With s pen support now i had a chance to play with all three of these fresh new galaxy book 2021 devices at a samsung hands on event and here’s. All you need to know about all three of them and how they stack up and for more on the latest greatest deck. Please do poke subscribe and hit that notifications bell cheers now, while the standard galaxy buck only comes in a 15.6 inch size option, the pro and the pro 360 can be snuffled in either 15.6 or 13.3 inches, depending on how big you like it speaking of big, The bog standard galaxy buck is chunkier and heavier than its siblings at 1.55 kilos and 15.4 millimeters. In contrast, the 15.6 inch galaxy book pro 360 is 1.’ kilos and 11.9 millimeters, while the same size of galaxy book pro is impressively lightweight at just a shade. Over one kilo, with a suitably svelte 11.7 mil finish, and if you go for the 13 inch versions, they are slimmer and lighter again so absolutely perfect for carrying when you head on out. Although personally, my only outside time, right now involves occasionally emptying the bins and sometimes i’ll just step out of the front door to shake my fist to the sky and have a bit of a scream now part of the reason that the galaxy book pro is so Light is because samsung mixed in some magnesium during construction, while the others go for a straight up, aluminium finish and all three of samsung’s new galaxy book laptops are military standard 810g certified, which means they’re tougher than a sack of angry aardvarks.

They can certainly cope with sudden shocks and drops not to mention high and low temperatures and a bit of humidity as well, while the galaxy book pro 360 can even handle a bit of c spray action. As for colors, the pro laptops come in a choice of mystic nervy or mystic silver, while the standard galaxy book can be had in mystic, blue or mystic silver – and these here are the silver ones i don’t know what’s mystic about them, but they look rather nice And if the thought of convenient connectivity gets you all hot and bothered, then samsung’s new galaxy bucks certainly will not. Disappoint you’ve got dual usb: a and usb c ports on the standard model, plus hdmi and micro sd slots, while the skinny chassis on the pro cuts out one of those usb air ports, but makes up for it by adding thunderbolt 4 support to one of those Type c connections and the galaxy book pro 360. Meanwhile, sports a microsd slot, plus three usb c ports, one of which is again thunderbolt, 4. now samsung generally nails the keyboards on its laptops and certainly the new galaxy books are an absolute pleasure to type on with boards that stretch the entire width of the chassis. The pro models, in particular are great, with a super quiet type in action thanks to the scissor mechanism, although you may prefer the deeper travel on the standard galaxy book, but whatever you chose, you’ve got full backlighting on there, it’s adaptive backlight and i believe, just on The pro and the pro 360 model and you’ve also got the option of a fingerprint sensor built into that power button as well.

So you can wake up the laptop and unlock it with one quick poke. Meanwhile, the touch pads, basically fill the palm rest and they don’t seem to suck, which is good news. If you leave your mouse at all, and all three of these semi laptops sport, a basic 720p webcam, plus a jewelry mic, set up for all of your video conferencing shenanigans. Although i for one can’t wait for the day, we can just pull petrol all over microsoft teams and put it and us out of our bloody misery. Now the standard galaxy book is a bit of a downgrade compared with the others when it comes to the screen. Tech, what you’ve got here is a basic pls display, while the pro models rock an amoled panel with punchy, color, reproduction and super sharp contrast. These screens are visa display hdr, 500 certified and those visuals certainly looked great in my brief hands on time. No matter your choice of actual model or the size of each model, you’ll get full hd, plus visuals, which seems to keep things nice and crisp, but, of course, i’ll be testing the full color accuracy, the brightness levels and all that good stuff. When i actually get my hands on these things for the full review and that galaxy book pro 360 is the only one of the new trio to support a touch screen and it can quickly convert into a chunky tablet by flipping the screen over.

Although, unless you’re going to be using it in quick spurts, i would certainly want to rest it on a table or something unless you’ve got biceps the size of brussels, which i kind of don’t. The pro 360 comes with samsung’s s, pen stylus as well, but the laptop is lacking in orifices to stick the pen inside of when it’s not in use, so that thing is going to be lost for all time after just a matter of hours, if you’re an Absolute klutz, like make now audio, is pumped out of a stereo speaker setup on all of these laptops, with dolby atmos support and on top volume they definitely turn out some loud clear, sound despite the speaker, grilles, being shunted away beneath the chassis. Now, storage, wise, you can grab up to an nvme ssd with 512 gigs of space a maximum and on the network in front well, you’ve got wi fi 6e support on board all of these laptops. But unfortunately, if you want a bit of lte connectivity, well that’s only offered by the standard galaxy book and also the 13.3 inch galaxy book pro. As for the grunt, while all of samsung’s latest laptops are powered by 11th gen intel processors with integrated iris, xe, graphics and its core i5 or core i7, depending on how much cash again that you throw at sami, that should prove absolutely fine for your everyday shenanigans. Whether you’re a student, a home worker, whatever you’re up to, although if you are a content creator, then you might struggle a bit with more intensive tasks like video, editing and gaming.

Well, you might want to limit yourself to a bit of minesweeper that’ll run like a dream, though, and those until chipsets are backspin up to eight gigs of ddr4 ram if you opt for a 13 inch laptop. Otherwise, if you upgrade to a 15 inch away, you can double that to 16 gigs of ddr4 ram windows has been enhanced by the usual plethora of samsung shenanigans, including a good bit of security action such as the narrow view and angle effort, so bystanders can’t have A nose at what you’re up to not that you’d be up to anything dodgy. Of course, you certainly won’t be googling for nasty technical anime stuff, not in your local starbucks. You’Ve got all usual samsung ecosystem features as well, including smart things for connecting to all your shiny, smart home goodies and the ability to pair up with other samsung devices such as, for instance, the galaxy tablet to use it as a second screen or your galaxy bud. So you can swap the audio between your galaxy book laptop and your galaxy smartphone. As for the price of these shiny, wig buggers. Well, the standard samsung galaxy box starts from 699 quid for the wi fi on the core i5 model, with 256 gigs of storage rising to 1099 quid for the beefier core i7 version, with lte support and double that storage. Meanwhile, the galaxy book pro starts from 1099 and the pro 360 will cost you at least 1 1999 quid here’s all the different skus here anyways i can’t be bothered to rattle them all off now.

Pre orders open from today with the added incentive of a free pair of samsung galaxy buds, pro the true wireless earbuds, which i’ve reviewed right here on texpert, probably while stocks last or some other small print. Otherwise, if you just want to buy one from a shop which are actually open now hip hip, hurrah where you can grab one from friday may the 14th usual high street uh suspects. Otherwise you can get one direct from samsung itself.