This caught my attention for one simple reason: everybody that’s on boxes so far swears by the display they say it’s the best display they ever looked at. To me, this laptop is a lg gram. Competitor it’s, lighter it’s, thinner, it’s classy. It has that whole gram appeal. I do comment samsung for trying a different color like this navy blue is different than the traditional, like silver laptops, you’re used to seeing and, more importantly, there’s, nothing crazy going on. You know it’s very simple: you have the samsung logo, but it looks good now. Io is great, you know for a thin laptop. We have lots of ports like hdmi, two usb type c ports. One is you know you can use for data or to charge your laptop, but only one of them is thunderbolt. 4.. Then, on the other side, you have your headphone jack, a full size, usb port, a micro sd card slot. Now in terms of build quality, it’s a light laptop at 2.3 pounds so lighter than the gram 16 and 17, but a bit heavier than the 14. there’s. Not a lot of lit flex a little bit, but not enough to be super concerning, but the one area that completely irks me is this touch pad. Yes, it’s glass, but i feel like there’s a bit of latency between my finger moving on it and the pointer on the display. It is using windows, precision, drivers and even if you like, pick up the laptop sometimes and you’ll hold it in your hand.

The touch pad will click which is really weird like that, should not happen when you pick up your laptop, i just get a lot of false clicks. Using this thing now, the keyboard does have a very short but tactile travel distance it’s. Definitely not my favorite keyboard to use and because this is the canadian edition they had to like make the enter button. A bit smaller, usually there’s more of a horizontal approach to this, but they went vertical and sometimes i’ll. Miss click and i’ll hit this button over. Here now, of course, you can open up this laptop with one hand, which is important to like five people out there, but everyone – and i mean everyone – is saying how good this display is and like straight up. Yes, it’s, a great display, the color gamut is fantastic. I even tested it out at different brightnesses, because it’s oled usually oled fluctuates, but i think this is a second gen panel and the color accuracy and gamut stayed the same. The one area that this display is kind of poor is when it comes to screen brightness like i was only getting 326 nits that’s really low for this type of display. I was expecting something at at least 400.. The one area that i feel like samsung could improve is the aspect ratio like we’re in a time now, where a lot of these vendors are switching over to 16 by 10, and then samsung comes out with your standard 16×9.

Now two more things about this display when you open it up, there’s a tiny bit of screen, wobble it’s noticeable, but it’s not massive. The good news, though, is that, if you’re typing aggressively like an animal on this keyboard, it’s not going to move. The second thing is pwm flicker. This was a big issue on the previous 4k samsung oled displays you found on other companies laptops the good news, though this 1080p oled display doesn’t really have pwm flicker, it’s, so minimal that i don’t think it’s going to be an issue for anybody. The other thing is this: camera it doesn’t support, windows, hello. You have to use the fingerprint scanner for that, but it does have a 720p webcam and it looks awful there’s, even a beauty mode, a clean mode or a natural mode. These little features that you’d find on their galaxy devices they’ve incorporated into their galaxy book. So i usually don’t go crazy about the software that’s installed on these things. Just because windows 10 is windows 10, but sometimes manufacturers get a little excited about their own applications being on here now, samsung is one of these manufacturers and there’s at least eight to ten samsung apps on here and at first i was like wow look at all This bloatware, but i took a step back and realized that some of these applications are actually really important like if you’re someone who owns a galaxy device, whether it’s a s21 plus or a tab tablet, then you want these applications on your laptop too, because let’s say You’Re using samsung notes – and you want it to sync it to your galaxy book.

You need the galaxy notes app on here. In order to do so now. Don’T get me wrong. There are a couple of apps that are useless like their samsung update app, because once you go into it, it just tells you to go to the windows 10 update center to do all your installations there, but the most important, app at least to me, is quick Share this is samsung’s new airdrop feature if you’ve ever experienced airdrop in the ios ecosystem. It works super well, you know just like you’d expect, but you can only do it with galaxy devices. You need a galaxy book and a galaxy phone or a tab and the laptop if you try with anything else it just won’t work, then there’s performance, and this is using an intel. I7 1165g7 cpu it’s, not a bad processor, it’s, four cores. Obviously, it doesn’t have the same multi core performance as the amd chips that are currently available, it’s paired with 16 gigabytes of ram a 15 inch amoled display and a 512 gigabyte nvme ssd at least the one you can buy. The cool thing, though, is the price. This is 12.99 if you were to buy like an lg gram, 16 or 17, with similar specs you’re, paying anywhere from two to five hundred dollars more. But performance is interesting. You know like it’s, nothing special! It doesn’t come out on top compared to similar spec laptops in this category. It actually comes quite below, and you can see this, whether you’re doing like your typical synthetic cinebench test or if you’re compiling code, where some budget amd laptop will only take 30 to 40 minutes now.

The reason why it’s performing like this is because samsung is being super conservative and the weird part is even though they’re being conservative fan. Noise is still kind of loud, like this thing on high performance mode, which is a setting in the software, gets fan noise up to 50 decibels. If you put it on optimize mode, you can reduce the noise to about 45. But if you compare this to something like the gram 17, which always stays around 40, that actually gives you better performance. Music now to get inside, you have to remove four rubber pads, plus four screws and once you’re in you have a fairly big 67 watt hour battery, which got me really good battery life, around 12 hours of use before needing to charge. But you can’t upgrade the ram. The ram is completely soldered onto the motherboard, so is the wi fi card, but this is wi fi 6e, so i doubt you’ll ever have to swap it out, but if you want to upgrade anything, the only thing you can do is upgrade the nvme ssd. Now the read and write speeds on this guy are very similar to the surface laptop because it’s, using that smaller form factor now the heating solution is kind of sparse, like there’s so much space here they could have easily put another fan here with an extra heat Pipe – and this would have gave this laptop much better performance, so here’s the thing the galaxy book pro has a macbook problem, because this thing is 1299 and it doesn’t have the best experience you know.

Touchpad is awful. Keyboard is especially with that enter key. It has a loud fan, noise under performance mode and even optimize mode, and on top of that, the display just doesn’t get that bright. The macbook air, on the other hand, is significantly cheaper. It gives you just as good battery life. It gives you significantly better performance and zero fan noise. If someone was to ask me matt, would you rather have this or the gram? For example, i would pick the gram every single time, it’s a better computer. It has a more accurate touchpad. Like you, don’t pick. It up and it clicks, which is super weird and it’s, actually accurate keyboard feels better to type on and the screen is 16×10. I think this is only very appealing for someone who has other galaxy devices, because the quality compared to the other products i mentioned is lower, but there is something to be said about this price for 12.99. If you have anything to trade in, you can get this for a pretty good deal and if that’s, you then there’s a reason to consider this. But if you don’t have that trade in or marketing special, then i think the other products are the better option. I hope that cleared this up. I hope you enjoyed this review.