It was a series of laptops that came out while i was on parental leave, so i have been reviewing them on the site, but i actually havent been here in the studio to cover them. So weve already sent the regular book pro back, which we had for a little while and the only one that we currently have left, which i just reset it before it goes back to samsung, is this. This is the 13 inch um 360 mah version of the book pro um, but most of what im about to say also applies to at least the book pro. We also have the regular samsung galaxy book, which is a lot cheaper and its a whole different kind of device, so well leave that out of this discussion. But this is the galaxy book pro 360. The 13 three point three inch version right now we have the windows boot up, screen again, ive, just reset it, but again most of the stuff that im saying will apply to the regular galaxy book as well. So i freaking love the galaxy book ion in particular from last year. It had a 16 by 10 um display, which i really liked finally uh putting away with the massive chin that eight of our screen real estate from years prior, we got a wireless qi charging pad in the track pad, which was great, and it had a striking Design with a little blue flare, going on on the side and, most importantly, a completely fingerprint resistant top layer which just meant that it always looked pristine even when it came out of a greasy bag.

So, as you can probably tell the galaxy book pro series brings all of these issues back, which is just weird and confusing. So first off heres the chin, its absolutely massive. There is no qi wireless charging pad in this track pad and well its a bit of a difficult one, so lets lets start over. Perhaps this is very well built. It is actually incredibly well built. There is not a lot of laptop manufacturers in the world that makes laptops as well as samsung, so the thing is im pretty sure that you would be able to pull put this in your bag, carry it around for years and not really be too unhappy about It the thing is, there is just a few like just really confusing design decisions that i feel like we have to talk about, but first the good stuff. This is the same silent keyboard that you get on the regular galaxy book pro and its awesome. It is pretty shallow, but theres a lot of tactility. It is really responsive and i just love typing on this keyboard. The trackpad is wide, really responsive as well. Windows. Precision driver so thats, something that we can at least expect, but it is great um. The um speakers, while sounding a bit tinny, does sound a lot better than your average ultrabook speaker. So that is great with this particular trim, which is the i5 1165 g7. I got at least 13 hours from the 63 watt hour battery, which is a lot better than our regular galaxy book pro, which used an i7 11 65 g7 uh processor, and i guess it.

That was why it ate a lot of battery. This also has eight gigabytes of ram, but you can ram that up, and this has 256 gigs of storage, and you can also ram that up by going to samsungs web page just shopping for the model that you in particular, are, after so thats all good. And if we look past this freaking atrocious chin, the screen is awesome as well. It is probably, i think, the best laptop screen that ive ever seen its a super am led. So basically, it borrows a lot of the technology that we know from samsungs smartphones, which are the best screens in the world 1080p, though, but still really awesome brightness which in the outdoor mode, can climb as high as i think, a thousand nits, which is just amazing. Um and but i would have loved to get rid of the chin. If you have seen reviews of some of the 15 inch versions of these laptops, the chin is less pronounced, i think its still 16×9, but because there is more screen real estate, it doesnt eat into it as far and its able to be stretched out more. Naturally, it is on the 13.3 inch, which is the one we have here, where that i think it becomes so distracting this big black bottom, also because its not symmetrical with the top so take that from what you will also another thing, the one remember this is A 360 meaning that this can do this, so it can stand in tent mode if thats, what you want, or it can climb all the way flat and you can use it as a tablet – itll disable the keyboard.

We know this form factor all of us, but theres. One thing that youre not seeing here and that is the s pen now wait a minute. The s pen does come with this computer and it is much more responsive than your regular s. Pen input. It is actually a lot closer to the samsung galaxy tab and the most recent note 20 ultra. The problem is that there is no silo to store it in. That was also the case on older samsung laptops. They had found space within the chassis to store it. Now there is none of that here now because of the magnets, which hold this machine shut. There is a magnet stripe here at the top of the lid. You can put the pen there and it will kind of stay there if you, for instance, are holding it like this on the way on the way to the next board. Meeting um itll stay there, but thats unintentional and its not something you should give samsung credit for um. The ports are fine, its not like the book pro. That also has a full hdmi that kind of stuff, but it is, it is thunderbolt 4 all round and a micro sd card reader, so thats great um, but for thirteen hundred dollars, which is more than the new oled zen book, which i basically just gave a Raving review to not too long ago, this is a bit of a mixed bag, its not bad.

If you told me that you had bought this because you wanted a 360 laptop, you like the s pen and the responsiveness it brings, and you wanted something that was well built and well put together. Well, i probably wouldnt fault you so its not going to get a terrible review, its just a bit disappointing to see samsung strive for excellence in some areas and then forgetting the strives they made towards excellence last year in the process. So hopefully they will have listened to this and the the the stuff they got from other reviewers. Take that into account and then make something next year, which is more amazing. Thank you.