It offers an amoled display a fast processor, a 360 degree rotating touchscreen, and it comes with an s pen. This feature rich package does not come cheap, but is this the best laptop for both productivity and entertainment? Before i answer that question, if you like, our reviews do subscribe to our channel, so you wont miss out when we post new videos and do remember to hit that like button. The galaxy book 2 pro 360 is an incredibly sleek laptop. This 13.3 inch model is only 11.2 millimeters thick and roughly 30 by 20 centimeters in terms of footprint its really hard to imagine just how slim this device is. So if it helps this laptop is both thinner and smaller than a macbook air. It also only weighs 1.04 kilograms. All of this makes it a very portable device that you wont have to think twice about before, just putting it in a bag to take just about anywhere. The chassis is made of aluminium and feels quite premium, with minimal flex around the keyboard area or in most parts of the body, quite remarkable for something so thin. The area between the two hinges just below the display, does tend to flex a lot more, which is slightly worrying, but the hinge itself feels quite sturdy, especially for a two in one device, its very stable, even when typing pretty hard in laptop mode and it doesnt. Wobble around much its not going to hold up well against screen touches, though so you might want to use it in tablet or tent mode.

If youre going to be using the touchscreen a lot ill get to the display performance in a bit but design wise. It has really thin bezels on the top and sides, but a giant bottom bezel that can be a bit of an eyesore on the bottom. Youll find a lot of tiny little holes for thermal management, along with the speakers and four rubber feet. The back of this laptop also has a vent for the fans Music for connectivity. This laptop offers three usb c ports, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a micro sd card slot, which i do appreciate. There are no usb a ports here which is understandable, given the form factor. One of the type c ports is thunderbolt 4, which means you can connect it to absolutely anything using a dongle. The keyboard is a standard chiclet design that you expect on a laptop this size, unfortunately, due to the slim, build theres, not a lot of key travel here. Apart from that, though, its a really nice feeling laptop keyboard and very comfortable to type on, if you need to write a lot throughout the day, this will definitely do the job. The power button on the top right of the keyboard also doubles as a fingerprint sensor, which is extremely convenient. The keyboard is also backlit, which i appreciate. The trackpad doesnt have the largest surface area, but it will easily suffice for day to day operations and it also gets support for multi finger gestures in windows.

The laptop also has a 1080p webcam on the rather thin top bezel, which is honestly not very good. Itll. Still work for a quick meeting or a video call, though this laptop gets an amoled 13.3 inch, 1920×1080 touchscreen display in a 16×9 aspect ratio. I cannot overstate how amazing it is to have a samsung amoled panel on a laptop. The colors are so incredibly vivid. The clarity is amazing and obviously the contrast levels are off the charts. The screen has 10 bit color depth and hdr plus support and its a real treat to watch youtube and netflix and hdr for watching content. This is an amazing display. The story is a little different with productivity. Her 1080p resolution is a little low for this price range in todays market and tech. Sharpness left a lot to be desired. The 16 9 aspect ratio is also an interesting choice. While it is much better for content consumption, the vast majority of ultrabooks tend to use 16 by 10 displays which are better for using spreadsheets or working with documents. As for audio the galaxy book, 2, pro 360 has two bottom firing: speakers that are quite nice theyre, not the loudest speakers that ive ever heard on a laptop, but considering the overall size of this device. They still put out a lot of sound. They are tuned by akg and support dolby atmos clarity is quite nice and theres a serviceable amount of bass about as much as you could expect from a laptop this thin a standout feature of the galaxy book.

2. Pro 360 is the s pen which comes with the device. You can, of course, rotate the screen a full 360 degrees to make this into a large tablet and use the s pen to take notes or help with drawing or photo editing windows 11, which this laptop ships with does not have a dedicated tablet mode, but the Entire os has allegedly been optimized to work better with touch screens. I found the implementation a little wonky with some resizing bugs quite prevalent when using it as a tablet. Hopefully, this will get fixed down the line, but, for the most part, its pretty convenient to have a touchscreen for quick actions in general laptop usage in terms of performance. I cant complain about the s pen, though i never once got any lag or latency when trying to draw or take notes, theres, something just so inherently cool about taking out your laptop typing out a quick line and then flipping it around to take notes like a Tablet, the s pen can magnetically attach to the top of the laptops, lid and its pretty strong, so you can carry it around and it wont drop off. I do wish there was a slot for it somewhere internally, because im really afraid im going to lose it samsung is paired no expense with the specifications on the galaxy book. 2. Pro 360.. This unit is powered by an intel core i7 1260p processor, which is a brand new alder lake chip.

It has four performance cores and eight efficiency cores which, with hyper threading, works out to 16 threads, for this form factor its a blazing fast cpu. Also, quite notable here is the 16 gb of lp ddr5 ram that samsung has put in ddr5 ram is still brand new, and this is one of the first laptops in the market to support this new and much faster specification. Samsung only sells this particular model in india with a 512gb ssd, which is a nice base storage to have, but i would have liked to have a 1tb option. At least the ssd itself is a pcie gen, 4 samsung model, and i saw read and write speeds that touched 2 gb per second, which is extremely fast, with top of the line specs across the board, its really hard to bring the galaxy book 2 pro 360. To its knees, in terms of day to day usage, if you want to open two youtube: videos: 30 tabs in chrome, a document in microsoft word the whatsapp app all by listening to music in spotify. At the same time, this laptop will do all of that easily without breaking a sweat. I did not see any lag or slow down when doing everyday tasks. It does, however, tend to run a little hot. Sometimes in my testing i saw idle temperatures of around 70 degrees celsius, even while the cpu wasnt being used much, which makes it noticeably hot if youre, using it on your lap generally, it does idle at around 50 degrees celsius, when not doing anything.

Demanding, though, which is fine, what this laptop does not do well is demanding tasks like gaming or video editing, which is fine, its not really meant for that. Graphically intensive games like fortnite do not take well to the integrated intel, rs, xc, graphics, but less demanding 2d games should work fine. It also took more than 10 minutes to export a 70 second 4k video in premiere pro. So i cant recommend it for video editing either again, given the form factor, though this is to be expected. Battery life is generally excellent on the galaxy book 2 pro 360, but will vary depending on what you want to do in an everyday usage scenario, where i use the laptop to type out a lot of documents, listen to some music and watch some netflix and youtube. I was able to get a solid 11 to 12 hours of battery life. You could absolutely optimize that more by doing things like lowering the brightness of the screen to get closer to samsungs 21 hour battery life claim the laptop also ships with a 65w type c fast charger which can be used with any of the laptops three ports. So you can conveniently charge it from any side, with top notch hardware and unbeatable versatility. Its no surprise that the galaxy book 2 pro 360 costs a whopping 1 lakh, 20 090 rupees. The amoled screen is beautiful. The processor is very fast and the s pen is a very useful tool to have on a laptop.

This is definitely a premium ultrabook in every way and, if youre on the market for a thin and light laptop, that can do everyday tasks and can also transform into a tablet.