Yes, please. Today we are taking a look at the samsung galaxy book. 2. 360. Pro hello, my name is brad. I review type for creative professionals, and this is the second iteration of samsungs galaxy book 2, pro 360.. That is a lot of words. Can we just call you book now samsung has rolled out three iterations of this laptop over the last month on the baseline. You have the 360 and then in the middle you have the pro and then at the top end you have the 360 pro thats. What this one is. I decided to go with this one because im an illustrator, i review tech for illustrators, and this one comes with the s pen included in the box and its 360 degrees. So you can set it up at that nice drawing position now when it comes to mobile. Drawing this is one of the better windows laptops out there. One thing i didnt know when i first pre ordered this several weeks ago, is that the cheaper non pro 360 version of this laptop also works with the s pen. But the s pen is not included with that one, which is why i got a little bit confused when i was ordering generally samsungs laptops are pretty good. They arent the cheapest laptops out there, but theyre far from the most expensive. They tend to fill that nice middle ground in between price and respectable performance. Now this base model of this book that i have here cost me twelve hundred fifty dollars its the 13 inch version and sometimes upgrading from one configuration to another configuration is going to cost.

You an arm and a leg. I think samsung is pretty reasonable here. You know for 200, you get twice as much ram and twice as much storage same thing. If you want to jump up to a bigger screen like i said, i have the 13 inch here, but if i wanted to get the 15 inch its only 100 more plus, you get double storage when you do that upgrade as well. Samsung also drops the prices on their devices from time to time, so you might be able to snag a really good deal by. Maybe this fall if youre willing to wait a few months now. I pre ordered mine, and this also came with a monitor. A giant huge 32 inch monitor its probably not a monitor i ever would have bought for myself. Its only full hd does have a respectable refresh rate, its curved, its really meant for gaming, but still those kind of pre order bonuses or something thats, also pretty common on samsungs website. If youre looking for a deal, i am a big fan of this burgundy color. Now, if you are not dont worry about it, its also available in silver and graphite as well. Now, in the box, you get what you pretty much expect: theres the laptop itself, theres, also the included s pen and a little power block, plus a usbc cable for charging. I wish this cable was a little bit longer its long enough to extend from your desk onto the floor, but not much further than that.

The exterior coating feels the same as last years laptop and its not super durable. Last years, laptop got scuffed up pretty easily for me and i didnt even really use it much after the review. I also ended up accidentally leaving a scuff mark on this one, just by trying to take off the little sticker that was on the fingerprint reader. So if this is going to be your everyday machine, dont expect it to look as good as it does the day you pull it out of the box. We do get the same s pen we got last year and thats a good thing. A great thing even seems that samsung is moving away from those tiny little pens they used to shove into all their devices, its still available on the s22 ultra phone, but on most of their laptops and tablets. Theyre now going with these wider, more comfortable to hold for long stretches version of the s pet. Probably this laptops best benefit is just how dang light it is and how thin it is too. That also means its not gon na be crazy, powerful, but its solid. This thing comes in two sizes, those 13 inches and 15 inches. I mentioned before this is a touchscreen, its also a super amoled full hd display its not super high reds, its only 1920×1080, but i i really do like samsung super amoled displays. They are beautiful displays. One thing to note about the amoled.

Displays, though, is theyre, not super color accurate. I thought they were fine, but they tend to go for contrast and punchiness over super color accuracy. This year they upgraded this to a 12th gen intel core i7 processor. There is a fan on this thing. You are going to hear the fan a lot, its not super loud or anything, but its. Definitely there theres some vents along the back to push out the heat, but when i was drawing in photoshop or anything else, the fan was running. Most of the time you have two configurations really to choose from. One is eight gigabytes with 256 gigabytes of storage and one is 16 gigabytes of ram with 512 gigabytes of storage. Now, on the 15 youre gon na get eight gigabytes of ram with 512 gigabytes of storage, or you can go with 16 gigabytes of ram with an entire terabyte of storage. If you are hoping for more storage, but dont want to spend a lot of money. Theres. Also, a micro sd card slot along the side. If you want to expand things that way, you also have three usb type c ports. One of those is a thunderbolt port. Also worth noting is the charger requires one of those usb c ports. So if you plan on having this plugged in most of the time, expect to lose one of the ports, theres, also a headphone jack, its weird to just mention that these days, but so many devices are shipping without it its nice to have.

