This time, though, my favorite topic laptops – and there are two new systems actually four in total, if you think about the samsung galaxy book pro and the galaxy book pro 360, because they both come in 13 inch and 15 inch sizes, now you’d, say what’s. The difference between the two well, the 360, gives it away the galaxy book pro regular super premium laptop. In fact, this is so light. It feels like some of the mock up laptops companies used to send me. They were just empty plastic shells, but this is an actual working computer, but when i first picked it up, i said to myself: is this a mock up, no it’s a it’s, an actual, fully functioning system? This is a 15 inch version of that over. Here, though, is the 13 inch version of the 360.? Why is it called the 360. i’ll? Give you one guess that’s right it’s, one of these hybrid style hinges. That goes back 360 degrees, so it turns into a kind of chunky tablet, with the keyboard on the back we’ve seen the style. You know for years, it’s the tablet laptop hybrid style, that’s, really worn out over. You know any other type of design and, of course, with one of these guys, you get the newly redesigned s pen, which is a little thicker than previous versions of it. So it feels frankly more like a pen, because, if you’re using a stylus on a laptop, you really want something.

That’S, a little more pen like a little more traditional and less almost like a phone stylist, which is very skinny hard to draw with, especially on a bigger screen like this Music. So these guys both feature 11th gen intel processors, that’s interesting to me, because some of the options here on the 360 and the 13 inch version there’s going to be an optional 5g antenna, which is again something in very, very few laptops and most of the laptops. I’Ve seen with 5g so far have been qualcomm based systems. They get that kind of synergy between a mobile phone processor and this concept of an always on laptop, so it’s, really interesting when you’re relying on something like this to be your, you know on always connected machine almost like your phone is we’re all still living in This pandemic work from home world, but designing new computers that take advantage of that or offer new features that can take years. So we’re, not quite at the point yet where new machines that come out now are going to have a lot of those learnings built in number one i think is webcams uh, just like almost any other premium laptop. These guys have 720p webcams. Maybe in a couple years, everyone’s going to have 1080 webcams, which are frankly a lot nicer to use for those all day, zoom meetings that we’re all in Music. Now that said, there is one very forward, looking feature on these systems that i’m very excited about these.

Both have amoled displays that samsung’s version of an oled display something i’ve only seen in a handful of laptops before now, but those have always been some of my favorite laptops because, frankly, in oled screen or in samsung’s case, an amoled screen is really the best quality Screen that you can get, especially if you’re working from home, maybe you’re near your windows, the sun is pouring in you’re trying to go outside and work. You have a lot of different lighting conditions having the super deep black that super bright screen really helpful. I love any kind of display like that there’s one other interesting trend, we’re chasing here i’m, seeing a lot more color options in a lot of tech products. Here you also have some options: there’s, a there’s, a blue there’s, a silver there’s, a bronze. The color mix depends on which size and which exact model you get, but i like seeing more of that consumer choice. These are a little muted uh, but you know it’s a good way to get something that stands out a little bit. More is a little more personal. The nice thing is even with the amoled screens, the 11th gen intel processors. These guys start right at 9.99, then they go up depending on which size and which model you get 10.99 11.99 12.99. But i love that 9.