pre order, one of these laptops for this one, you get a free 32 inch curved gaming monitor. They even offer trade in value to bring down the price of the galaxy books. Now i will go ahead and link to that pre order down below anyways lets. Take a look at the galaxy book: 2. Pro 360. It has a super amoled display the latest 12th gen intel processors. It even comes with an s pen as well, so were going to take a look. What comes in the box very quickly and then get some hands on with this brand new laptop from samsung lets get started, opening up the galaxy book. 2 pro 360.. We have our laptop here and on the right side, is the charging brick fairly small smaller than i expected? This is a 65 watt charging brick charged via usb type c, im sure the cables underneath the laptop. But again you can use this brick and cable to charge your other samsung galaxy devices. You can even take advantage of the fast charging they have on their phones. Moving along as expected, underneath the laptop is that charging cable, usb type c, the usb type c white to match the charging brick. You also have looks like just a quick booklet, quick start guide safety, information and check it out.

It also comes with an s pen, so yes, this does have a touch screen, of course, it being a 360 laptop that folds into a tablet and s pen will be great to take full advantage of, and i know what you came to see the galaxy book. 2, pro 360 picking it up, i have to say it is crazy how light it is, and not only that, just how thin it actually is. This is just over three pounds at 3.1 pounds so insane and youre gon na get under three pounds. If you get the 13 inch model, this is obviously the 15.6 inch. This is also the graphite color in case you were wondering and, as always lets do a one handed opening test with it being so light lets see if it actually passes, and it actually did very easy to open with one hand the bottom didnt even raise up Off the desk, so thats great to see now lets go ahead and power it on, for the first time and im gon na take a close look at the hardware. While it boots up were gon na start at the bottom of the laptop, because it was sliding around a good amount, as i headed on my desk, i was wondering why? Because theres just a couple plastic coverings on the grip, theres, actually a lot of grip to it. So its definitely not going to slide around now so just make sure if you do get one of these to make sure to take off these little plastic pieces.

Just another quick look at all of the corners on the left side. You have two usb type c ports, one of them being a thunderbolt 4 port, a status light continuing through it man and just notice how thin this actually is, its pretty crazy, a little gap for you to open up the lid of the laptop and then moving Along to the right side, is a micro sd card slot, so you can transfer some files, expand storage if youd like to another usb type c port and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so no usb type a ports on this laptop moving along towards the back. Just a quick look at the hinge, a gap just for some ventilation of the laptop at the top samsung always does a good job at making their laptops just very clean and sleek a minimal samsung logo right there and thats just about it. So a very professional. Looking laptop a look at the touch pad very large, actually more space than i expected its fairly tall as well. Just a couple. Look at those stickers, obviously intel evo. This is an has an i7 inside a full number pad. I love to see that you sometimes dont see it in 15 as laptops nowadays, but i really do like having one on my keyboard. The power button here actually couples as a fingerprint scanner and then just a full look at that keyboard and, of course, it being a 360 degree laptop.

Just a quick look at the hinge well test it out a little bit more later, but obviously you could use it just like a tablet, especially with it being so thin and light itll be easy to carry around even as a 15.6 inch laptop and again you Have an s pen to use it with now powering on our laptop im, going to run through the startup process and just talk about anything that is noteworthy right away. You do get windows 11 out of the box, so you dont have to worry about upgrading from windows. 10 lets go ahead and continue through the start process embedded into the power button is a fingerprint scanner. Lets set that up right now should be easy enough. Just touch the power button, do not you dont have to press it all the way in and just lift it on up continue through. You should be able to actually when you press the power button from the sleep screen. I believe it reads it and wakes and then signs you right in. We can test that once we complete the setup process. Okay were all set ready to go within the startup screen. It didnt bring up any samsung login. Anything like that. So i highly recommend going through all apps and checking out a lot of these samsung ones. Theres, a ton of different ones, including quick, share, samsung flow. Their notes app well dive into a couple of them in just a second but make sure you run through and actually check them out.

