2. Pro 360.. It is absolutely gorgeous, with its beautiful all aluminum metal design, its a beautiful color, its a burgundy color this year, absolutely gorgeous its got. A full hd super amoled display 13.3 inches, but you could also get it in a 15.6 inch display and i think that might be the one you may want to go with were going to get into it in more in this video, hey everybody, its andrew, and This is my review of the samsung galaxy book 2, pro 360 here for 2022. coming up Music. Now, before we get to the device, i want to let everybody know in the interest of transparency and full disclosure im not being paid by samsung im, not being sponsored by samsung. All the opinions youre about to hear are my own. Samsung is not getting copy approval. Theyre seeing this video for the first time, just like you now, this unit was purchased with my own money. I did not receive a review unit from samsung pricing for the galaxy book. 2. Pro 360 starts at 12, 49.99 thats for the 13 inch model. It goes up from there and the 15.6 inch model comes in at 1349.99, 100, more and again, thats only with eight gigabytes of ram. I would step up to the model above that which will give you 16 gigabytes of ram and one terabyte of ssd storage, and that comes in at 1549.99. These are not cheap. You are definitely paying a premium here, thats for sure, but keep in mind.

Samsung does have a very nice trade in program that allows you to trade in some of your older devices. Phones, tablets, laptops so check that out as well to get some discounts off that and i will leave links for these products in the description below for those that are interested and right off. The bat youre going to notice the design, which is absolutely gorgeous with three different colors on this. You can get this in graphite, silver and burgundy, which is what i have here, and it is absolutely gorgeous im loving this new burgundy color and the finish is all metal with a rock solid, build with very little flex in the chassis now this comes in at 1.04 kilograms or 2.29 pounds this 13 inch model is really easy to take with you on the go its super portable, but dont discount that 15.6 inch model either. Although it has a bigger footprint, it is also very light in its own regard. I already covered the ports in the unboxing video, but for those that didnt see it, there are not too many ports on the left side are two usbc ports, the second one being a thunderbolt 4 port, which is full function, does data charge and display out and Moving over to the right side is a micro sd card reader and next to that is another usb c port, its usbc 3.2 gen 2 port, not a thunderbolt, 4 port, and next to that is a 3.

5 millimeter microphone, headphone combo jack. I would say this is not the greatest port selection, but considering how thin and light this laptop is im, not surprised, theres, no usba and theres no hdmi. Those are two notable ports that are missing all right lets get into the display, and i think theres, some nice improvements here over the last generation, specifically the brightness. Now last year i couldnt even break 300 nits its actually a little bit below that, and it was a very glossy display compounding the problem. Well, im happy to report that this year, theyve improved the brightness. Actually, i got 400 nits in my measurements. Making this a much better display to use in both indoor and outdoor use, it is still glossy not quite as glossy as last year but glossy nonetheless, so you will notice some glare and reflections depending on your lighting conditions. Now one thing they did stick with was the same resolution, its a full hd resolution, thats 1920 by 1080 – and yes, that is still a 16 to 9 aspect ratio which, although is great for consuming media, watching netflix, amazon and youtube, which have been highly optimized for 16 to 9., that means youll have no black bars on the top and the bottom. I would have preferred a move to a 16 to 10, which would have given you a taller nature or vertical nature of the display, showing more on the display doing less scrolling when it comes to web browsing, and they also stuck with a 60 hertz refresh rate.

Would have been nice to give us a higher refresh rate such as 90 or even 120, that would have been more smooth in terms of the os more fluid experience, but no, they stuck with 60 hertz, which of course will help out in battery life. But again it would have been nice to have that option and, of course, this being a super amoled display means youre going to get the super deep, blacks, the really vibrant colors. The really high contrast everything youd come to expect with an amoled display. Now it does have some really good color accuracy with a 0.96 delta e score. Remember anything below 2 is considered color accurate, so it doesnt disappoint in that regard, and it has really great coverage of the color gamut youre. Looking at 100 percent srgb 99, the wrgb 98 of the dci, p3 wide color gamut and 97 ntsc. Well, what does that all mean? Well, if you are a content creator that does lightroom photoshop, video, editing and, of course, color grading. This panel will definitely be a great choice because it does have that great coverage of that color gamut and for those sensitive to pwm or pulse width. Modulation that you know, causes headaches and has some eye strain and stuff like that. I did detect it im not sensitive to that, but i understand some people are so if you go below 50 in terms of the brightness, you will notice that, but above 50 its not detectable, but just something to be aware of – and i get a lot of Comments and questions on my channel asking whether or not theres any screen burning issues that ive experienced with an oled or an amoled display, and the answer is absolutely not.

