66 inch laptop is the samsung galaxy book pro 360., so 360 degree convertible. There is a non 360 version of this as well, and this is the highest end of the several laptops that samsung is offering for 2021, but still its priced, pretty friendly, starting at 10.99 higher end configurations around 12.99 and ive always reviewed the samsung laptops. With the s pens, because they are so great for art, they use the s pen, which is wacom emr, which is a very close cousin to the wacom emr. You see in things like the cintiq pro we are going to look at it now. So, yes, the s pen is included with this. No, there is not a silo for it, but that allows for them to give you something: thats, a bit bigger in size and more comfortable to use its available in two colors. If you dont like this one, essentially, it looks like pink, which is called mystic bronze, looks a little more pink than mystic bronze in samsung. Galaxy phones, theres also a mystic navy, which is a dark blue color. So you have your choice there. There are two configurations available with those two prices that i mentioned. There should be a third one coming, because 5g will still be available as an option as well. The configurations both of them are core i7 ultrabook cpus intel 11th gen. This is an intel evo platform and the lowering configuration has eight gigs of ram.

The higher end has 16 gigs of ram the lower end. Configuration is 512 gigs of storage. The higher end is one terabyte of storage, its an m.2 nvme ssd. The ram is soldered on this one, and one thing we havent mentioned yet, which is probably one of the most exciting. Is this hazard, oled display or samsung calls it super amoled same nomenclature they use for their phones, so that means nice, zingy, saturated colors and really great black levels and nice contrast levels too, so very pretty. To look at, unfortunately, also really really glossy and now a shout out to our sponsor the trend: micro and home network security device. So this little box comes with an ethernet cable, its as simple as plugging this into your home wi fi router, and it starts monitoring. All inbound and outbound traffic, the things that you would hope a firewall would do so things like malicious websites and viruses and all that sort of thing, and it also monitors all the smart devices on your network, which you know. How often do you check to make sure your robotic vacuum cleaner? Has the latest firmware or your refrigerator these days, so you dont want hackers doing monkey business with those. Do you so this device will, let you know itll? Actually, let you know if there are updates for the devices on your network beyond that, it is great for keeping your kids safe too. I find this very useful, so, beyond the usual stuff a firewall does you can do things like set limits for things like social network use for their mental health, its not your own, and you can also set it, so it monitors not just their computer, but the Tablet, the playstation and, of course, itll block malicious websites that you dont want your kids going to be sure to use my link in the description to save twenty dollars and now back to our video.

So this laptop weighs around three pounds, which is under one and a half kilograms and is 11.9 millimeters, thick or thin, depending on how you want to look at thats, lg gram, competition territory and honestly, samsung has been competing with lg for years, making very light and Thin laptops, it is an aluminum casing, so its fairly rigid, its good looking its not as unique looking as some of the samsung laptops weve, seen like the beautiful one that had this contrasting chrome and the dark blue top on it and all those sort of pretty Things, but it certainly is pleasant looking because it is so skinny youre not going to get any of the bigger ports, no usba, no hdmi. For example, you do get a thunderbolt, 4 port and two usb c ports, so you can do display out and docks and all that sort of thing with it, a headphone jack and a micro sd card slot. That is it folks. This is a durable, rigid, aluminum chassis. It might be somewhat scratch pawn. We werent the first one to get this review loader from samsung. I can tell because it has a nice size scratch on the lid. So obviously, it probably is possible to damage the finish on this if you are aggressive with it. The keyboard on this also is pretty low travel, its white backlit and given how thin it is uh. Sometimes samsung really works some magic with really thin and light designs and low key travel.

But this one to me just feels sort of like an xps 13 from dell, which means short key travel, not a lot of tactility. I mean its usable. Its just not would be my first pick, certainly were not talking about think pad wonderfulness or something the large microsoft precision track pad on there and the hand is quite good for performance. This is an intel core. I7 11th gen. Again, the ultrabook used series, 28 watts, cpus, quad, core and performance – is right on par with what we expect from this and mid matches its competitors. In that respect, we do have the 16 giga ram model and thats ddr4 low power x ram, and we have a one terabyte nvme ssd, which benchmarks decently not class, leading but its pretty good, and you could upgrade it yourself. Well, talk about the internals later heat on this, despite the fact its thin and its metal isnt bad, even when pushing it hard. The fans youll hear the fan when you plug it into power for charging. Otherwise, if youre using an unplugged, not so much, but there is a noticeable amount of fan action going on, but not annoying, but there speakers on this is stereo speakers. They are akg branded with dolby atmos software and, as usual, samsung does a better than average job with laptop speakers. They sound pretty good theres, some fullness to them and theres some volume, its still a thin laptop. So you know its not a 16 inch macbook pro either in terms of audio but pretty decent.

