Today i got a video for you of the unboxing and first impressions of kind of the weight, the feeling and some things like that on the samsung galaxy book. This is the 360 model it’s the 13 inch with 16 gigs of ram 512 gigs of storage, which is the highest spec model that they make in that size and let’s get into it. So here’s the box here and um. Let me just cut it open carefully. There got a very sharp knife, but you know most people get caught on a dull knife rather than a sharp knife. So let me uh peel this plastic back. For you see the nice box, there should just open right up and on the box you can see it’s samsung on that side, intel inside galaxy book pro 360. On that side, this picture on the front the back. Just has you know the warnings there um. The bottom has a warning label along with serial number and some other information that i don’t really want to show you so we’ll cover that up put the uh lid does not got anything inside of it. So we’ll put that aside here we got the charging block over here, which is a 65 watt, gallium nitride, also known as gan or g. A n power block here super fast charging. They call this a universal charger, so you can use it with you know. Basically any samsung device it supports usb pd and then their protocol, which i believe is pss.

So in here we have the galaxy book itself in this nice kind of papery sleeve here see what’s underneath first before we get into that. So we have a nice power. Cable here it is okay, so that’d be a two meter, long cable – that up real quick slide that back in here. So i can put that aside here. We just have some manuals. If later this year, they will be coming out with a 5g model and that’s where the sim ejector tool would be, and then it comes with the s pen here – and this is this – will work on the new samsung, s21 ultra and other devices that support that Type of pen input set that up there and the galaxy book pro 360 13.3 inch. This is the i7 it’s the 1165 g7, so it’s got the iris xc graphics. I got the 16 gig of ram 512 gig of storage spec’d out decked out model. This is the blue color opener up here. Take that off let’s see so there seems to be a little bit more well. The keyboard is kind of smaller, but a little bit more spongy than the macbook’s keyboard, and not quite as shallow and clicky feeling. As my razor blade 15 inch so we’ll take this off of here. That’S, the fingerprint scanner and power button will start her up. I will see if there’s any juice looks like i got to plug it in well.

That’S been the unboxing and kind of first okay. So it feels really nice in the hands here’s the vents on the bottom. You got these feet. They have these stickers on them. So i can take those off, but we got these nice feet on here rubberized feet, so it doesn’t slide around. Also to when you flip around the screen to protect the other side of it, it’s uh sound by akg it’s got dolby atmos speakers. I will do the first flip around here for you, so you can see you got that temp mode kind of the art easel mode there all the way around into a a tablet mode. When you do that the keyboard buttons will be deactivated. On this side. You have the turn my light here: headphone jack usbc microsd card. On the other side, we have two more usbc. This one is a thunderbolt 4.0 jack, so it can support that the other usb cs are just regular, usbc. So half the speeds of a thunderbolt 4. But you know plenty powerful enough for most things. If you’re connecting up a thunderbolt drive, you’ll want to plug it into that, but as far as like usbc displays and things like that can plug into the other two that’s. How they’re powered? How it’s powered, of course, and it’s nice to see that it has a headphone jack as far as storing the pen there’s a magnetic point here that it kind of stays on i’m, going to look for a sleeve or maybe see if they have some sort of Kind of case that this can go in that will hold that i’ll be back with a full review later on, so there’s been an unboxing and kind of first impressions of the feel the keyboard, the feel of the device and a little bit of insight into what’s.

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