That cost between, like a thousand and fifteen hundred quid or so you’ve got your dell xps’s. Your macbook airs and pros even the lg gram series. This is the 16 which i’ll come back to later, so the samsung galaxy book pro has its work, cut out to really stand out and convince you to drop about 1200 pounds to buy it. The good news, though, is that this does have a couple of tricks up its sleeve and actually, while it’s not perfect, i do have a couple of issues with it. Actually, this is one of my favorite laptops of the year so far, but does that mean you should actually buy it well let’s find out? And if you do enjoy this video and want to see more from me, a cheeky little like and subscribe would be lovely cheers. So i had a brief hands on with the pro a few weeks back along with its siblings, the much more affordable standard, galaxy book and the flipping pro 360.. But i think it’s this guy, the pro that i’ve been most excited to get in for a proper review. I’Ll tell you what, though i’d forgotten, just how ridiculously thin and light this thing is it’s a 15.6 inch laptop. It weighs just over one kilogram. So about 2.3 pounds, which is insane and of course, there’s also the smaller 13 inch version, which weighs even less and it gets even more interesting because the lg gram 16, while still holding the title for the world’s lightest 16 inch laptop very specifically, 16 inch.

The 15.6 inch galaxy book pro weighs 100 grams, less i’m – really really impressed by this. I think the design is an absolute standout. Samsung have nailed it and my only wish in terms of the design. Well, the screen really would be for a 16 by 10 aspect ratio. I think 16×9 is looking a little bit old fashioned these days. If they just be able to reduce this chin make the screen 16 by 10. It would have been almost perfect, i think so. That’S one sort of subjective criticism, although some people may prefer that so this design paired with this gorgeous amoled screen, which is also impressively color accurate. This is a genuinely lovely, laptop and travel companion, but while i think the design and the screen are the sort of standout headline features we’re, actually getting a pretty good all round, spec with us as well we’re getting the latest 11th gen intel processors, either an i5 Or an i7 along with 16 gigs of ram and 512 storage, so pretty nicely spec’d and also, as you can see from this little sticker down here, it takes the intel evo certification branding. You can see it’s just click the youtube video there, uh intel’s evo, so it’s, basically past all their tests uh and guarantees you a sort of certain level of performance and samsung is pitching these there’s all about portability with connectivity, so we’re getting the latest wi fi. 6E, although you’ll need a compatible router with that thunderbolt 4 quick share, if you want to share files with your galaxy phone and also a second screen option, if you’ve got a galaxy tab, s7 or s7 plus.

So if you are in the galaxy ecosystem, then you are getting some extra benefits and also the 13 inch version of this gets 4g lte support, although not 5g weirdly, but not the 15 inch, which is a bit disappointing. So i’ve been using this for a little over a week now and performance is snappy and responsive it just breezes through pretty much everything you’d want to do on it and while of course, we’re not getting a dedicated graphics card, we do get intel’s onboard iris, xe, Graphics, which are about twice as fast as the previous 10th gen processors, and you can get away with playing some fairly demanding games. If you don’t mind dropping the resolution or the graphics settings a little bit take rainbow six siege, i just about scraped 60fps with low settings at 1080p and with high settings at 720p in fortnite at 1080p with medium settings i just about got 60 fps, but really I had to drop to low to avoid the huge frame drops. I think 720p with medium settings was the most consistently smooth way to play, so you can get away with a bit of light to moderate gaming on this, although i think realistically, most of you guys – probably wouldn’t – be looking to play games on this. If you were going to buy it, this is going to be great for students or, as like a home, slash, work, laptop or just a travel companion, given how thin and light this thing is, or even as a bit of a creator’s tool, i was actually able To comfortably edit some light 4k video on this, not your fancy 10 bit 422 stuff that i can shoot on this.

They wouldn’t really deal with that, although you please use proxies, but if you’re, just taking 4k video shot on your phone, then premiere pro or um davinci will easily be able to handle it. Although i think 1080p video is really where this is at, or indeed a bit of lightroom photoshop general everyday stuff, there’s, nothing really about this in terms of the specs that makes it stand out compared to the other ultrabook competition they’re, still the same 11th gen low 15 watt power chips with the integrated graphics, but still more than capable for 95 of what most of us would use it for. I was actually surprised just how good the sound quality was it’s clear it gets pretty loud and has more punch than you’d expect, given the fact it has downward facing speakers. What i will say, though, is that, as someone coming from regularly using the macbook pro and macbook air with the m1 chip, you do notice. The fans were up on this uh opening a few chrome tabs or doing some light sort of light room editing. You do hear them we’re up it’s, not particularly loud but it’s noticeable, and also it can get quite warm. Even when i was just downloading some games to test on here, i could feel it get quite warm underneath not uncomfortably so on the keyboard. So none of these are a deal breaker just to make you aware you can hit the fan and it can get a bit warm under load, although if you are worried about the fan noise, what you can actually do is dive into the settings and change the Fan speed to match the ambient sounds around you.