This is a 720p webcam, no surprise and a fingerprint scanner embedded in the power button, so its pretty much seamless integration there. There is no windows, hello, ir camera on this in terms of software, its usual, this sort of bloat of samsungs own software. If you own a galaxy phone, which many of you might who are attracted to this brand uh theres samsung companion software, all that sort of thing the software to control the device is always, i feel, is pretty good on this. You can do things like choose from a bunch of different color profiles: im just using the auto dynamic mode where its self adjust, but you can set it to srgb adobe rgb p3. You get the idea there and it has a nice feature where, if you use it plugged in a lot, you can set it to not charge to 100 only charge like 85 to improve battery longevity overall and theres. A couple of other features you can see running across the screen right now, so thats pretty well done. One thing im not thrilled about is typically samsung has an updater app. That works just fine, but i like it when you also have the alternative going to the website and manually grabbing that stuff. But now you have to use samsungs updater app to do that. All right so lets talk about the s pen its as good as ever again: wacom emr technology. So youve got your pressure sensitivity here.

Youve got silky smooth response, its one of the best out there and wacom emr is up there with the apple pencil, and this might not be as high end as what you see in the cintiq pro from waka miyamore. But its still pretty good palm rejection is reasonably good on this and the pen response is just nice, so this is most laptops with pens. I dont particularly recommend to artists. I mean you, dont have much of a choice. You get what you can get, but this one is cream of the crop and im glad that samsung is in pricing. Its super high, so you dont have to say. Well, i have to spend so much more to get this because you really dont and if youre doing just photo retouching or if youre doing fine art style, painting that i tend to do its just good stuff. This has a 68 watt hour battery in a very compact, the smallest, yet ive, seen from samsung laptops, fast charger, 65 watt, and you would think with an oled display which typically does consume more power. Assuming that youre showing white backgrounds in word or web pages or whatever i usually, i was surprised to see an intel evo certification here, which means long battery life. Now samsung claims up to 20 hours. I have no idea how you wouldnt do that honestly, but i was averaging about 10 hours of light use which, for a laptop with this big screen and again, olen no full hd, not 4k, not 2k or anything.

I thats pretty good and with my tests i said, brightness to 200 nits and its office, its a little web browsing its a little slack and a little bit of photoshop for my tests to get inside. You have to remove the rubber feet and i suggest something like this sort of tool here to get them up. That seems to work the easiest compared to anything else, just pop them off. There is no adhesive on these yay and then there are phillips head screws. Just four, so that part is pretty easy. Prying it off. I started around the back edges of this. Its pretty firm. You need a pry tool, a guitar pick just didnt want to fit so i used the ifixit clam. Shell called clam opener tool very carefully because thats metal, you dont, want to scratch it either, but then it came right off and this is what the underside looks like right here and here are the internals two fans. You dont want to see that too often on an ultrabook and maybe thats, why it helps stay cool and why you can actually hear the fan noise, particularly when its plugged in – and this is the m.2 ssd right here and really kind of its a strange. Looking one its a full 2280 height plugged into the m2 socket, but it didnt look like they really needed all of that and they just kind of made it long to fit in the slot.

Well there it is battery is right here the speakers are flanking and not particularly big drivers, but hey they sound pretty decent, and then we have the wi fi card, which is an intel wi, fi 6e card, ax, 210 thats, nice and thats soldered on good thing. Its nice, because its soldered its there for life and ram, is soldered on with this. So you wont be replacing that so thats the samsung galaxy book pro 360, pretty in pink and also available navy of pink aint. Your thing it is so thin. It is so light its sterly built, it has an oled display. It has a fantastic s. Pen for you, art types out there, particularly nice. Of course notetakers could enjoy it too, the display being full hd. I know it would be nice if it was 2k resolution, but battery life would have taken a hit. So i get that it looks nice enough. I wont complain too much and the brightness on this and 300 nits. You know its not exactly impressive, but all that always feels brighter to the eyes than it is so. Unless youre going to be using this in really bright ambient situations, it should be okay but the glossiness annoying, annoying and really just annoying, and that that is a challenge because of the fact its not that bright. But overall battery life is good on this. The price is right too, honestly, and if you want it, but smaller, there is a 13.

3 inch model, also available. Im lisa from mobile tech, video be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech, videos and thumbs up.