Lineup. Is this here galaxy book pro 360, which can transform with just a quick twist from a laptop into a bloody massive tablet, complete with full s pen support, but the samsung galaxy book pro 360 ain’t exactly cheap? This surprisingly, slender weed bugger will cost you at least 1 200 quid, depending on which configuration you want to go for. So the question is: is it actually worth that cash, or should you be looking at an alternative like the dell xps, 13, 2in1 or microsoft surface? Pro well i’ve been using it for the last couple of weeks, even took it on holiday with me and here’s, my full in depth, samsung galaxy book pro 360 review and for more on the latest greatest tag. Please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers. However, before we begin just a quick note, this is the 15.6 inch version of the galaxy book pro 360.. However, you can also snaffle it in a 13.3 inch flavor if this just seems a bit too much to handle. However, every time i’ve checked the samsung website ever since the laptop was launched, the 13.3 inch model has not been available done if that’s down as supply issues or what so we’re just going to stick with the 15.6 inches for now, anyway. I’Ll base my entire review on that now. The 15 inch model that i’ve been carting around the place, weighs just 1.’ kilos and measures 11.9 millimeters at its thickest point, so i’ve had absolutely bugger all trouble slipping it into a backpack and it definitely hasn’t been weighing me down.

That said, it is a decidedly wide laptop, so we’ll need quite a tall backpack in order to accommodate it any compact ones, ain’t gon na cut it the galaxy book pro 360 rocks up a straight up, aluminium finish as well, available in two different colors, either mystic Silver or this here, mystic navy, not exactly sure what’s, particularly mystic, about it uh, but it looks rather neat the great news as well, because this in a cheap laptop you don’t, want it breaking within minutes of getting the bloody thing. Well, it’s a military standard 810g certified, which means it can handle all kinds of drops: vibrations, extreme temperatures, even a little bit of sea spray action, and even though yes, i was at a beach. This week, i wasn’t sat there with a hanky over my head checking. My emails just inches away from the frothy brine wasn’t. Quite that brave got to admit, but it certainly did get banged around quite a bit in my uh, my backpack and just with everyday use. Even that, my six year old, i have a bit of a goner as well with her usual heavy mashing. Shall we see of the buttons and seem to come out of all that unscathed? In fact, there’s not a single scratch or chip or anything anywhere on that aluminium chassis, which is great to see, although that surface and does get raw that greasy so you’ll definitely want to keep one of these weed cloth.

Jobbies handy to give it a bit of a buffing, although it does take quite a bit of buffing. Those grease marks do not want to shift as for ports. Well, the galaxy book pro 360 sports, a micro sd memory card slot, not full sized sd suddenly, which would have been handy for creative users who want to just copy things directly off cameras. For instance, on top of that, you’ve got three usbc ports, one of which is thunderbolt 4 certified we’ve got no full sized usb action here and no hdmi. Those are just typical sacrifices for that. Slender chassis now samsung, usually nails its laptop keyboards and the galaxy book. Pro 360 is certainly no exception. As you can see there that board stretches the full width of the chassis you’ve even got room here on the right edge for a dedicated numeric pad, although suddenly there’s bugger, all separation between the numeric pad and the rest of the keyboard, which meant that when i Was touch typing if i was aiming for the enter key or the backspace key quite often, i’d miss hit one of the others instead, still that little grumble aside, the pro 360s keyboard is great to type on for long stretches, with a super quiet type and action. Thanks to samsung’s scissor mechanism that may sound filthy, but it means a firm finish and no noise you’ve got full backlight and support here, of course, as you would expect, so you can work well into the wee hours.

Nice and comfortably and you’ve also got a fingerprint sensor built into that power button. Just a quick tap of your digit and you’ll be straight in and yeah. I did occasionally find your intestine. That would be poking and prodding that fingerprint sensor and it wouldn’t do anything at all, but nine times out of ten it worked to charm. As for that touch pad well, it is a proper wide boy. Once again, samsung has made full use of the available space. So basically stretches the entire depth of the palm rest and it doesn’t suck it’s, really really responsive you’ve got a full multi touch. Gesture just works exactly how you’d expect, as for the wii camera, housed up top well it’s your basic bog standard 720p webcam, which you get on pretty much every single laptop gone these days. Absolutely fine for your video, chats and whatnot you’ve also got a jewelry microphone set up as well, which again is fine for your video chats but i’d always recommend connecting a headset for the good quality, audio and, sadly, there’s no kind of shield that can slide across That camera, to give you complete privacy when needed, but at least when the camera is in use, you do get this little dinky led flashing on alongside it. So it’s quite obvious does draw your attention whenever something is using that camera and to be honest, i’m impressed that samsung even found room up here for that webcam, because that 15.

