and here are the benchmarks that are going to be coming up in just a few minutes. Now, if youre curious about my overall impressions of the build quality and usability of this laptop, i filmed a full unboxing which ill link up at the end of this video. What were going to cover in this video is the performance, color accuracy and then a gamut of other things that i have seen over the past two weeks of having this laptop in my studio were going to get into all of that right now. Id like to thank intel for sponsoring this video and sending over this intel, evo laptop with the i7 1165 g7. Now one of the standout features of the intel evo platform is battery life and this laptop was able to run at idle at half brightness for 26 hours and 14 minutes. Now, once the laptop goes dead, you just simply just grab the super fast charger that samsung has provided, and with this laptop powered off, you can get this battery back up to full charge in one hour and 31 minutes. Now, if you just need a quick jump start to get a few hours of battery back in your laptop on the go, you can actually get this laptop to four hours of runtime in just 30 minutes of charging. So this laptop not only lasts a long time on battery life, but it also charges up very quickly now keep in mind every test.

Youre going to hear about and see on. This laptop have been run at least three times to make sure they are the most legitimate possible for the different battery life results. You can see those coming up on the screen now regarding the battery life and the productivity result. What thats referring to is just a daily workflow of emails. Writing word: docs, looking through pdfs in excel spreadsheets, getting on zoom calls, and also maybe just streaming a little bit of video here and there throughout your day, listening to music, etc. Now, regarding streaming, video that is getting on youtube streaming, video continuously until the battery goes dead. Now we see a substantial dip in the battery life when it goes to creative tasks, so, for instance, photoshop what i did there is. I ran the puget systems, photoshop benchmark on repeat until the battery went dead and that is a very intense workflow. So maybe, if youre just doing a little more light, photoshop work, you could probably get a little bit more battery life out of this laptop now. For the premiere pro, what i did is i opened up a 1080p project started the playback and ran that on loop until the battery went dead. So this laptop is very well optimized for battery life, on the go not only for your general productivity, but also solid for the creator tasks. One of the standout features of the samsung galaxy book pro 360 is the screen.

This screen is a super, am oled screen with fantastic color gamut range and color accuracy. Now the brightness i wish was a little bit brighter. I wish it was a little over that 300 nits that it pulls in, but overall it is a good brightness. You might have a little bit of difficulty seeing the screen if youre outside, in a very bright setting, maybe like at noon day, sitting out at a picnic table and its just. The sun is blaring down on the screen, but otherwise the brightness is not going to be an issue when youre indoors or in a nice shaded area, as i mentioned in my unboxing, it is insane how thin and light this laptop is especially for the performance results. Were going to see in something like the adobe design suite using photoshop now, one thing at first that i didnt like, but after using the laptop for a while, i found really convenient, is the pen how just magnets right here to the back. So if im like working and then im like, ah i really dont be holding this anymore, i just go ahead and drop it back there real, quick and then i can just keep doing my thing um. The only concern i have is, if you like, bump it on something so lets say you know, youre walking with the laptop closed youre walking past something and youre like oh and you dont realize it bumped off.

You could lose your pen, but other than that. I think its super convenient to have it there. You know youre working inside of your laptop youre like all right time to use the pen grab it and then just work and then, when youre done just put it right back there. Now there are a few variations at which you can purchase this laptop. This is the 13.3 inch, but you can also get a 15.6 inch version now. The 13.3 inch model that im reviewing has the option of upgrading the ram and storage together. Now i wish you could upgrade the ram and the storage separately, but thats, neither here nor there. These are the configurations that samsung has set up for you to purchase. Now, if you are considering purchasing this laptop – and you want to know the exact life, pricing and availability you can head down in the description below and click one of those links now, if you do make a purchase with one of those links, i will get a Small commission, but at no extra cost to you, but of course thats what keeps this channel alive and the helpful content coming your way. One complaint i have about the configuration options is the max storage ability of 512 gigs. Now as a video, editor and also designer. I find myself using more than that 512, which means ill have to constantly be dumping out to external hard drives, but one way i think you can work around.

