and in this video lets unbox it. If youve been following my channel a while, you know ive been looking for an on the go laptop to handle the business side of youtube, editing, thumbnails, planning videos as well as some light video editing. Now i want to have good color accuracy. I want it to be thin and light, and i also want great battery life, which is why i was excited when intel reached out and said they wanted me to review the galaxy book pro 360.. The thinnest and lightest laptop ive actually ever had on my channel. So lets get right into unboxing this thing and this video is sponsored by intel featuring an intel, evo laptop, and this, of course, has the i7 1165 g7. So im super thankful to intel for hooking me up with the samsung galaxy book pro 360., all right that Music smells pretty good its different. Oh, my gosh, that is so light got some nice sustainable, recycled packaging. As i can see here, there is the laptop, my goodness that is a small package, thats fantastic okay, so we have our charger cord. We have our charger dock, which this is like an iphone charger that is fantastic uh and then, of course, we have the pen. This is a two on one laptop and probably a little just instructional manual, which im not going to worry about that right now. So there is the full package pen charging cord charger block, which is basically the size of a galaxy phone charger block its a little bit heavier its equipped with super fast charging which, in just 30 minutes of charging, can provide four hours of battery life.

Now, im gon na do full in depth battery life and charging tests in the dedicated review, so make sure you keep an eye out for that. Video now lets check out the overall build quality thin and light. I love the rounded edges. Theres no sharp edges on the laptop. That is something that really stands out to me. I like that well machined rounded edge. They do have a nice firm aggressive edge rather than a mellow soft one, but then it has a good curve around the bezel here now. One thing i always look out for is how they set the bottom panel into the side panels, and that was done very well. Theres no catchy edges along the bottom cover as it connects to the side panel and even as you move along to the back vent here. This is all machined very well. Theres, no sharp sticky points even right here on laptops, sometimes where the hinge connects to the chassis youll. Have this sharp piece sticking out that isnt the case here? Theyve done a very good job, putting the chassis together and making sure all of the edges are smooth and flush. Another thing that i want to point out is, of course, opening and closing the lid, which is actually done pretty easily with one hand, even though this laptop is so light, it doesnt have a problem with a strong hinge that kind of drags the computer along the Hinge is firm and should snap shut without an issue, thats awesome so lets go ahead and like shake it, the hinge shouldnt come like flying open on you sometimes theyre a little floppy on laptops.

It secures well to the keyboard deck when closed. If youre curious about the exact pricing and availability of the samsung galaxy book 360, i put links in the description below now. If you do use that link to make a purchase, i will get a small commission, but at no extra cost to you. This keeps this channel alive and the helpful content coming your way. All right lets go ahead and check out the ports on this side. We have two usb type cs and on the other side, we have one usb type c and a micro sd card along with a headphone jack. Now one of these is a thunderbolt 4, which is great youre gon na have super fast transfer speeds. With this laptop and also youre using thunderbolt charging here, usb type c, the speakers are on the bottom of the chassis, looks like we have sound by akg. I, like that brand im, really curious how well this sound is gon na do coming out from underneath the chassis and, of course, we have a vent along the bottom cover, as well as on the back of the chassis. So, im curious how cool this laptop is going to run other intel, evo laptops ive run in the past, have run very cool and quiet. So i anticipate this one doing that same thing but of course, were not going to say anything until we run the official benchmarks lets go ahead and get this thing opened again and check out the screenflex.

