They’Ve got a galaxy book pro, which is a 13 and 15 inch and they’ve got a galaxy book pro 360, which is their convertible version and also 13 15 inches, so very simple, two simple skus and that’s it now when it comes to specs they’re, very similar For both devices, you’ve got the intel 11 gen with xc graphics, which is great to see so we should expect good battery life and also good performance from both of them. I don’t have exact numbers for battery life, but i’ll. Let you know once we get any of these devices in house to test also uh. Both devices come with either eight gigabytes of ram up to 16 there’s, also lte variants as well as you would expect from devices like this and, of course, storage options go up to one terabyte, so those are the basics. You’Ll find here now with the galaxy book pro 360, the convertible, this device felt really nice and comfortable it’s a 13 inch laptop nice and compact very nice when you’re putting on your laptop or, if you’re, flipping around watching content with either mode you use. It feels really good now, of course, that display you’re looking at is a super amoled display. So you think about the great displays you see on your galaxy smartphones. You have it right here. It is a 1080p display by the way, but it still looks really good, which hopefully will save your battery life right by the way.

Now this is also touch display and you can use your s pen, not the one that comes with your galaxy note, but one that is built for this device. S pen gives you some of those s. Pen features that you, like. None of the bluetooth features for the suspend, but you can go ahead and, of course, take screenshots. Take notes down. You know, talk about kind of sungala write his name down or chef daniel. Whatever you want to do, you can definitely you do with that s, pen, which is really nice in terms of ports. On the 13 inch 360, we do have two usb type c ports. One is a thunderbolt port. We also do have a headphone jack and an sd card slot for this device and i have to say, it’s a light and comfortable device to use all the way. Now, when we move to the 15 inch galaxy book pro, not the 360, just the 15 inch galaxy book pro, this device really surprises you. When you pick it up, it is super super light. You can’t imagine how i felt just picking it up from the desk, and i just wanted to toss it out because it felt like like featherweight now. This is because both devices are built with series 6, aluminum or aluminium. Whichever way you want to pronounce it making it military great and very light, and also something that’s quite durable, and i have to see how it tests out, but so far i like the comfortable fit with it.

So when i’m sitting outside i’m typing i’m walking around with this device, i feel really comfortable carrying it just the short period of time i had because of the weight. Now the device comes with an amoled display. It doesn’t have a touch screen again, it’s also 1080p, and this device does come with a few more ports. Besides, of course, the usb type c, the thunderbolt port. It also has a full hdmi port as well, and you do have a headphone jack, so you’ve got some connectivity there, as well as a micro sd card slot. You know if you uh definitely need that now the keyboards for both of them are feel really nice and comfortable. So you get that from typing on either of these devices and in terms of battery life. I don’t know what the battery wattage is, but we’ll see where that comes through samsung did say, does come with a 65 watt charger for both devices so expect to have that with your device. To give you fast charging, it is, of course, a usb type c charger, and that is actually pretty nice to see now. Besides all those features both of them will also include samsung software, giving you features like you know, linked to text, so you can actually text uh from your your laptop to your smartphone. You can also do things like transfer files and photos over. So all those features will also be added to this device, which is actually pretty cool.

I think overall, though, samsung has something that looks, nice and unique. We’Ll have to see what pricing looks like for both of them and also we’ll have to see what it does in general’s performance. But i do like the weight. I do like the feel – and i think you guys will like it too, so definitely check out more on the galaxy, both pro and the galaxy, both pro 360.. If you want to check out my laptops on the channel, we do have a few laptop reviews.