So if you’re in a coffee, shop and you’re doing something whatever it is on your laptop, then you can adjust it and keep it to a lower level, although of course that will then restrict performance. I tell you what, though battery life on this thing is excellent. I got about 11 hours from this, as i was writing my review and using chrome for my notes, and that was with 75 screen brightness and using the better battery setting. So this will comfortably get you through a full work day and maybe even a little bit more depending on how you use it and the other good thing is it charges reasonably quickly because we’ve got the bundled 65 watt chargers? Do you hear that just out of the blue, i wasn’t even doing anything it stopped now periodically you’ll just hear, but not the end of the world, going back to the design for a second and personally, i think this thing looks great, especially with the slim bezels And this large precision track pad samsung calls this mystic silver, although i’m gon na rename it mostly white because really it’s, just the top of the lid that’s, actually silver, although the blue version is a consistent color around the sides, we get two usbcs one with the Latest thunderbolt 4, which is great to see plus a full size hdmi, and on the other side, we get usb 3.2 type a’s, a three and a half mil jack and a micro sd card reader, actually just quickly.

You know how i mentioned the big track pad earlier: it’s lovely to use don’t get me wrong. It’S got a really smooth glossy surface, lovely, very, very big. It fills up this entire palm rest and it’s nice and responsive it’s. Microsoft, precision, drivers, but it has one of the loudest clicks. Your friends might want to kill you if you bring this out and use that like that in front of them. In other news, the power button doubles as a fingerprint reader, and you can see on this 15 inch model. We have this full numpad as well, which is nice and a very comfortable white backlit chiclet keyboard no complaints there and this is being shot on the webcam. Both the audio and the video it’s, not terrible it’s 720p, but it is a little bit noisy, uh i’m, quite smooth as well, which i guess is not a bad thing and also you’ll see there’s a bit of screen wobble there actually so don’t make you feel Dizzy uh so 720p, one megapixel it’s in a good location, at least so uh yeah that’s, the webcam so far so good then, but i think i’ve left the best till last. I think maybe it’s the amoled screen. Of course, there are not many amoled or oled screens on the market. You’Ve got a few options from razer and dell and being self emissive i.e. Having no led backlight means the blacks are actually black there’s, no backlight, bleed or blooming, like certain ipad pros, for example, and colors.

Look much punchier than on a regular lcd screen, and particularly hdr movies and photos, look fantastic on this and it supports the visa display. Hdr 500 standard for high dynamic range, which means this can peak at up to 500 nits of brightness, which is pretty good for an oled, but just as importantly as color accuracy, especially if you’re, editing or color correcting and samsung claims. 120 coverage of the very demanding dci – p3 color gamut, although with the tools i’ve got here, i could only measure 98 dci p3, although that’s still very, very impressive and even better. Actually, you can switch from the p3 to the srgb to the adobe rgb color gamuts. In the display settings for the best results based on what you’re working with and if you want to cater to one particular standard, which is not something you see very often it’s, a really nice feature. It is full hd, though so 1080p, which is fine and the standard really for a 15 inch laptop like this. I suppose, maybe a 4k option would have been nice like we do on the dell xps. You can go 1080p or 4k depending on how you want to use it and also what your battery life is because, of course, uh going for the high res destroys your performance and your battery. So should you buy one well yeah? I think so. I think for 1200 pounds for the entry level, spec pay a little bit more for the i5 and more ram and more storage.

You know you know the drill. I think this is a terrific laptop. You get that thin and light portability of an lg gram. You get an amoled screen, which is not very common at all, which really does make it stand out. Top notch performance and doesn’t cost an absolute fortune. I want really good battery life as well. Yes, it’s got a loud, clicky track pad, the webcam is average and it can get a bit warm and the fan can heat up a little bit as well, and maybe a 16 by 10 screen would have been nice aspect ratio but other than that. There’S. Not a whole lot to criticize here. So, if you are, after a ultra portable thin light premium laptop, which i think a lot of people are to be fair, then i would definitely give the samsung galaxy book pro a serious look. I think this is a terrific laptop i’ll leave a link below, if you do want to check it out and also, i think, only about 12 of you, beautiful viewers are actually subscribed. Most of you just watch and then bugger off, which is fine, but you know, come join the tech chat family so hit that subscribe button. Thank you. So much for watching guys.