This is the 15.6 inch model and i have to say this is probably the lightest 15 inch laptop i have ever used, which is pretty impressive, considering the specs that are inside now. I want to take a full look at the galaxy book. Pro 360 talk about my experiences with this laptop, so let’s get started i’d. Also like to preface this video. There is a galaxy book pro model that doesn’t have the two in one features or the s pen, so it doesn’t turn into a tablet if you’re interested in that style. So i can link to that down below, but i also want to mention that samsung has been doing a very good job, specifically with these models in bridging the gap in building an ecosystem around a laptop pc and your phone. Specifically. If you have a samsung phone or potentially even an android phone now, windows has done a good job at starting to build that ecosystem, so to speak. Obviously, apple’s done a good job within their mac, os and ios platforms, but samsung is also kind of putting their foot into building an ecosystem around their own laptops and also adding capabilities from their phones to these laptops anyways. I want to get started with the design of the galaxy book pro 360.. First off that navy color is great i’m, a huge fan, it’s very sleek, very professional. Looking. The only thing is that it does collect fingerprints fairly easily, so that’s a bit of a bummer and when it comes to design of it, it is incredible.

It’S such a good, looking laptop overall, the hinge is really good. I do have a bit of a gripe about the hinge specifically when you go to pick up the laptop off a table, it’s just a little bit too loose, which was an issue in one of their previous laptops as well. This one isn’t as bad, but when you go to pick it up, you’ll see it’s, not even you have to pick it up that hard. It does start to flip down just with any sort of force it flips, even if it just flips like this, is, if i go to pick it up, and i want to bring it with me somewhere to another room. I essentially need to keep in mind. Oh don’t pick it up so quickly, you kind of have to do it a little bit more lightly, but it will flip on you along the left side. You have two usb type c slots on the right side is an extra usb type c slot. I would have liked to have seen a usb type, a port. However, they also added a micro sd card slot for some expandable storage and that headphone jack and, like i mentioned there, are some magnets in the s pen and up towards the top of the galaxy book pro for storage and quick storage. I haven’t really had an issue with it falling off whatsoever. It really has just not come off of it.

Obviously, if i bump into it or slide against it, it’s going to come off it’s been easy to grasp at it, took a bit to kind of get used to the motion of grabbing it from the top, especially if i needed to just take it off. While i was using it like a normal laptop with that being said, i know a lot of people said hey. I wish there was a place to house the pen when i’m done with it, when i want to store it. But when you take a look at the laptop itself, the the s pen is just thicker than the bottom half of the galaxy book pro in general. So that’s essentially impossible and i like the size and feel of this s pen, i wouldn’t necessarily want a, for example, galaxy note style s pen where it’s smaller, but it does get housed into the phone i like, especially with a bigger screen that is more pen, Like it is more like i’m, actually, writing so i’m, actually, totally, okay with them, adding in a magnetic mechanism to store the s pen and then, when i put it in a backpack i’ll, just put it in the pen slot now let’s talk about one of my Favorite features of the galaxy book pro 360, and that is the display. Now it is a 1080p display. However, it is super amoled, so it’s amoled technology, but samsung is calling it the super amoled, because it has the touch capabilities built into the display.

You might be familiar with super amoled from samsung phones, and i actually am a big fan of having amoled displays on laptops. I really hope more and more laptops do get. Amoled displays the color reproduction is fantastic. Obviously you get true blacks on your screen, so unfortunately, there isn’t a 4k option for the display on this laptop. It only comes in 1080p, which is a downside for some people that will help with battery life, not having a 4k resolution monitor, but as a 1080p amoled display, it is excellent. The touchscreen is very responsive. The only small thing i would like to have seen improved was it to get a little bit brighter, especially when i’m outside it gets bright enough, but it doesn’t get crazy bright, like some other laptops i’ve used, but overall, the bezels are very minimal. It’S great. To look at and use while in tablet mode or potentially watching videos and maybe playing games with friends and speaking of friends. That brings us to our sponsor, which is hp. Let me introduce you to my hp, smart friend, hp, smart friend allows you to have technology gurus at your fingertips and they’re available 24 7 through phone chat and remote support. Your hp smartphone will be there for you offering judgment free help and not only will they fix unexpected problems, but they’ll help you sync an android or iphone to a windows, pc performance optimizations on your device, if you’re having trouble connecting to a network with wi fi, Not only do you get that great support, but another one of the perks of a smart friend subscription is access to hp, employee purchase plan pricing on hp hardware and accessories.

So, if you’re, looking for a reliable, trustworthy friend to help with your tech devices, look no further than hp, smart friend and now back to the video taking a look at the keyboard overall, i love that they added a number pad on the right side, especially with A 15.6 inch laptop i’m, always bummed out when i have a laptop that size that doesn’t have a number pad. The enter key in the bottom right did have to get shrunk, just a bit so it’s kind of small which is okay and then, when it comes to typing on this keyboard overall, i i’m not that big of a fan of it. To be honest, it uh is a little bit shallow with the key presses and just feels just a little uncomfortable. I never really got used to it and i think it’s due to that shallow key press. Now with that being said, the shallow key press is somewhat unavoidable when you do have a laptop this thin. So again, i might have some gripes about this laptop, but when it comes down to it, if it gets sacrificed for the weight and how thin it is, it kind of makes sense. Now, on the flip side, i am a big fan of the touch pad. It is definitely big enough very responsive. I like the response, when you click on the right or left hand side of it overall, a great touch touchpad and moving on let’s go to software, and this isn’t your typical windows, 10 laptop.