You also have some amenities here i mentioned the fingerprint reader before thats on the keyboard. You also have a 1080p webcam. I guess 1080p webcams are starting to become more and more common on laptops, but still good to see here. The battery life is good. Now, im getting about, i dont know five to six hours of drawing on this thing. I know the website says it gets 21 hours, but battery life estimates for laptops live in a fantasy land that no mortal will ever be allowed to visit, including myself. It has a keyboard and a trackpad because, of course it does its a laptop. The keyboard is pretty good since its such a thin device, the keys dont, have a ton of travel. So if youre looking for a really clicky travelly keyboard, this is probably not the one, but i think for the size and thinness of this device. It was fine to use. I thought it was good. Now next up is drawing, but before i get there, i do want to shout out to todays sponsor squarespace. You already know squarespace can build you a great website, but they also give you all the tools you need to take your business to the next level start by checking out all of the insights available in their analytics. Learn where your site visits and sales are coming from and analyze which channels are the most effective, improve your website and build marketing strategy based on top keywords and the most popular products and content.

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The entire app down that happened once but those kind of false touches were few and far between. Now, if you watch last years review within the first day that it was up, i really kind of messed that one up, i complained about the palm rejection: a lot. What i didnt realize is that often times during windows updates, itll, sometimes reset some of your settings. One of the settings it was resetting was that palm rejection setting in there, even with that on, i was still experiencing some problems, but it wasnt horrible. The tip of the pen is kind of rubbery, so its gon na have some drag on the glass screen, thats, not a bad thing, but it is something youre probably gon na have to get used to, especially if youre coming from a textured screen on a tablet Or something like that, it feels fine, but it doesnt feel super natural or organic in any way, as far as drawing angles, theres only one that really works for me, and that is this thing lying flat. The hinges are good for laptop hinges, but as soon as you think about them in terms of a touchscreen or using a pen, this thing is really floppy whenever you touch the screen, in fact, if you set this thing up at say, like a 25 degree angle, Which is what i would consider like, i say a normal standard, good, drawing angle before your hand, even touches it.

Its gon na fall down the rest of the way. One of the downsides of flipping it around to that 360 degree angle. Is that youre going to lose all keyboard commands now? This is something thats going to happen on any two in one device, this isnt just specific to this one. So if you are thinking about getting something like this, it might be worth checking out say like a shortcut remote, not a bad idea. Another design quirk here is fan placement its along the back. So its super easy to block if youre, using this as a tablet and setting it on your lap, if its flat on your desk youre gon na feel the hot air coming out on your hands now its cold here right now in ohio, where i am so, I thought of this as a positive, but your mileage may vary. Lets talk about the pros and cons the pros. I think this laptop is a really good value, its not built for super heavy duty workflows. I wouldnt do any 3d work on this or video editing, work or anything like that, but popping out some high res illustrations. It could totally do that. No problem it performs great and i feel like the compromises that its making with the build quality or the fan noise, or those little kind of things, are just the kind of trade offs you make when were talking about price and when youre talking about performance.

I think youre getting a super duper thin laptop that has an i7 processor, not an i5 youre, also getting eight giga ramps, which is fine for most folks for most illustration tasks. So yeah. That is the major pro for the amount of money that youre spending youre. Getting a pretty good product now the cons i dont feel like theres. Really anything standing out like is a huge problem, theres some little nitpicks here and there you know the palm rejections always going to be a thing. The build quality can be better theres. Some things that i could see that could be improved, but those are also things that would probably increase the price of the product im. Thinking about something like the microsoft surface, laptop studio, for example, that device feels crazy premium, like the fans, are almost silent. The build quality is fantastic and the hinge is good, like all those things it nails them, but youre paying a lot more for that. So, overall, what i feel like we have here is a really solid laptop at a really solid price. Its not bad and its gon na be plenty for a lot of you creators out there.