3 inch samsung galaxy book pro 360.. I really liked it, but i felt the display was a little bit small, a little bit too dim and highly reflective intel reached out to me to see. If i wanted to give a look at the samsung galaxy book, pro 360, the 15 inch model – and i quickly agreed because i wanted to see what this 15 inch ultra portable laptop had to offer. It has a 1080p super amoled display and its actually really good. I think its a little bit better than the 13 inch, its also running the 11 gen tiger lake processor, with integrated iris xc graphics, were going to take a look at it right now, everybody its andrew – and this is my review of the samsung galaxy book. Pro 360, the 15 inch model here for 2021 coming up Music now in the interest of transparency and full disclosure im not being paid by samsung im, not being sponsored by samsung. All the opinions youre about to hear are my own. Samsung is not getting copy approval. Theyre seeing this video for the first time, just like you now, this review unit was provided by intel. Not samsung and intel is not getting copy approval either theyre, seeing it as well for the first time, and once this review is over ill, be sending this loaner back to intel. Pricing for the 15.6 inch model starts at 1299.99 us and, if you are interested in that ill leave a link in the description below now price as configured with my review unit 14.

99 and im, actually more partial to this 15.6 inch than the 13.3 inch that ive Already reviewed now for those that didnt check out my review of that 13 inch model link will be in the description below, but i am more partial. After reviewing this one to the 15.6 inch model. I like the bigger display with more screen real estate, and i think the thermals are better because the chassis has more room for it to dissipate. The heat were going to get into that and more later on, in this video and with the specs and pricing out of the way lets find out what you get inside. The box lets open it up inside the box is a very compact, 65 watt, usbc power adapter, and they also give you a 2.2 meter or 6.6 foot. Usbc cable. You get some warranty information and a quick start guide, and they also give you the s. Pen, thats a really nice addition were going to get into the s pen later on in this video and holding the unit for the first time once again, im struck by how thin and light this is at 3.09 pounds or 1.4 kilograms, definitely very portable. For a 15 inch laptop easy to take with you on the go, and i love that okay lets check out the ports were going to start off. On the left side, we get one usbc port and one usbc thunderbolt 4 port. These do data charge and display out moving over to the right side is a micro sd card reader, another usb c port and a 3.

5 millimeter headset jack, notably missing theres. No usba port youll have to use an adapter for that. Okay lets talk about user upgradability and in order to get inside this laptop just pop off the four rubber feet, theyre easily removed – and they do snap back in once. Youre done so thats good and once theyre off, remove the four phillips head screws and then youll have to pry off the bottom plate, not that easy youll need to use a guitar pick and work your way around. Take your time. You dont want to break anything or bend anything now. The only thing you can upgrade yourself is the ssd, and here is the reads and writes that i got with the included one terabyte ssd drive now, unfortunately, the ram is soldered into the motherboard. You wont be able to upgrade it yourself now. My review unit has 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram. This is wi fi 6e, ready along with bluetooth, 5.1 and both are working well now. Unfortunately, that card is soldered into the motherboard. You wont be able to upgrade it down the road, but the good news is: it is wi fi, 6e and again it is working. Well. Okay, lets talk about the display, and what we have here is a 15.6 inch super amoled display with a resolution of 1920×1080. Yes, that means this has a full hd resolution, as well as a 16 to 9 aspect ratio, which of course, is optimized for viewing media watching.

Netflix, amazon and youtube has been great on this, and it is also an hdr dolby vision display. That means youre going to really enjoy high dynamic range content in all its glory on this laptop and with an amoled display youre going to get those really deep, blacks, the really vibrant colors. The high contrast – and you also get really color accurate display here with a very low delta e score of 0.79, making this a great choice for those content, creators that do lightroom, photoshop and, of course, video editing and its also great, because it covers the color gamut. Extremely well youre, looking at a hundred percent srgb 99 adobe rgb 94 of the dci, p3 wide color gamut and 94 ntsc. This all translates into a really good display for content creators, especially when you do things like color grading as well, and one of the biggest complaints i had about the 13 inch model. Was it just didnt get bright enough and it was highly reflective as far as the glossy display is concerned, a lot of glare, a lot of reflections. You still get that here, but i found it a little bit brighter at 301 knits and i didnt find it quite as annoying as the 13 inch, maybe because of the screen real estate, theres more to work with here on this display, and it just seemed a Little bit brighter so a lot more positive energy coming out of this display than it was the 13 inch and im really liking it.

