Going to give you my honest opinion as to which one, i think is better value for molly, so let’s get into it Music. As i detailed down in my unboxing video, i did notice that the book pro has a plastic body. It has a an aluminium outer lid, but the inside body and the bottom part it’s, plastic and i’ve, been truthfully honest while it’s re is very very light and compact, it is kind of cheap feeling and when you’re spending 10.99 on a laptop. Personally, my this is just me: i want to feel like i’m getting something good and when i’ve picked this up, i thought this feels like a 400 pound laptop so now, that’s not to say in terms of spec and in terms of power uh by all means. It is uh it’s, very, very quick, uh it’s. This is because these are the 13 inch model, so these are the i5s with eight giga ram and 512 gig storage, so they’re no slouch by any means whatsoever. Um, i put them through their pieces. I i ran geek branches on them. I downloaded and installed games and played games on them. Um and i didn’t really have any problems to be truthfully: honest, um they’re. They are quick and they do what they need to do. Um but like i say when i, when i opened up the book pro and then i opened up the book pro 360 instantly, the minute i took the 360 out of the packaging, i was like yeah that’s, the better laptop um, the design on it is slightly Different there’s, a few more curves and obviously because the screen um goes all the way back to put it into tablet mode.

Um there’s a little bit of difference in the styling of the body um, which i like to be honest um i did. I did prefer it overall um i just i just thought it was a better machine out of the two, if i’m being totally honest in terms of specs, like i say they are completely the same, so their benchmarks and their testing didn’t really weren’t, really any different. So um from that perspective, so let’s talk specs. So, like i say these are the 13 inch models, so these are sort of copped um and these the specs of these top out at a intel. I5. 11Th gen cpu 8 giga ram 512 gig of storage, intel, xe, iris, graphics, um gpu, which seems to perform okay um the usual sort of stuff you’ve got your your wi fi you’ve got your bluetooth, you have your webcam uh, 720p webcam and both of these um They’Re, okay, they’re they’re, not the greatest they’re, not fantastic, but they’re, they’re, okay. So this is a test of the webcam and microphone on the uh galaxy book. Pro um yeah. The camera is pretty much as well as it’s. A pretty basic camera. Um lighting is not too bad in here um, but it’s yeah. Now it is what it is um and hopefully the sound has gone through clear as well. So this is the test of the webcam and microphone on the galaxy book. Pro 360. um so same again, front facing camera built into the screen, uh, the only difference being with the mics is instead of the mics on the galaxy book pro which are in the front with the camera.

These microphones are just on the very top of the display, um so i’m, not sure if that makes any difference to the voice, but hopefully you can tell the difference. Let me know what’s it like, so the the weight of these is uh kind of ridiculous. This laptop the book pro weighs in at 868 grams, my dinner weighed more than that it’s ridiculous um, the um the book pro 360 weighs in at 1.04 kilos. So it is a wee bit heavier, but for me personally, i feel it just it’s a bit. Sturdier feels a bit more premium as well, so that’s just my opinion. Um samsung’s state, uh, samsung state and um i’m. Apologies i’m reading it here because um i read it earlier and i had to look at it and go well that’s, not right. Uh samsung state that their battery life runs up to 21 hours run on windows. I would highly doubt it even at that i’m, just looking at this now and the par on the on this book. Pro is a better performance, 88 percent and it says five hours per minute, so i’m. Sure. If i knocked that down to battery saver for example and turned everything down and all that sort of stuff it would go, it would go up but 21 hours nah. I don’t believe that don’t believe that in the slightest so yeah so there’s in the battery saver mode, 88, 6 hours, 43 minutes, yeah, um, dubious, but so that’s, the sort of specs, the only real difference between these two uh is this one uh the book pro Comes with two usbcs and an hdmi port which you’ll see there and then on the other side, there’s, a micro sd card reader and a usb a which is usb 3 and a headphone jack.

So um it’s hard enough. If you want a normal usb port, along with your two usbc’s suppose, it’s handy to have, if that’s your bag um in this sort of day and age, everything seems to be usb c now so um on the book pro 360, you have two usbc’s on that Side and apologies, if it’s a bit dark um the fact that this is blue, dark blue doesn’t really help, and then on this side we have a micro, sd reader on another usbc and a headphone jack. So yeah really just depends on what your flavor is. If i’m, honest so so, let’s see um and yeah, and both of these laptops both have um amoled displays from samsung um. Anybody that is a fan of samsung knows uh what these displays are like, if you have uh saying their tvs, their phones tablets that sort of thing you know it’s a good display, good, sharp quality display um. I did a demo of some video content uh watching that played some games on it as well, and the um yeah the display was pretty decent. Can’T really complain about the display whatsoever um again on the book pro. You just have your laptop that’s as far back as the screen will go, whereas with the book pro 360 you’ve got a party piece that can go all the way back, go into tablet mode and then, if you want to draw, you want to watch something.