I have not experienced it. I have reviewed many oled and amoled displays over the years. That has really not been an issue, and i think the technology has gotten a lot better in the last couple of years and they do give you a screensaver that will kick in after an allotted amount of time, so thats a good preventative measure. But my experience has been theres no screen burning on this laptop or any other amoled display ive reviewed the last few years. So this is the front facing camera on the samsung galaxy book – 2, pro 360, a 1080p webcam and, as you can see, ive got auto framing on. So, if i move to the side here, it keeps me in frame automatically. You could, of course, turn that off theres also some other effects. Here, you can do the background. Blur effect, pretty interesting effects that you can do with this. You have to see is beautifying me and of course you could do custom where you can actually play with the settings so theres a lot of customization. You can do uh. The background effect is pretty cool. Again. We saw it on the lenovo yoga 9i, its here as well uh. I want to know what you think. Let me know in that comment section below alright lets get into the performance, and if you saw my unboxing and first look review, you know i had issues with the multi core performance on this laptop and the reason being is its so thin and light, and the Thermal envelope is so limited.

I think they had to temper the performance and thats why we didnt see quite as good multi core performance, as we did on say something like the yoga 9i running the same chipset, the core i7 1260p. Now this has four performance cores and eight efficiency cores for a total of 12 cores, so youre hoping its going to have better performance to get a better efficiency. Not quite what we see here with this samsung galaxy book 2. Pro 360 here for 2022., so were seeing about half of the multi core performance that we saw on that yoga 9i. So if you want better performance – and you want this laptop go for that 15 inch version, because that will have better multi core performance. As you see from these numbers scoring 92.76 over the 5000 301 as you get on this 13 inch laptop and thats, because the 15 inch is a bigger device, thatll allow for better cooling and therefore youll get better performance in the end, and it goes without saying This is really not a gaming laptop. There are better options out there now this does have integrated iris, xc graphics, which are decent. Of course. If you lower the settings, you can get some playable frame rates on some of the titles, but at the end of the day the performance is really not there to really do some heavy gaming on this. I would go with something with a discrete gpu of course, or go with for the 15 inch version.

Thatll do a little bit better, but again these are not gaming laptops. Now you can connect to an external gpu on this. That is an option to go with, but of course that adds to the expense and it may be more cumbersome but dont get me wrong for everyday use. Youre going to be fine, microsoft, office, email, web browsing watching movies on this has been great, no hiccups at all youre, just not going to get that multi core performance where youre really pushing the cores and thats, where those extra efficiency course come in to help out. So i think, at the end of the day, if youre a general purpose user and want something thin and light, you wont be disappointed with this laptop. But if youre a performance based user, i would look at the 15 inch or something else that has a discrete gpu. Of course. Now, as far as the thermals and temperatures are concerned, never getting overly hot with this laptop, but they do throttle down the performance and thats because its so thin and light not surprising here and it never gets overly hot in terms of those surface temperatures. So you can use it on your lap, you wont burn your skin or anything like that. It gets a little bit warm, but never overly hot thats been pretty good. Now it does have that single fan for cooling and you will notice it kick in in the performance mode when youre running its under heavy load and as you can see, it never gets above 37 38 decibels, which is pretty good not too loud and thats.

Exactly what you want with a laptop you dont want to interfere with what youre doing. Okay lets talk about battery this sports, a 63 watt hour battery and it did eight hours and 43 minutes on my continuous web serving test over wi fi 115, its not quite as good as the yoga 9i or the slim 7 carbon that i recently took a Look at, but i think its a pretty decent number considering this does have that full hd super amoled display, of course, super amoled displays tend to use a lot more power unless you use a black background that helps with reducing the amount of power usage, but in The end of the day, i think this is a pretty decent number. I think you can expect anywhere from six to seven hours, depending on what youre doing in terms of real world usage, but please remember that everybodys use case is a little bit different. So your mileage may vary now they do supply you with a 65 watt, usbc power adapter its actually pretty compact, and it takes about 90 minutes to give you a full charge, thats pretty good. I already opened up this laptop in the unboxing video check. It out ill leave a link in the description below, but once youre inside there really is only one thing to really upgrade here, and that would be the ssd. My unit that i purchased is the base model that only has 256 gigs of ssd storage and its only gen 3, but this will support gen 4.

Should you decide to change it out yourself now, this 256 gig ssd didnt have the greatest reads and writes, as evidenced by these numbers. Now this comes with either eight or 16 gigabytes of lp ddr5 ram running in dual channel mode, so thats good. Now i have the eight gigabyte model and thats, not one. I would recommend here in 2022, i think at a minimum. You want 16 going forward, youll get better performance out of it, and that is just the way it is here in 2022. So bear that in mind now one thing to keep in mind as well. This is soldered into the motherboard as far as this ram is concerned. That means you, as the user cannot upgrade it later on. So when youre checking out make sure you get enough ram for your needs now, this has wi fi 6e, along with bluetooth 5.1. Now both have been working very well. I have had no issues since ive gotten this laptop, so that has been working well now. One thing to keep in mind that card is soldered in as well, so you cant change it out down the road, so the bottom line when it comes to user upgradability, only the ssd is user upgradable. The rest is soldered into the motherboard, so you wont be able to upgrade it down the road. Now, if youre looking to open it with one finger, you could almost do it not quite again, these hinges are designed to be 360 degree foldable, so youre not going to really get that with this laptop most convertibles cant do that now, as far as the keyboard Itself is concerned, the keys are a bit on the shallow side, as i mentioned, but the tactility has been good and the overall typing experience has been good, so really not too bad.

