This laptop was actually released on february 2017 and it comes in uh, mercury, gray and earthy gold and it’s a 13 inch laptop that runs off of a qualcomm chip. This is actually um has been released, um much sooner than the apple m1 processor laptops, but yeah. This you, you can actually get a laptop that’s built for windows that runs uh on a snapdragon 8cx compute processor, and this is a 64 bit arm architecture, um. Really. What that basically means is that any um 32 bit application will run on this and uh. It also comes with its own lte connection, which is great as well so let’s take a look at the port situation. Um, so we’ve got two usb type c ports, as you can see one on either side and there it comes with a usb c to usb a adapter in the box. But i can’t find mine right now, so uh it’s it uh. I wasn’t able to show it to you, but, as you may also see, uh standard headphone jack on the left side of the laptop and underneath you have your sim card and memory card tray. This is a fanless operation so because it’s, a qualcomm chip, you don’t, need a fan to actually keep it cool for most operations. Uh. If you need to do something, that’s, that’s, uh, terribly um, processor, intensive uh, you may want to have something cool or you might want to just give it some breathing room so that it can dissipate heat from the bottom of the laptop.

As you may also see, um i’m going to bring in a picture that i took early on this shows the inside of the laptop. It shows the massive battery inside and the um the huge heat sink on the uh qualcomm processor and no fan so uh let’s see powered by uh qualcomm hcx compute engine 64 bit arm processor um. It also has eight big, eight gigs of ram and uh, as as you can probably see in this clip it’s booting up in 36 seconds, which is actually pretty quick and it’s, pretty snappy for a fanless uh machine it’s, a it’s, a quick and quiet for fanless. For a fanless laptop uh it’s got nice long battery life. It usually lasts me about a day and a half to two and a half days before. I need to charge it um and uh. You know by using it as my daily driver and since i use it as my daily driver um, as you can see here, i actually use shot cut to um edit, my last several videos on this laptop itself and um. Just a little quick note, i i did uh not put this in my notes, but if you’re using shot cut on this laptop uh, rendering is greatly reduced if you plug it in, if it’s not plugged in, i think the battery optimization um that you know might Be built into the firmware that is, will slow it down and it will take uh multiply multiple times longer, even though it’s you can’t expect it to be that fast with you know a 64 bit arm chip and only eight gigs of ram uh so also we’ve Got um so i started using the set shot cut just to let you know.

I started using shot cut because i started this channel with a bit adobe premiere, uh rush, but it’s not available on arm driven uh devices, so um when, if you download, as you can see in this clip here, uh when i download it and go to run It it’s not even available to attempt to download so uh adobe kind of amplifies things where they’ll take away your ability to do anything or to experiment with something um, because it doesn’t meet some sort of a requirement here or there um also um, to be fair. The adobe is actually um they’re in development for a 64 bit arm or i don’t know if it’s going to be 64 bit arm but it’s, but they are developing an armed version of the adobe premiere rush desktop software except my show, must go on. I i can’t wait for them for years or, however long it’s going to take when this laptop was released three years ago and they still don’t have it so um next thing is uh norton norton is also not compatible so um. I basically ended up just enabling all of the available options on the windows defender application, which is all which also requires one drive to be installed. I had not tried mcafee, so it might be compatible. I just haven’t tried it um, so i’m already i’ve already paid for an adobe. I mean not adobe a um. Well, i have an adobe subscription too, but since i’ve already paid for a norton account – and i already have other devices on that – one i’m – not gon na switch over to uh mcafee by the way, uh it’s really terrible to hear about uh, john mcafee and uh.

The whole suicide situation there’s a lot of talk about whether he was actually um had committed suicide or he was so excited and that’s a whole other uh issue, but um my condolences to his family um. Also uh let’s, see on this laptop. These speakers are loud. They are it’s, i think, they’re tuned by akg, but there’s, a very, very nice sound to these speakers and they’re very loud but i’m not going to test them here. I’M not going to show you here, because i don’t want to disturb my neighbors any further let’s see so let’s see we’ve got that the keyboard keyboard i’ve seen some uh. Some other youtubers complain that the keyboard the function key on the keyboard is either on or off, and you you know so when you have the function key on, and you might forget that you know that function key is on and you press an arrow key. For instance – and it goes all the way to the end of the line or the end of paragraph or whatever you’re trying to do as opposed to just the very next point or the very next space there um you can, you don’t have to just you. Don’T have to press function and then press the the key you can press them together and then function will function. You know temporarily and then go back to normal as as you’re used to um. The other thing is the keyboard, sometimes it’s a little bit difficult to tell if you actually typed a particular um character or sometimes you might go ahead and type the character or you feel, like you type the character, but it doesn’t come up so i’m.