This is the micro sd card slot that they include on this laptop. So what you can do is you can buy a 512 or one terabyte. The 512 runs you around 60 to 70 dollars. You can slide that in and immediately double your storage, so i think thats a great way to overcome the lack of storage upgrade ability straight out of the factory. This, of course, is a two in one laptop making it fantastic with the combination of the pen. You can catch up on your latest tv show or review a video edit that you just completed now. I think this laptop is best used with the pen on full tablet mode. The reason being is the screen is just not stable enough to use the pen. It kind of falls over so, if youre going to be using it open, i recommend resting your hand here and then using the pen. Okay, now the only difficulty of using it on full tablet mode is, then you lose access to the keyboard. So if youre somebody whos a big photoshop user and you love using shortcuts, that could be an increasing issue for you, because now you have no access to all your great shortcuts on the keyboard. Now you could get a small wireless keyboard to have your shortcuts run. Lets say: maybe, with your left hand over here, if youre right handed, you could have your shortcuts here and then you could be using your drawing tablet.

So that would be a way to kind of overcome that issue or that configuration now. The screen with the wacom pen does not feel like paper right out of the box, but it does have a nice soft touch feel so it doesnt feel like youre, putting plastic against a hard glass screen. Now the pen is very pressure sensitive. So if you drag a heavy line, you can see its good and thick and then, as you, lighten up it gets thinner and the pressure sensitivity is is good. It doesnt leave any weird chunky lines at the end when you release the pen with the wacom technology is really nice its smooth, and it gives you good control of the piece that youre working on now lets check out the porch real quick while were talking about That mini sd card slot, this laptop comes with three usb type: cs: a headphone jack and a mini sd card slot. Now one of those usbcs is thunderbolt 4 for super fast transfer speeds, which is great. If say, you are up for a big photo shoot. You have like thousands of photos youre trying to get onto your laptop fast thatll have great transfer speeds for you, something i dont often personally use, but some people really like the feature is. It does have a fingerprint reader right here, underneath the power button, so go ahead. Power up tap your fingerprint and it opens up your computer right away now regarding the webcam heres, a quick sample for you, heres, a test of the 720p webcam and the audio coming from the samsung galaxy book.

Pro 360.. As mentioned during the unboxing, i like the keyboard layout, its simple its clean, its got all the keys, i need, and it has a very soft quiet keyboard, its a shorter key travel like i mentioned its more of a short to medium, but it just feels very Nice under my fingers now as far as the trackpad is concerned, i love how theyve, given us a large trackpad on a small laptop, as you can see, theyve snugged it right up to the keyboard and right up to the edge of the laptop which gives us As much room possible – and this is great for creatives – considering this laptop – it gives you a lot of room to work with now. One complaint about the trackpad just personally, is that its a little clicky and so im going to give you a quick sample of the keyboard, which i do like how quiet it is, and the trackpad. So just my personal preference, its a little clickier than i would like, but its still a great configuration that we have here now heres a quick audio sample for you of the speakers to check out that experience without further ado lets get into my favorite portion of Any video and thats the performance benchmarks now this laptop does come with the i7 1165 g7 with 16 gigs of ram integrated graphics and a 512 gig ssd. Now do note. Like i mentioned the beginning of the video, all these benchmarks have been ran three or more times to just confirm legitimacy of the tests now were going to start out in geekbench, single core and multicore, and what i want to point out here is how fantastic the Single core performance of this laptop is so to think about a small, thin and light laptop.

Getting such amazing performance is is truly awesome, especially for people working inside of adobe design, suite or something like figma sketch or the affinity suite. This laptop truly packs a punch for photo editors, artists and designers. Now lets move on to geekbench multi core, and one thing i really want to point out here is how the i7 1165 g7 falls down the charts, while the ryzen processor climbs up the charts, but lets really think about this for a second, more cores and more Threads does not really mean more single in out performance. What it means is more programs open at one time and consistently giving you performance, but the real question is: how many programs are you going to have open at one time when i think about my workflow as a designer i usually have photoshop indesign spotify and google Chrome open at one time, so four apps is usually the most ill have open at a single time. So what im going to do is im going to jump over and open up these apps then im going to go over to my task manager and check to see how much of the cpu is being utilized and to see if were truly bottlenecking. The computer lets go check it out. So, as you can see, we have spotify open, were actually running a motivational video in the background on youtube and im working inside of photoshop touching up a piece of art that im working on and we are still below 30 percent cpu usage.