6 inch display here on the galaxy book pro 360 is surrounded by some of the tiniest Bezels i’ve seen on any laptop, and this amoled display really is a bit of a stunner, especially for movie playback and online gaming. Thanks to the widescreen finish, the samsung’s panel is visa display hdr 500 certified. What that basically means is that the video electronic standard association has approved of the color and contrast performance here, and i got ta, say yeah for me: it’s a hard degree. The galaxy book pro 360 boasts seriously impressive, color accuracy, as you would expect from samsung covering off the full srgb gamut and 96 of that adobe rgb gamut 2.. The full hd plus resolution keeps visuals sharp, certainly more than enough detail packed in there for editing your picks for watching movies playing games. All that good stuff and you’ll also enjoy a nice sharp contrast as well. Although i got ta say the galaxy book, pro 360 screen tops off at just over 300 nits on that maximum brightness, which is particularly weak compared with some rivals, and also you don’t, get a proper anti glare coating or anything. So outdoor use is a bit tricky, especially when the sun starts to shine. Still. The 360 degree hinge means that you can prop the galaxy bug pro 360 in tent mode and relax with the movie using just a small bit of surface action and yeah. You can also convert the book into a full on tablet, albeit a rather big tablet, that is best sat on a desk or a table, because, even though this thing is quite light for a laptop it’s, certainly a lot more bloody heavy than an ipad.

Now the galaxy book pro 360 won’t automatically enter windows tablet mode. You will actually have to manually do that yourself, but at least when you do flip the keyboard around a full 360. Now you do get auto rotation activating by default, so the screen will switch to match whatever rotation it is in and thankfully that keyboard is fully disabled as well. So you won’t accidentally be mashing buttons and fudging everything up and because of the conversion factor the galaxy book. Pro 360 is the only one of samsung’s new galaxy book laptops to support a touch screen and i found out my testing touch. Screen works. Absolutely fine it’s, not the most responsive around, but it’ll do the job in a pinch. Speaking of pinches, you’ve got the multi touch gestures and all of that – and you also get one of samsung’s s – pen, styluses, bundled in the box for the galaxy book pro 362.. Although suddenly there’s, no orifice action anywhere on this laptop in order to stash away the s pen when it’s not in use, although to be fair, the s pen stylus, is actually thicker than the lids and the lower half so i’m. Not really sure how that would work anyway. As for your audio well that’s pumped out of a stereo speaker setup with dolby atmos support and on top volume, this laptop will spaff out some powerful and crystal clear sound despite the speaker, grilles, being shunted away.

Underneath now, storage wise you’ve got up to 512 gigs of internal storage based on an nvme ssd, although it is far from the nippiest that i’ve tested at this sort of price point we’re talking just over two gigabits per second read speeds and a little over one. Gigabit per second write speeds and i’ve, seen double that from similar devices. As for your networking, well it’s wi, fi, 6e compatible but that’s your whack here on the galaxy book pro 360.. This model does not have any form of lte or 5g support. You’Ve got loads of bonus, samsung security features tossed on here, including that privacy shade so bystanders, can’t have a gander or whatever dodgy shenanigans, you’re up to and you’ve got tons of. Other samsung software on here as well, including likes the pc cleaner to clear up any crap files that you’ve got sat on there, which are just taking up storage space you’ve got the likes of the samsung studio plus, which can be used to couple together quite simple. But quite fun, little family videos, good old, smart things, of course, for controlling all of your smart home goodies right here on your handy little laptop screen and that’s. Just scratching the surface of this stuff. Now let’s talk performance and the power here is provided by an 11th gen intel processor, with integrated iris, xe, graphics, you’ve got core i5 or core i7 options and my review model sported an i7 1165 g7 processor plus 16 gigs of ddr4 ram, and that proved absolutely Plenty of power, for you know, working on a couple of dozen chrome tabs simultaneously, while also streaming music.

In the background doing a good bit of video chat and all kinds of multitasking, i didn’t see any slowdown the entire time. I was using the samsung galaxy book pro 360.. If you love a bit of benchmarking. Well, silly bench turned out a score of 701 pc marks spaffed out a score ’82 and geekbench churned out. 18, 471. creators are more limited by the lack of dedicated graphics, but the rsxc can handle some photo editing and some light video editing as well. While i had no troubles with gaming as long as i didn’t push it, this thing won’t play the likes of do maternal, so don’t even try and the battery life of this laptop is fantastic as well further add into the portability of the galaxy book pro 360.. I found that the battery life drained consistently at around a rate of 10 every 45 minutes that’s, with lots of chrome play with usually a bit of music streaming or video streaming at the same time. So therefore, even with chrome in play, you’re guaranteed around eight hours of full on use from a single charge. So overall i got ta say i enjoyed my time with the samsung galaxy book pro 360.. I found it’s great that laptop for taking on the go nice and light great long battery life as well. Fantastic screen, facting prop up in that tent mode for just kicking back with the movie or whatever is fantastic you’ve got that s pen support.

If you are a creator, you get on with a bit of photo editor, norway, some light, video editing and a bit of gaming on the sly as well, because you don’t get any dedicated graphics. You can’t expect the moon on a stick. So if that’s gon na be an issue, you might want to look at the new ears of swift x, which i recently featured here on tech spurs, and i do wish that display went bright and the visibility was a bit better when using outdoors. Otherwise, if you don’t think those are going to be issues for you and you’ve got the mullet to chuck it, samsung then definitely give it a go anyway. That’S.