Now it does have a multi stage. Backlight thought it worked. Okay – and i thought the typing experience in general – was pretty good lets, give it a listen Applause Applause and i thought the persistent touchpad has a decent size, not the biggest ive seen, and i thought it was very responsive when it comes to scrolling and all the Gestures, everything seemed to work as advertised now. This has stereo speakers, theyre 4 watts, and it has a smart amp along with dolby atmos. Now dolby atmos will give you really enhanced spatial audio and it does help on this laptop somewhat and the sound is by akg thats. What tunes it so lets. Take a listen and lets compare it to one of its competitors. The yoga 9i, which i recently reviewed, lets give them a listen Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, so Music Applause. Now, this being a two in one convertible means you could put it into different modes here: im showing it intent mode great for recipes in the kitchen, watching media, consuming netflix, amazon and youtube have been great same goes for the stand mode or what other people call The presentation mode – and of course you could always put it into the tablet mode great for use with the s pen. Now the s pen is included at no additional cost and it uses the wacom emr technology. You dont need a battery. It doesnt need to be charged; it just works right out of the box, its not a bluetooth.

One though, like you get on the phone, but of course this did were great for taking notes sketching at artwork great for any of your inking needs im. Actually, a big fan of the s pen. Now as far as storing the pen, they dont give you a silo anymore and like last years model, it sticks magnetically to the lid and thought the connection was pretty decent. Okay lets bring it all home. What do i think about the samsung galaxy book? 2, pro 360 here for 2022. Now, specifically, this 13 inch model is one i would not recommend, especially with that entry level, 8 gigabytes and 256 gigs of storage. Yes, it might be more enticing as a being a less costly, but i would go for the 15 inch model with at least 16 gigabytes of ram and go for the one with one terabyte of storage itll be faster, itll, be gen, 4 and youll get better Reads and writes, but overall performance on that 15 inch model will be better because the thermal envelope will be a little bit better because of the bigger footprint now its still nice and portable in that 15 inch category. But again, you wont be quite as portable as this 13 inch, but again youll get more screen real estate. Now that super amoled display is absolutely gorgeous. I think they made a lot of the improvements they needed to make its a little less reflective, although it is still reflective, but it is brighter coming in at 400 nits, as opposed to barely breaking 300 nits last year.

In fact, i got below 300 nits last year, so big improvement as far as that super amoled display the downside, of course, being they stuck with a 16 to 9 aspect ratio, whereas the trend has been at least 16 to 10 or even three to two here. In 2022, a little bit disappointing they got left behind in that regard, improved webcam here, full hd 1080p. You have a lot of effects. You could do blurred background. You could change the color. I, like the options they give you there and im really digging this burgundy finish on it, its a really nice look to it. It gives it a nice classy, look something a little bit different that we dont normally see now. As far as this 12th gen processor performance, as i mentioned, its the core i7 1260p, its got its 12 cores for performance course. 8 efficiency cores worked. Okay for everyday use, microsoft, office, email, web browsing youll be fine, even with that 13 inch model, but the performance, especially the multi core, wont be as good as some of its competition, specifically the 9i from the yoga line in lenovos line that i showed you that Had double the performance and thats because it had a better thermal envelope now no 120 hertz option in terms of this display no usb a port, no hdmi port for that matter. So really there are some things that they need to improve on the next generation, but overall, if youre, looking for a sleek portable stunning, looking laptop with a gorgeous full hd super amoled display, this may be your ticket.

So what do you think about the samsung galaxy book? 2, pro 360.? Well, first thing i would do is i have them shorten the name of getting tired of having to try to save correctly, but nonetheless i thought it was a good laptop, especially the 13.3 inch. If youre on the road for very basic tasks, microsoft, office, email, web, browsing, consuming media watching netflix, amazon youtube and it really worked out well in that regard, where youre not going to really be happy with, is in the performance in terms of multi core performance. So if your things that need the extra cores and stuff like that, i would look at other laptops running the same chipset again. This is that 12th gen alder lake, the core i7 1260p. It has the four performance cores and the eight efficiency cores, and i didnt notice it being that good. Actually, i thought the yoga 9i with the same chipset did a lot better and thats, because that had a better thermal envelope. So if youre going to pick this laptop and you need that performance, look at that 15 inch version, because that one did pretty well in terms of the benchmarks. I did show some multi core performance on that and i think thats, the one you want to go with, not only that. It also gives you a bigger screen in terms of that screen real estate, but it also gives you the numpad. So if youre going to crunch numbers and those that want that, that might be the one to go with, but as far as this 13 inch one that we have here today unless youre doing a lot of traveling and you dont need that extra performance.

I would steer towards that little the bigger one, which is not that much heavier but gives you better performance due to its thermal envelope, but im curious to know what you think. Let me know in that comment section below so please hit the like button. Please subscribe! Please share this video dont forget to leave a comment in that comment section below. Let me know how im doing. Let me know if theres a device or something out there, you think i should review ill. Do my best to try to make that happen. Dont forget to check me out on facebook, twitter, instagram and, of course, my website amd techreviews.