Not entirely sure if that’s a keyboard issue or because i’ve also i’ll talk about that stuff in the issue in the issues part of the section of this video but yeah, so keyboard is backlit and uh has has a function key. You don’t have to just turn. It on all the time or off all the time so uh well. This does bring us to the issues so issues. Sometimes the touch screen doesn’t function um, i don’t know if it’s a situation where, on the power on self test test it it doesn’t, register or doesn’t, make itself known, but um, sometimes you’ll boot up windows and you can’t do anything with the touch screen. Um did i actually hold on. I think i might have skipped some things here. Did i get everything here some car and an sd card slot yeah? I think i might have missed something here. Let me let me backtrack for a second. I wanted to go ahead and um make something known here. There is also a fingerprint reader on this device. You can use that for windows – hello. I forgot about it because i don’t use it that often but uh. You know here. I’Ll show you a a uh, a demonstration of actually using the the fingerprint reader and uh yeah. Now back to the issue situation, the issues part of this uh section. So sometimes the touch screen doesn’t make itself available, um doesn’t function, but a reboot will bring it back up so um, sometimes it’s, one reboot that you know makes it will start working.

Sometimes you’ll have to reboot a couple of times and just leave it alone and reboot some other time so there’s that uh the hinge as you’ve seen in the in the uh start of this video. When i opened up the laptop and it just seemed to open just fine with one hand, but it doesn’t always open so smoothly, it could be just just that. You know i’ve had the laptop for only a couple of months and maybe it just didn’t um loosen up yet but um yeah. It doesn’t always open as smoothly as you saw in the intro here. So you know it may just you may have to open it up and the bottom comes up a little bit and i had to wait a couple of seconds for the drop or maybe not a couple of seconds, but you just wait, maybe a second or so. For it to drop and then uh continue opening the uh the screen, so it’s not a big deal for me, but i thought that i would mention that in case someone needed to see or hear that also um random slowness. Um i got it. I got some random slowness using this laptop, but it could be because i’m using a developer’s copy of windows, windows 10. When i got it now, since windows 11 has been announced now, it’s been pushed to my laptop through an update, so um there’s that uh there’s. Some other issues that i’ve run into with windows – 11 i’m – not going to fault this laptop about, so the random slowness could be from either other accounts, as you may have seen.

I have multiple accounts on this laptop, so other accounts, if they’re still logged in, they could be eating up ram uh, there’s, also um, the developer version and, of course, chrome, just just chrome, if he uses chrome on his laptop it’ll, be fine for a minute, but Then it’s gon na suddenly um chrome is gon na just suddenly lock up for a couple of seconds or a minute or it might just. You know you click on something and you have to wait for it to actually respond. But i’ve only seen this issue with chrome firefox uh edge. I don’t have that problem and i’ve already disabled internet explorer. So i don’t know if internet explorer does the same thing. So final thoughts is um. This is a buy if you, if your middle mission, critical software, is compatible or can be run on this laptop, for instance, if there’s a ver, if there’s a 32 bit version of your software that’s fine, and if you want something that’s, you know lightweight relatively quiet. Um, unless you want to hear something you know, because the speakers are so good um and you know, 13 inch screen is fine. It’S it’s, a nice glossy. You know 1080p screen and um yeah. If you don’t mind using dongles for your accessories or all your accessories are usb type c, compatible, um or, and also if you can spend 9.99, because this is, you know, still a thousand dollar laptop, even though it’s three years old, um or even though it’s been Released three years ago, um according to just a quick, quick uh search here, um so i’m gon na put a link to this on the sam samsung website into the description.

Um, though you may, you may prefer to get this through your carrier, so you can just go ahead and get the uh get the lte line along with it. So you don’t have to be uh reliant on uh, public, wi, fi or you know, or neighboring, wi fi or anything like that uh. So you can always be connected. If you’re on the road somewhere and there’s, there is no starbucks nearby. You don’t have to worry about it or you know if it’s full, whatever it might be, whatever the situation might be: um, it’s, good and uh, and very useful that it has its own lte connection right now. I’Ve gotten mine through t mobile, because the t mobile version of this laptop is only available on the t mobile website. The samsung website does not have the t mobile version of this of this laptop, and i set mine to the 100 gigabyte and i’m barely using that so i’m, probably going to turn that down a bit, you know save a couple of bucks on my bill, but Um but yeah, the the having its own data plan is, is very useful and it comes in handy in multiple, multiple situations, so that’s it for me uh. Once again, this is stephon. We just uh.