Now, as you can see, our memory is at about 65 percent, which is why i recommend 16 gigs of ram if youre going to be getting this laptop. Okay, it comes standard with eight, and eight is good, but 16 is really great to give you that ceiling to be working in multiple apps at one time and still have great performance. So this is why, as you can see, when im talking about the multi core performance, this intel processor is going to handle that just fine and really the in app performance is going to be really smooth. Give you great feedback and its going to run really fast and were seeing that in the photoshop benchmarks, which will be coming up here in just a minute now. I will note that every client that ive ever hired before they hire me they always ask ben im. Just really curious: what are your geekbench single core and multi core scores? It just really is a concern to me and before i hire you, i just want to make sure you have really good geek bench, single core and multi core scores, its very important to me. Nobody has ever asked me that in my life – and so these simulated benchmarks are kind of good at giving us a range of how well the laptop might perform, but lets be real. They are not the actual real life experience using this laptop, so lets head on over to photoshop and check out how this laptop performs versus other laptops in its category.

Now, as you can see right off the bat here, it is absolutely destroying the beloved macbook pro m1 by over a hundred points and that laptop we saw with the ryzen processor getting much better scores in geekbench multi core falls down the charts and is beat out By the samsung galaxy book by over 40 points, so right there, you can see that the fantastic multi core performance when we get in app, is not making a big difference. The single core performance is what matters when we look at app to app performance now. One test that i have absolutely loved running is the multiple fan modes. Now that score was accomplished on performance mode, which would be about 40 decibels of fan noise, which, for some people could be a little loud. But the great thing is, you can quickly switch the fan modes from the keyboard deck if youre in a quieter environment – and you dont want to make so much noise or youre listening to music and you dont want to make so much noise. You can go ahead and bump the fan down to silent mode and still get great performance out of this laptop. So, whether you have your headphones on and you dont care how much noise it makes you just want to get optimal performance or, if youre, in a quiet office setting without your headphones, and you dont want to disturb your neighbors. This laptop has you covered and will still give you good performance when i first got this thin and light laptop.

I was a little concerned about its after effects performance. I was like how in the world is this little tiny package, gon na pack, a punch in after effects and as you can see from the scores, it tops the charts in its category for after effects. This does not have a dedicated gpu, so i would not get this laptop if youre, considering heavy after effects usage or heavy after effects rendering. I would consider this laptop if youre going to be doing some light after effects work. Nothing heavy because the dedicated gpu is important in after effects, and this laptop does not come with them. You got to really think about apples to apples. If youre trying to compare this laptop to some h series processor with a dedicated gpu all day, that laptop will beat it in regards to gpu intensive rendering tasks, but also what you have to think about is youre going to get a thick chunky loud hot package. For a laptop of that nature, this laptops huge benefit is fantastic battery life, color accuracy, thin and light all with great performance in the apps for photo editors, light video editors, artists and designers. Speaking of video editing, i would definitely recommend this laptop for 1080p, with the lack of a dedicated gpu. I just dont think that this laptop is set up for 4k. So if youre a designer or photo editor or artist, who occasionally does some, you know tick, tock or instagram or social media videos or even just some, you know fun videos to put together some montages of you working on your projects, then 1080p will work fantastic if Youre, a serious video editor, i would definitely recommend getting an intel h series processor, with a dedicated gpu as youll, be much more satisfied with the performance, but for 1080p.

This laptop really stands out, and here are the export times for you now, Music. Regarding playback for 1080p, we saw zero drop frames on the laptop, so playback is smooth and frustration free. Now the real question is: who should buy this laptop well, according to the specs and performance results, if youre a designer photo editor illustrator, digital painter or just artist? In general, this laptop has excellent color gamut range. Its thin and light has amazing battery life and great performance in the apps that youll be using plus it is a two in one laptop coming with a wacom powered s. Pen links, if you ready to make a purchase likes that this video has brought you some value and subs.