This is windows 10, with samsung editions to make your experience just better overall they’ve added some really cool applications along with hey there’s, the microsoft store, along with integration, with your phone specifically, if you already have a samsung phone. So when it comes to software. First of all, the s pen has some software features built into it. So you get closer to the screen. You can just click on the button that is attached to it and it will bring up some shortcuts. As you can see on the right side, you can create notes. Screenwrite live message, pen up, which is an app to do some coloring and such and show window now live message is a fun one, just as an example. So if i said hey everyone with some terrible handwriting, i can do that if i hit play it will run through and play that animation. So again, these are things that i’ve seen on the galaxy note series that they’re bringing to uh their laptops. Now, if i go ahead and scroll down here and i just hit save, i can go ahead and hit save and share, and once i share it there’s multiple ways. I can do that so, for example, they have quick share built into their laptops, which is a samsung application here on the left side that is quick share or nearby sharing with bluetooth and wifi. So you don’t just have to have a samsung phone now.

Quick share. Does come up as an application? So if i select quick share, it says scanning nearby there’s, my s21 ultra and, as i said, you can just quickly go ahead and share files on over. It is finding it now on my s21 ultra, so it’s really easy to share files and do multiple things across your phone and your laptop. It took just a couple more seconds, but there is that animation that got sent over to my phone. Another application is galaxy book, smart switch. So if you have a previous galaxy book, you can send and receive data, and when you actually start up your pc, you can transfer all of the data from your previous galaxy books so great if you’re looking to upgrade um an older model of galaxy book to One of these new ones, not only that there’s a crazy amount of other samsung apps such as link sharing link share, is a good one. It creates a custom link that you can send to people to share files and upload specific things to it. Scrolling down, though here is so samsung there’s, a ton of them samsung dex built in so you can cast different devices to your monitor, gallery flow notes to completely synchronize your notes over to your phone. If you have the samsung notes app on your phone, there are custom samsung settings as well for easy bluetooth connection. You’Ll see i have my galaxy buds pro synced up, so it was super easy to really just pair my galaxy buds, because i have them connected to my samsung account display, as i showed earlier, there’s different modes, natural, auto movie or just a vivid.

You can change between a light and dark mode. Something else nice that is added is usb charging. So if i turn this on and my computer is off, i can plug in my phone or another device and charge it via the battery in my laptop samsung’s. Also added in security settings such as a privacy, folder secret screen, block recording and security, camera security cameras, a really cool one which will actually detect if someone is trying to get into your laptop from the lock screen and actually use the webcam to take a picture. And email it to you, so if i go over to security cam, i have it on now: i’ll actually be blurring out. The email account that i have it, but a really nice additional feature that got added to it again. This is just a samsung security, app that comes pre installed on here. You can also block camera microphone, recording secret screen, there’s, a couple options, dark screen or opacity effects. So if we go ahead and turn that on windows f11 uh it will this app doesn’t actually support it. So let’s go into an app that does here’s the uh let’s see this windows f11. So you’ll see the app is open, but it’s really opaque. So it’s really hard to see what’s going on with the content, unless you really try and focus and you’re looking at it from a good angle and then finally there’s a privacy folder where you can put something behind a firewall.

So to speak with just a password to hide specific and uh personal files, so that’s, essentially what i mean by samsung, adding in all of their own features to a windows laptop with all of these apps. You have a voice note. You have screen recorder, there’s, samsung update, which will keep everything updated for you and check for firmware updates. I know the fingerprint scanner had an update, so it’s nice that it will just keep everything updated all in one place, checking for drivers and everything is up to date, all installed there’s pen, drivers as well, and no complaints when it comes to performance of this galaxy Book pro, it has an intel core, i7 1165 g7 processor inside this has 16 gigs of ram as well and everything flies. It is evo certified. So you can do some like gaming, even and maybe some video editing. It is possible with this platform. But obviously, if you want to do some heavy gaming, heavy video editing you’ll need a dedicated gpu. But of course, that will make your laptop a little bit too thick, so it’s pretty much impossible to have a dedicated gpu in a laptop that’s. This size, but again everything’s been quick. Snappy it’s been great to use with an s pen, especially with coloring options and signing things. Signing things has been great where i can use my actual signature as opposed to docusigning it moving on to battery life and i’ve actually been pleasantly surprised, especially how thin this laptop is.

I was a little skeptical on how battery life’s going to be now. For me, i’ve been using it as my main work laptop throughout the day and after i’m done working. I still do have extra to watch. Videos maybe play a couple little games and then i have also had it synced up to my s21 ultra throughout the day. Now with that being said, i get around 10 11 hours throughout the day on full use, like i said, i’m doing a lot of work and then, at the end of the day i will do some entertainment. Samsung does say you can get up to 20 hours. So maybe, if you’re doing a little bit less than i am throughout the day, you can probably get a little bit better battery life, but for me, 10 to 11 hours on a 15.6 inch laptop is very good. Samsung has sound by akg in their speakers and, unfortunately, they’re not at the top they’re, actually at the bottom of this laptop, so they’re bottom firing speakers and the quality is very average don’t expect anything crazy good out of these speakers. I think that does actually attribute to it being so thin, it’s, tough to get a lot of heavy bass or a lot of full sound out of a thin laptop as a quick note. Unfortunately, the webcam isn’t very good, just like every other laptop out there. Unfortunately, i was hoping samson would bring a solid camera, maybe from one of their phones over, but it doesn’t seem to it.

Doesn’T really handle light very well and overall it’s just below average. Now, to recap, everything i’ve been a big fan of this laptop. If you’re. Looking for a 15.6 inch portable laptop, this might be your option, especially considering how thin and light it is, like. I said it’s, probably the lightest 15.6 inch laptop, especially if you’re someone that wants the portability of a 13 inch laptop but still wants that display size of a 15.6 inch and with that great touch screen two in one display on the galaxy book pro 360. anyways. Let me know what you think drop a comment down below.