This is the pro 360 15 inch, which is a two in one, and this also comes in a 13 inch size, starting at 1 300, then there’s, a regular clamshell laptop. That also comes in 13 and 15 inch sizes, and that starts at a thousand dollars they’re the first results of a co engineering relationship between samsung and intel. But what exactly does all that actually mean Music? All right, so let’s start with the name. How is it pro samsung says? It simply means you’re getting the most premium experience and design it offers. So if you’re, expecting discreet, graphics or any other big performance features that’s, not the kind of pro this is outside. Of that, the plane pro model is the regular clamshell laptop, and the pro 360 i have here is an s pen enabled two in one convertible it’s, a nice looking laptop, but not exactly a look at me. Type of thing. Both versions are remarkably thin, though even folded back into a tablet. The 360 stays thin and intel says they are the thinnest evo verified laptops to date, generally, an extra millimeter isn’t going to keep me from buying a laptop, but the thinness and other features are part of that mobile first concept. Basically, the idea is that these are made for people who want a computer experience like what they get from their phone. You can lift the lid and be working in seconds even if you’re, starting with the power off the power button, has a fingerprint sensor that near instantly unlocks it.

Although i kind of wish they also had an ir camera so that unlocking was a little less awkward in tablet mode still once you’re in your wireless is quick to connect, and this does have wi fi 6e support baked in, and that gives you access to ultra Wide 6 gigahertz band networks, so that’s good for the future and samsung says this will also be available with 5g support later in the year. So if that’s important for you you’ll probably want to hold off until then you can tether to your phone, which samsung makes easy with a galaxy phone. In fact, samsung gives you several ways to work between your galaxy phone and the galaxy pro. If you have a galaxy phone, like my old s9 there’s, a link to windows option in the quick panel, this is to use with the your phone app in windows, which basically replicates your phone on the pc screen. You can see your notifications, you can text, you can make phone calls view your photo gallery and even open and use your apps samsung gives you a couple of other ways to work with your phone and the pro. Also, there is a new quick share feature that lets you send files from your phone to the pc and the reverse as well. So if you take a picture with your phone and you want it on your computer or another galaxy device, you can just select it from your share options and send it, and the same goes for going from the pro to your galaxy phone.

There’S. Also samsung’s flow app, which also lets you drop files between devices as well, as gives you full access to your phone and apps. The difference between flow and quick share is that you can use quick share with any of your contacts on a galaxy device that have that feature turned on all three are handy in their own ways, but in true windows and android fashion. None of them seem to connect seamlessly a hundred percent of the time. To be fair, though, the quick share feature was just launched with these laptops, so some flakiness is to be expected. Overall, it feels like samsung, intel and microsoft are getting closer to creating the same unified experience. Apple users have that experience extends to your galaxy buds too. If you have them, i don’t but uh. If you do, you can open up samsung’s settings app and use the easy bluetooth connection that essentially senses your buds and connects them without you having to do anything there’s also an option to sync paired galaxy buds on other devices by signing into your samsung account Music. There are a bunch of other little features like smart switch for moving apps settings and files from an old pc to your new pro or quick search. That makes it fast and easy to find files, which gives you a bunch of ways for trying to find exactly the file you’re. Looking for as easy as possible. There’S also a smartthings app to control your smart home stuff, including samsung, connected appliances, and if you have a galaxy tab, s7 or s7 plus tablet, you can use them as a mirrored or extended display with the pro models.

Basically, if you’re a galaxy fan, if you have galaxy buds, a galaxy tab, a galaxy watch web connected samsung appliances or other smartthings compatible smart home devices. This or one of the other galaxy books should probably be your next laptop and even if you’re, just a galaxy phone user, like me, there’s enough connectedness here to make it worth considering. Otherwise this is just a nice premium. Two in one inside the 1500 version i tested you’ll, find inside an 11th gen core i7 processor, 16 gigs of memory and a 1 terabyte ssd. This combo turned out excellent performance and battery life, and i got a little over 13 hours, but you can play with settings to adjust performance. However, you want the full hd. Amoled display is stunning. My video doesn’t do it justice, but it has excellent color and contrast. Although it’s not quite bright enough to overcome reflections, the pro 360 comes with a full size s, pen, that’s, smooth and responsive good for writing, drawing or just killing time coloring in samsung’s pen up app. I wish the palm rejection was better in windows and i also wish there was some place to house this pen while you’re not using it but no case or is included and there’s no place to store it, but it does magnetically attach to the laptop. Also, if you’re thinking about using this handheld you’re, probably going to want to go with the 13 inch, the 15 inch is big to use handheld, but on a desktop it’s.

Fine, the keyboard feels good, which is a surprise considering how thin the base is on this laptop. At the very least, it doesn’t feel like you’re typing, on a tabletop. The touchpad is comfortably large, smooth and responsive, also about the only thing that isn’t premium is the 720p webcam. It works. Fine and samsung includes a studio mode so that you can tweak your appearance, but the resolution is just the industry standard and there’s a bit of noise, but the mics and speakers are good. Speakers are made by akg, of course, and you get a combo audio jack. A thunderbolt 4 and two usb c ports and a micro sd card slot again galaxy ecosystem. Stuff aside, this is just a nice premium two in one, but you know there are several of those, though this one is especially thin and light uh. Its main appeal, though, for me, is that unified experience. What do you think? Let us know in the comments and check out more details about the galaxy book pro 360 on cnet.