, a windows based laptop all right, so it’s available in two screen: sizes, 15.6, inches or 13.3 inches, which is the one i have right here. It’S also going to be available in three different colors mystic navy, mystic, bronze or mystic silver. Alright, let’s get started so first thing let’s talk about the finish. It has a smooth, really smooth matte finish design, wise it’s, not over the top, it’s, actually quite simple but elegant at the same time, all right. So when you first pick this up, you’re gon na notice how thin this thing is. Look at that that’s crazy for reference. I have the s21 ultra i’m, just gon na put it right next to the laptop to see just to compare yeah it’s, just a tad bit thicker, just a little bit thicker, which is insane it’s, also pretty light. The whole laptop weighs just slightly over one kilogram. In terms of connectivity, you’ve got a micro, sd card slot, a headphone jack and three usb c ports with one of them being a thunderbolt 4.. Now, if you opt for the 5d version, it’ll also come with a nano sim slot. Taking a look at the back. I mean there’s not much going on there’s a large vent for cooling, so it’s called 360, because this is actually a convertible laptop meaning you can use it in a bunch of different ways. You can use it like a regular laptop so like this or push the screen back halfway and use it like this or flip it again use it like this or just push it all the way back.

Carry it around like a tablet like this, the hinge is really nice and smooth. You can open the laptop with one hand with no problem, which is always nice to see, but i do want to mention that there is a bit of a wobble. If you try to use the touchscreen in laptop mode, speaking of the screen it’s a samsung super amoled display 16 by 10 aspect ratio with a full hd resolution, it’s a 60hz panel that is display hdr 500 certified with built in color modes. That should optimize the screen, based on what you’re doing you’ve got thin bezels on either side with a sizeable one at the bottom and one thick enough for them to place the 720p webcam. Now, if you look at the top here, that’s, where you’ll find the dual mics, one of my favorite things about amulet screens is the great contrast and the inky blacks, which is great for watching content, especially in darker environments. If you flip it over that’s, where you’ll find the bottom firing akg stereo speakers with dolby atmos, which should be plenty for even larger homes, once it’s all done, the daybot will automatically. As i said earlier, this is a touch screen and samsung is also bundling the s pen in the box, so you can draw sketch or sign documents. This is the same s, pen that you would get on their tablets, except it doesn’t have any of the bluetooth functionality like air actions, it doesn’t dock or slide into the laptop.

But i found out by accident that there are magnets at the top here, so you can attach your pen like this you’re welcome. I mean it’s pretty strong too. Obviously you can knock it off. If you try, but hey at least you have a place to keep it when not in use. Also bundled in the box is a 65 watt super fast charging, brick as well as a usbc to usbc, cable, what’s. Really, nice is that you can use the same cable to charge your phone tablet or earbuds, so that’s fewer cables to carry around when you’re out and about now the keyboard is backlit and full sized with slightly curved keys that aren’t too loud when typing. Let me show you: it also has a fingerprint scanner built in to the power button, so you can quickly log into your account without punching in your password or pin all right i’m gon na unlock it and lock it a few times. So you guys can see how well and fast it responds one more time heck with that let’s. Do it one more time there you go works great. The track pad is a good size with physical left and right clicks and, of course it supports all the window. Based gestures too, taking a look at the specs. All models will be running 11th gen intel core processors with integrated iris, xe graphics. The 13.3 inch can be configured up to 16 gigs of ram, while the 15.

6 inch can be fitted with up to 32 gigs. You can combine that with up to one terabyte of mvme ssd storage, likely one of the biggest reasons why you’d opt for a galaxy book is how well it plays with other samsung devices like there are tablets or galaxy phones, so the samsung and microsoft partnership has Led to some nice integrations between galaxy and windows devices like the link to windows and your phone app, which lets you receive notifications, response messages and transfer files back and forth between your phone and computer. If you own a recent samsung tablet, the second screen feature lets you wirelessly use the tablet as a second display for your computer apps like the samsung gallery, notes, pen up quick share and smartthings are all pre installed on the galaxy book. So once you’ve signed into your samsung account photos and notes, will sync automatically between your phone and laptop, so everything feels a little more connected. Other notable software features that samsung has built in are a screen recorder, a faster search tool, a basic video editor, live wallpapers and even beauty filters for the webcam Music, but yeah. This was just a quick overview of samsung’s new galaxy book pro 360..