. This retails for roughly 1 500 us dollars, and it just launched here in the us and i’m, excited to share it with all of you for those of you that were wondering whether or not i would cover it. Your question has officially been answered, so let’s get to unboxing. This packaging is fairly nice and straightforward. Nothing too crazy. Here, uh it does advertise intel inside, because this is powered by a tiger lake that is 11th gen intel core i7. The 1165 g7 that you’ll find in basically just about every ultrabook for not the last year, but since the end of last year, 16 gigs of ram a half terabyte nvme we’ve also got a full hd. Oled 15.6 inch display. You heard right. So this is a full hd oled display, more importantly, yes, no 4k, which i would have loved, but i think samsung went this direction because, obviously battery life is a big bragging right with this product. The price point: the weight of the product, also we’re. Looking at three pounds, which considering that this is a 15 and a half inch, ultrabook is really impressive. I’M. Looking to see if i missed any tape, i don’t think i did so. This should just slide out let’s see if i can make that happen, and there we have it so 16 gigs of ram a half terabyte nvme drive you’ve got an oled granted it’s only full hd for many of you. Well, i hear it all the time i don’t care about 4k.

So if you really don’t, this may be the perfect machine and then, of course, because it’s, a galaxy product, we have an s pen. Now it doesn’t pocket inside of the laptop looks like we’ve got a nice little quick charger included here. Thunderbolt 4 is on board another thing that is pretty much a must have for me personally, but let’s take a look at this. The color is navy blue. You can see the included cable right there type c to type c for charging the s pen that i was just talking about let’s see if i can pop it out of there. I may have to actually literally flip this thing to get it out and it’s an exciting product, because i was just mentioning in a comment recently that boy this is not so easy to pop out that i’ve long been a fan of wow, really not so easy To get long been a fan of samsung there we go just push at the end of samsung computers. I remember when i first saw them in germany around 2006 2007 and i was really curious when we would see them here, stateside and now we finally have. I think a mature product i mean we’re talking about something that directly takes on the lg gram in terms of its size and weight, but with pricing that puts the lg gram to bed. Basically, because you will not find a 15.6 inch laptop forget with an oled 4k or not, in this case full hd, as i mentioned at this price point, all metal construction feels really nice i’m a little concerned about screen wobble, because i have seen some things already.

As many of you have i’m sure on the left side, you can see two type c ports. I believe one of these is thunderbolt yep. The one on the right is a thunderbolt port. The one on the left is not, and then another critique a lot of people have been talking about is nowhere to garage the s pen, but i actually think this was a smart move. Yeah. I said that because i’d rather have a pen that feels like a pen, you know i love leno lenovo’s yoga line. I love that the pen pockets and you know it’s got a garage, but at the end of the day it doesn’t feel like a pen. It feels like a stylus, and you want something that feels like a pen, micro, sd card slot. I believe another type c: port, headphone microphone, combo, jack, let’s, open this thing up and again, i’m excited because samsung has had a lot of potential in this space. But i feel like they’ve, never really utilized it and now we’re. Finally, looking at something that does so yeah the screen, wobble is real that’s. The first thing that i will note – and this is not a sponsored video or anything like that – i did purchase this we’ve – got a fingerprint reader right here, which i think is also the power button. I’M guessing let’s go ahead and pull that off. Navy blue is the color on this machine. You can upgrade to one terabyte.

I think that’ll set you back an additional 200 us dollars. I don’t think that’s a necessity, though, for the majority of users really large track pad. In case you didn’t already notice numerical pad, which you may not have expected on such a tiny machine i’m curious. What speaker performance is going to be like 720p webcam front and center really top and center with a microphone array. I believe it is windows, ir aka hello, compatible for facial recognition, but we aren’t powering up. So let me go ahead and plug in. I already have, of course, a 65 watt charger right here and let’s just plug it in because it should be able to charge from any of these ports. It looks like that did the trick and, i believe, that’s the power button unless i’m missing something that’s. Usually, what happens? It doubles up as both and it’s just it’s, a really nice machine. I can tell you that now now the navy blue color, i have no problems with, but when it comes to fingerprints i mean i want to say that it probably will collect them, but each time i touch it, the fingerprints seem to be disappearing. So that’s a good sign glossy display. I would love to see this in a 4k flavor, but i really think we don’t have one because of what i’ve already mentioned, which is, of course, battery life. We saw well we’ve seen what 4k oled displays do when it comes to battery and it’s, not generally a good thing now.

This is not even though i it is charging it is not powering on. So it probably needs some more time uh to actually get enough of a charge. I take it or this has something to do with the fact that i’m, using a 65 watt charger, yeah 65 watt charger that isn’t theirs. I can try connecting theirs and we’ll see if it powers on there. We finally got it so it’s telling telling us one hour uh, i believe, that’s. What i just saw. I looked away for a second as i hit the power button. You all saw it, but i do have a blue light now, so that makes me feel like we should be able to boot up so let’s see still looks like that. Samsung flashed way too quickly and we’re still getting an amber light on the side by the way right there you can see it just to go over the 360 degree part there. You have it in content, consumption mode, tent mode. You know tablet it pretty much can do anything you want. The question is how it will perform overall again build quality. Is nice incredibly thin? Incredibly light. Three pounds is definitely nice. I mean this is a good first look for samsung, no matter how you cut it. Even if, like me, you’re a bit of a full hd snob and you always want to have 4k, if you can have it, this is still pretty amazing and i think that if it ends up working out, the way it’s been looking, which is why so many Of you have been asking about it, then it’s going to be a killer machine, but the fact that i can’t get it to boot, not so killer.