You’Ve got tons of options, so you know it’s it’s, another it’s, another good feature. You know again, um similar to a lot of laptops. Now um backlit keyboards uh, fingerprint scanners built into the power button as well for um authentication and that sort of thing which is sort of standard spec. When you get up to a certain level laptop so that’s that’s, another good feature to have, and also what these will have as well is not only do these have windows 10 on them, but then they will come with all samsung um applications uh built in as Well, so you’ll get the likes of your samsung smart things, samsung security, suite samsung notes, which, if you have a samsung phone or samsung, tablet all that data can sink across between your devices, which which works great and it helps galaxy ecosystem, which is what samsung have Sort of been developing they’ve sort of taken relief from apple in terms of the apple ecosystem. You know, if you have your macbook, your phone, your ipad um, all your devices will just work in tandem and samsung have took that leaf with windows, and everything works perfectly. So that likes your galaxy pods, for example, you compare them to your laptop and then you can switch over to your phone to your tablet. Um seamlessly you know, which, which is great and it’s good, to see it’s good, to see that they’re doing that as well, because um apple had great success with it, so it’s good to see samsung doing the same.

To add to that let’s say: for example, if you do have the likes of a a galaxy tab, 7 or a galaxy tab, s7 s7 tab. If you have the galaxy tab, s7 um, you can then use uh second screen which will allow you, then, to pair your tablet up to your laptop and use as a second display, which is a really really good feature, and one of the other things that i Is pre installed with these? Is your samsung security suite which um personally uh after playing a bike with that? I actually thought it was uh, pretty good um you get features like your privacy folder, which allows you to um, have a folder on your computer, which is kept private so that it can’t be found within explorer um. So if you have files in there that are private and you don’t want anybody to find them, they can be hidden and somebody else could use your laptop and you have to worry about your files. You know being compromised so, for example, if you’re keeping a list of gift ideas for your wife, it’s good to have that stuff, because women find these things, they have a gift. So you can have secret screen as well uh, which is a good feature. You can you can enable it and you can it can stop people uh you within your peripheral vision, then looking at your screen and seeing what’s on your screen, which is a very, very good feature, um it baits having to go and buy a film that people Used to buy to put over their displays so the technology is there um built into the security suite, which is pretty good, pretty good feature.

Then you’ve got your block recording as well um, so it can stop unauthorized recordings. A few from the microphone on the camera. Um, you know so so: yeah that’s a that’s, a good privacy feature as well. The last thing is the security cam feature, which i thought was actually pretty cool, so i i played a bike with it and basically what security cam does uh, if you’re not familiar with it. If somebody else tries to log into your laptop and it feels it will uh, the camera will take a picture of who’s trying to get into your laptop and email to you so um. So i messed about um doing some failed logins and uh yeah. I was emailed in pictures of myself, you know so uh yeah, i was pretty. I thought it was pretty cool to be fair, they’re, not the first to do it but uh, but it’s cool. Nonetheless. So some of some of the samsung features you get. You know pre installed with windows, is uh it’s, pretty good, so so yeah i mean to wrap up um. Would i recommend what i recommend these laptops um? If you have a samsung phone or a samsung tablet, for example? Of course i would recommend these. It would be an absolutely no brainer um to build yourself into an ecosystem um which samsung have been cr. You know, building on um it’s, an absolute, no brainer. Of course i would recommend that which one would i recommend? No, this is the kicker, if i’m being truthfully honest, this 10.

99, so just under 1100 pounds for this laptop, this laptop while it’s a good spec and has good features personally for me, if it’s too late, it’s easy to break, in my honest opinion, so for 10.99 For the sake of a hundred pound more this, this model here is 11.99, so for an extra 100 pounds, you’re getting a full aluminium body, you’re, getting a touch screen, you’re, getting an s pen all for a hundred pound. If i’m. Being truthfully honest, this is the one i would buy. I would buy this before i would buy this. I just think this would be more robust. This would be easier to live with and it would be less easy to damage. Nothing being truthfully honest, now, there’s slate trade off as i’m sure you can see um. This is an absolute fingerprint magnet with this aluminium finish. My hands are clean, and yet it just picks up everything. You know that goes for the inside as well. I’M sure you can see it, you know so um invest in a microfiber cloth and keep that clean there’s. The only thing i can say there, but um yeah. I mean that that’s, my um that’s my thoughts on the on these laptops um. You know i wanted to get my hands on um lightweight windows based laptops and i’ll, be truthfully honest um. I would be quite a fan of dale um, just being honest and i’ve seen these launched and they immediately caught my eye, and i was like right.

I need to i need to get my hands on these so yeah, but seriously for this for the difference of a hundred pound, even even if, even if the body wasn’t aluminium for a touch screen and an s pen 100 pounds worth it in my opinion, so That would be. That would be my. That would be my pick hope you, like the video guys uh, if you did smash that like button um, it really really lets me know that you’re enjoying the content that i’m making and if you’re, enjoying the content that i’m making. I can continue to make content that you like, so if you like, it, smash the like button and if you haven’t hit the subscribe button. Um and you’ll get to see more stuff like this and you’ll find the button right about there, as always so uh, yeah and that’s, pretty much all from me.