Theres a lot of cool ones and even samsung update to keep your laptop, updated with various drivers. It looks like out of the box theres about six updates, at least at the moment, which is great nice, that they have all of these different updates, including fingers print sensor and more that you can just hit update all and get them done. You dont have to manually do each individual one, so this is a 15.6 inch display at 1080p using samsung super amoled technology. I love having an amoled display on my phone im, so happy samsungs bringing their technology to their laptops because it just looks fantastic colors really. Pop the blacks are true blacks. They dont have to turn on pixels, so they just look very realistic and also this display gets up to 300 370 nits of brightness and a quick example of that amoled in action with those true blacks, but also worth mentioning that the bezels are very minimal. It looks really clean on the galaxy book 2 pro samsung even offers a live, wallpapers app to take full advantage of this really gorgeous display highly recommend, checking it out with dynamic, wallpapers or just wallpapers down here so with dynamic ones. It will actually refresh your wallpaper. Looks like it says, next image, every two weeks lets load one up theres a lot you can change with this live wallpaper app, including how often it changes up to a week all the way down to a minute, shuffle them weather effects and have it match a Specific light or dark mode minimizing it theres just one of the wallpapers that got applied with the landscape anyways, without really going into it too much.

I want to talk about the hinge. It does feel very strong, actually stronger than past models. It really doesnt wobble. So when you are using that touch screen like so its very sturdy, i i think samsung actually took note of what we were talking about and they really did apply more pressure to the hinge. Yes, obviously, it might be just a little bit more difficult to open and close, which is a good thing, in my opinion, so well done. Samsung improving that hinge, especially with a 360 display when youre using a touch screen in terms of some other specs. You have the latest wi fi, 6e, 816 or 32 gigabytes of lpddr5 ram and up to a one, terabyte nvme ssd, another one of the applications i wanted to dive into very quickly is the galaxy book experience which is somewhere down here. I knew i opened it up there, we go so got a galaxy phone, you can quickly connect galaxy buds, send files. We know all of this, but anyways going into it definitely sign into your samsung account. So it syncs all of your notes. If you have some in samsung notes, you have bixby right there transfer data from your old computer. One thing i will make note of is samsungs smart switch. It does a great job to transfer your old files from your previous computer to your new one, quick search to find files, apps uh. Anything like that. I do find that windows 11 search really isnt, that great so quick search is a nice alternative to have uh screen recorder, smart things samsung gallery, so you can use some of their editing tools that they have that have been popular on samsung, galaxy phones and obviously, With it running windows, you have all windows features, including link to windows, so you can text on your computer if youd like to private share, send people files that cant be reshared or captured, and a lot more well dive into that a little bit later.

On continuing on lets use it in tablet mode with our s pen right here, so there are samsung settings here. You can sign into your samsung account for some easy connections display theres an auto mode. You can customize the way that it looks so right now its on auto out of the box. However, you can turn it to vivid natural dci p3. Its really up to you, the the setting that you like great, that you get the option hdr plus, can also be turned on some advanced features on the left, studio mode, auto booting and a couple more battery and performance. So you can protect the battery limit. The maximum charge to 85, you can turn that on and off, if youd, like supplies, power to chargeable usb port, even when the system is in hibernation or shutdown. This is a nice feature. You might not think you need it, but its great to have a laptop thats off and you can just plug in your phone and get some charge out of it performance mode. Customize, no fan! If you dont, want any noise silent, high performance. You can also turn these on and off within the keyboard, so a close look at the keyboard that f11 key. Actually, if you hit function f11, you can toggle through those at your will, so its very easy to change that performance mode to your liking. Finally, your keyboard does have a backlight. You can customize how long it stays lit for, like i mentioned, samsung has the quick share app to quickly share files between your phone tablet and your laptop youll notice right away.

It already sees tims galaxy s22 ultra right there. So very easy to swap files. I cant tell you how valuable it is to be able to share between your devices. Opening up our laptop yet again with one hand, brings us to our lock screen lets, go ahead and test that fingerprint scanner just setting our pointer finger down unlocks our device right away as expected now with it open im, going to actually put it to sleep. So with it asleep im going to press the button with the fingerprint that i registered and see what actually happens, i believe it should register my finger there. You go it actually just unlocked the computer right away, didnt even go to the lock screen. Just brought me straight to my desktop love to see it very quick and accurate something else to mention about the trackpad, its very precise, when going back and forth its large enough to go across the entire screen, but it does have a lot of clickiness to it. Listen so just a lot of feedback when you press it, which isnt necessarily a bad thing lets do a quick typing test on this keyboard. After doing that typing test, i really like the the feedback that the keyboard gives. I, like the sound that it makes when i press it as well. Well done samsung, so anyways thats everything i want to talk about for now with the samsung galaxy book, 2. Pro 360. drop a comment.

Let me know what you think.