All the things that are right with it, because basically most things in the modern era, theyre kind of all right generally. So today, what were going to be talking about is whats wrong. With puppets no were not going to do that. We go over there, its hot. I have got here a uh samsung galaxy book, pro 2 thingy ill put the uh the proper name on it anyway. This is why i would not buy this super hyped super fancy new laptop. This is the 15 inch one. So the first reason i can find it um hold on these are the power charger that thats the power charger and, if youre thinking well, that looks like a piece of um that you might find plugged into a cheap phone. Then yeah basically thats exactly what it is a little usb duda. So this thing its basically just a big phone, what a surprise being built by samson all right, so thats thats one thing um. Another thing is when you, when you, when you turn it on im, not going to do it, i just i cant, be bothered, but its just just full of um theres, just loads of bloatware, which is really annoying um, but the main reasons im not that keen On it – and i personally wouldnt buy it its because the keyboard is just this: its not a disaster, but its its just, not very good its a bit like one of those old mac keyboards.

It was just a bit and everyone hated um and the other main reason im not buying this im. Sending it back is because the speakers are useless, theyre, just absolutely pathetic. Other reasons well, unlike most laptops, its a 16 by nine ratio. So if you have a look at that its pretty its pretty narrow right and um, you know maybe that doesnt bother you uh, but for me like shut up ill off this cortana talking crack, even though just closed flipping um lid anyway be quiet. Jesus look, look its you hear it its close, but its still talking um uh. What was that yeah yeah? So the keyboard, the speakers, the ratio um takes forever to charge up um its full of stupid bloatware theres. This like search thing that just keeps updating constantly its really annoying. So samsung put all this just rubbish extra stuff on there that you just dont need – and you know, maybe if you can be bothered to get rid of it, fine go ahead but its like. Well, you know what is the point really i mean the screen is great: its no less green, wonderful, samsung, mako lead screen is brilliant, but im just going to show you something else quickly and then ill go, which is my old asus zen book flip whatever it Is so this does same sort of things turns around and whatnot. So if you want to use it for that, you can, although its pretty hard to find reasons to do that unless youre, just like stuck on the train and you want to watch something um.

But this little thing here um is about half the price of that all right. This is a 13 inch thats a 15 inch, but its got the same screen ratio slightly, better keyboard, its got an oled screen. Speakers almost as bad. You know theyre both rubbish, so its like well, okay, so ones a bit bigger than the other ones got a slightly more up to date. Intel uh chip in it, but that doesnt really make any difference its not like youre, going to be using this for hardcore video gaming or anything. So just doesnt matter does all the normal stuff, fine, so its like. Well, why would you spend twice as much on something that you can get for for half the price, so this is more or less the same sort of computer? Yes, i know thats a 13 inch, one and thats a 15 inch one, but still the two models are more or less ones twice. The price of the other one is just trendier its got more marketing behind it, whatever so, no the samsung galaxy pro 2 s. 360, whatever it is, you know bollocks to it its just its just, not good Music um but ill enough. You. What is good enough. I can find it. I think it stood up there yeah one sec, Music, this. This is a microsoft surface, laptop number four. So its got a slightly, you know its not as trendy but a bit of a bezel on it, but honestly its not its not on a led screen, but i cant tell the difference: keyboard trackpad tons, better um.

Crucially the screen that bit there is like.