So what i’m going to do right now is try connecting this and see if it makes any material difference and it might who knows. Maybe i’ve got to go to the other side of the machine to the thunderbolt port it’s not like. I did any homework on this here. I just saw it well. Actually that is okay, so telling us two hours 28. I don’t know i don’t know what the countdown is let’s see if this side makes any difference. Just for parity here, let’s see still shows an amber light for charging, so it’s showing 26. So realistically, this should boot, there’s no excuse for it not to boot. Based on what we’re seeing here, i must be missing something, but either way in terms of graphics, no gpu on board but looks like we are booting. Finally, you do have uh, of course, iris xe, graphics, intel’s, integrated graphics, which pretty much lives in every ultrabook i’ve covered in the last year, not year, but close to it and that’s a good thing. That means this will be able to gain you’re not going to do anything. You know cutting edge you’re, not going to play triple a titles, so no cyberpunk, but older titles in 1080p, which is the native resolution of this display. You’Re good and you have touch screen and you have pen input, so these are all good things and i think that’s going to be one of the strongest suits of this machine overall, is that i am almost certain the pen experience is going to be phenomenal.

I think that’s, besides its weight class, i think that’s, one of the areas where you’re going to see it be uh, really a stunner. The other thing for anyone who’s wondering because it is a galaxy book this integrates it should integrate perfectly into samsung’s galaxy ecosystem. So what does that mean? It means that if you’re a note user, like myself, you’re going to have your notes, the same app here inside of windows on the galaxy book pro. Furthermore, you’re going to be able to sync with devices, do transfers from device device to device so any galaxy, so whether i’m, talking about my fold or i’m, talking about my note, 9 i’m going to be able to essentially do short, throw transfers between them and that’s. Another great thing, the other, really cool thing that i think is going to get a lot of people which i’ll likely be demoing is, if you own something like this, the tab. S7 plus, you can instantly turn this into a secondary display for this. So the you know these are the compelling things besides the weight, besides the pricing, because i think the pricing is really aggressive when you get into it. I mean it’s very tough, to find a laptop like this at this price point, wrap that all up and combine it with the ability to communicate. I think in a very practical way, with your smartphone tablet. If you’re a samsung user you’ve got a winner on your hands, so i think this is a direction that you know needed to be embraced.

Let me just log into wi fi here, while i’m chatting all of you up, and i mean that’s going to be the compelling thing i think it’s you know it’s, not just the spans are kick fans spans. The fans are kicking up right now. I will let you all know that, as i log on to my wi fi network and i’m, going to come back right now, the track pad. It seemed like just now locked itself, in which i don’t want to say that there’s some kind of material like a manufacturing defect but i’m going to revisit that be assured, but it’s a nice machine. I can tell you that i think the majority of people out there are going to like it by the way two pinholes up at the top for the microphone dual array right there. The wobble is something that would make me a little bit crazy. This was something that as much as i loved uh, the gigabyte g50x g15. Yes, uh that’s, not the correct laptop uh. The uh. Excuse me, the 15xc uh. That machine is great the arrow, but the problem with the arrow one of them was the wobble on the display. Now, whether or not that’s going to really be an issue for you, i think, is a matter of personal opinion. Also, this display at least from again what i’ve read in person. It looks good right now it doesn’t get that bright, so that’s, yet another way that it appears samsung was able to pull off this battery life so something to be aware of key travel on this one millimeter.

This isn’t going to give you the best typing experience. It’S flat it’s thin and the keys reflect that you know it’s, just it isn’t going to be that dynamic, but does that prevent you from enjoying a laptop? I don’t think so, if you’re looking at or looking for something for students, if you’re looking for something for anyone, who’s not trying to do anything crazy. But again you could edit 4k video on this. You could edit raw images that are coming out of a camera. Like my a7r4 wouldn’t be ideal, but it still would be perfectly serviceable, and then you have the benefit of you know what should be phenomenal battery life from what i’ve been reading over 10 hours of real world use, of course, i’m, going to confirm. All of that, through my tests, this is a pretty dynamic piece of kit and you know again, if you’re a galaxy user and have a current smartphone, you know the options just open up even more, with basically it being part of the ecosystem, but in the windows Realm so either way excited to share this with all of you it’s just a first look, i really have to get it charged up, but you can be sure i’m going to be back with more updates and, of course, eventually, a full review will go over everything. The ins and the outs, this does support wi fi 6e. I think that’s another important thing to point out bluetooth.

I don’t think it’s 5.2. I think it’s 5.1, but that is a minor issue. The wi fi 6e, i think, is pretty important user. Upgradability i’m. Not sure, but of course i will address that, but build quality looks good pen input. I think there will definitely be a demo i’m going to task my fiance. You know the artist of the household to get on that and she’ll also give us. I think really important feedback regarding its performance for artists um, i think considering uh the tab. S7 plus is one of the best experiences non ipad on the market. I think this is gon na be right there with it and it’s just a bigger surface and again three pounds: a half less than a half inch thick it’s, pretty wild i’m glad samsung is pushing the envelope. This is what we need. Maybe samsung will reach out. One of these days and we’ll have a formal relationship rather than this hodgepodge thing that i got going on now, but either way hope you enjoyed the unboxing and first look i’m impressed by this thing, and it definitely is setting a price point in the market. Let’S hope they come out with an even more pro version for people who are looking for a little bit more horsepower. I mean if this thing can stay cool and quiet and really yield 10 hours of battery life. I don’t know anyone who isn’t going to want one unless they just absolutely hate the wobble looks really nice any questions or comments.