Well done, i will say well done on that samsung. That is a firm screen, especially for how thin it is. It is very secure and firm, not a lot of screen flex on this lets check the bottom. I would say a little more screen flex on the along the bottom compared to the top, but still dont have any strong concerns there. I like this hinge configuration a lot if you watch as the laptop opens. The hinge actually moves at both positions. It moves at the screen and it also moves at the chassis which gives you that very smooth transition from regular laptop to two in one mode, and this makes a fantastic on the go tablet. So you can close it and thats no thicker than your average tablet say. Maybe you know a galaxy tablet or whatever you might be using and then of course you have your pen and youre good to go. Oh, i like that pen. It has a very nice soft touch feel to it its not like a hard sharp plastic im so excited to test that out more, but overall, really enjoying the two in one functionality flips and closes very easily. Its good lets go ahead and check out the keyboard and trackpad. The keyboard is a short to medium key travel. So if you like that, you know less mechanical keyboard feel this is a great fit for you, theres, not a ton of function buttons, but of course you can control your brightness, your speaker volume and your keyboard brightness right from the keyboard deck now the trackpad is A good size for a 13 inch laptop, the trackpad, is a little clicky for my preference.

I prefer something a little bit quieter, but its secured to the chassis very well, so youre not going to have any concerns about build quality. Its more just. My personal preference sharing that with you for some perspective, this is my preferred keyboard layout. I, like the simplicity, it has all the necessary keys. I need the large shift key on the right side, which i use a lot and the toggle switches all contained in a nice visually pleasing keyboard layout im somebody whos fine, going into the settings to find you know how to change things up and switch the screens And just different things like that, i dont need shortcut keys personally, so this is something that i really like. I very much appreciate the simplicity to turn on the laptop you just click the fingerprint reader button and that will fire up the laptop and youll be off to the races. So all the laptops getting set up lets go ahead and cover a few key features. This is a 13.3 inch. Super am oled screen. You can activate this laptop with quick share to quickly send and receive files from your mobile device using the quick share app. This has a combination of 5 and 6 000 series aluminum, so it makes it an all. Aluminum laptop now being that this is an oled screen, we should see a very high color gamut range and during my full review i will reveal the test results of that now.

This does have an soc chip, so im, anticipating great performance and ive reviewed the intel evo platform in previous laptops and ive seen photoshop outrank, some of the most common mobile workstation processors and so im excited to see how this laptop specifically handles the i7 1165 g7. So again keep an eye out for the next video. You can go ahead and subscribe and ring the bell for that jumping into the interface one thing i want to point out right off the bat which is great for the on the go. Creator is go ahead and hit function, and then this little gauge button and it changes your performance modes, so lets say youre working on a video edit just bump it up to high performance mode and youll immediately get more utilization of the cpu turn up. The fans and get a faster export time or better playback in premiere pro whatever it might be, and then youre, like okay im in kind of a louder office, bam bump it down to no fan quiet completely silent. That is great, so you have good control over the fan. Functionality which to me is just super important. I dont like it when that control is not offered on thin and light laptops. It often isnt. You often dont have a lot of control with the fan modes, and so im really excited to test all the different apps inside of those different fan modes. To see what kind of performance we can get on silent mode compared to high performance mode.

That makes for great testing using the pen. The screen is a touch bouncy, so you just want to kind of rest, your hand here and then the screen doesnt move much at all, but its very sensitive – and i love like i mentioned when i first grabbed the pen. It has this really soft touch kind of good, strong, drag, feel it doesnt feel like youre, just hitting plastic on a screen. They use a very nice nub for the pen and when it connects with the screen, it feels very, very natural. So this is a really cool feature. If you want to go ahead and take a screenshot, you just click. This ink workspace do a full screen snippet and then you can immediately go ahead and just draw on that, and the pen feels very nice im really enjoying that. Keep in mind with this laptop youre not going to have an upgrade path after purchase. So whatever you order it with regarding ram this one comes with 16 gigs is where youre gon na be at so dont. Think that you can purchase this at eight and later upgrade it to 16.. I recommend getting it at 16.. I think thats the best configuration for the on the go creator, working in photoshop, doing some video editing and then also some productivity tasks having multiple tabs open at the same time that 16 gigs of ram gives you a great ceiling, so you dont bottleneck your computer.

So i think 16 gigs is a great spot. Obviously, if you know budget doesnt allow, the eight gigs will still do. Fine um, but i think 16 is a is a great option to order this laptop for once again, i want to thank intel for sponsoring this. Video links have ready to make a purchase likes of this videos brought you some value and subs.