And, of course the super amoled display here is really excellent. Im pretty sure they kept this at a dimmer level than they would normally do, because they wanted to maximize battery life and in that department they certainly succeeded. Now this display has pen support its the s pen that is included at no additional cost, which is a nice value. Add, in my opinion, its great for taking notes its great for sketching out artwork. It has 4096 levels of pressure, sensitivity and uses the wacom emr technology. That means you dont need any batteries or anything of the sort. It just works right out of the box and it will continue to work and no need to recharge or anything like that, and i found this pen to be very useful, especially if you do take notes and you do sketch out artwork. So this is the front facing camera on the samsung galaxy book. Pro 360 15 inch laptop here for 2021, a 720p 30 frames per second webcam. Now its not a windows, hello, webcam, its, not infrared. That means you cannot log in with face recognition. There is, however, a fingerprint scanner that lets you log in with windows, hello. Now there is no physical shutter switch to turn off the webcam, but there is a key on the keyboard that allows you to do that, which is always great, especially if youre working from home. How does it look in terms for zoom or your work from home needs? How is the audio quality for the internal mics? I am curious to know now.

Im really liking this keyboard, despite the fact that it has pretty shallow key travel but theres, something pretty satisfying about that tactile feedback that you do get now. There is a multi stage, backlight on it that allows you to get worked on in a dark room in a dimly lit environment, and i know you number crunchers out there are going to rejoice, because this has a numeric, keypad theres, also a precision touchpad thats. Actually pretty nicely sized very responsive, two finger scrolling was buttery smooth and all the gestures work as youd expect good job on that front. When it comes to the audio, this has akg speakers, theyre dolby atmos speakers, and i thought they were actually pretty good, although i think they could stand to be a little bit louder, but for a thin and light laptop, actually, not too bad. Now this has a 63 watt hour battery and it did 13 hours and 35 minutes on my continuous web surfing test over wi fi at 150, nits outlasting, the microsoft surface laptop 4, but not quite as good as the macbook pro 13 m1, which did over 16 Hours and it takes about an hour and 45 minutes to give you a full charge with the supplied 65 watt usbc power adapter. Now this is running the 11th gen tiger lake processor from intel its the core i7 1165 g7. It has integrated iris, xc graphics, and i thought the performance was actually better with this 15.

6 inch version than the 13.3, and i think that has to do with the chassis, with the thermals, with more room for the heat to dissipate youre going to get better performance. Less throttling and as you can see from these benchmarks, the numbers are actually very good, actually better than the 13.3, although, though that did well in its own right, this does a little bit better and i love having the addition of extra screen real estate. Now, when it comes to gaming, as you can see, if you lower some of the settings on the more popular title, you will get playable frame rates and that is of course to be expected. Now, if you want to add an external gpu, you do have that option with that thunderbolt 4 port, that this has now when it comes to the thermals, i didnt notice it getting overly hot and thats, because you will notice the fans kick in under heavy load And when its plugged in youll definitely notice, the fans will be almost like on a constant basis, youll notice, those fans are there when its unplugged youll notice, it a lot less a lot more quiet, but it never got overly hot to the point we cant touch. The bottom or any part of this laptop, so i think they did a good job in keeping it cool. Although again the fan noise may be something youll have to contend with. All right lets bring it on home.

What do i think about the samsung galaxy book? Pro 360 15 inch here for 2021, and i really do like it. In fact, i like it better than the 13 inch simply because you get more screen real estate, and i felt the display was a little bit brighter. One of my biggest complaints on the 13 inch now, having said that is still a highly reflective display and you will notice some glare and reflections, but it is a super amoled display that is really sharp and you get those really deep, blacks, the very vibrant colors. Everything youd want from a super amoled display is there now, as far as the battery life, its actually been really good, youre going to get all day battery life, and i love the fact that the s pen is included great for those who want to take notes. Sketch out artwork its there and its great and it works exactly as youd expect now. The good audio from the speakers is a nice bonus as far as im concerned on such a thin and light chassis and speaking of the design. Im really loving that super thin and light design easy to take with you on the go. The things im, not so crazy about theres, no usba port, the display still could be brighter. It would have been nice to go over 400 nits, but i understand why they kept it dim they wanted to maximize battery life. The ram and the wi fi are not user upgradable but then again super thin super light, wasnt expecting that and for those that are sensitive to screen, flickering or pwm.

This does have that if you do go below 50 in terms of the brightness, you will notice it keyboard a bit on the shallow side, but surprisingly satisfying with its tactile feedback and that 720p webcam leaves much to be desired and the fact of the matter is Its not a windows, hello, webcam, but there are no real deal breakers here. Ladies and gentlemen, ive really enjoyed my time with this laptop im, going to give this a score of 90, making the samsung galaxy book pro 360. Definitely worth your money Music. So what do you think about this bad boy? The 15 inch version of the galaxy book pro 360 and, as you can see, the s pen sticks magnetically to the lid, as it does on the 13 inch uh. Really nice mystic blue color. But of course it does show a lot of fingerprints uh really hard to keep clean, but when it is clean, is absolutely gorgeous. I like this one over the 13 inch and the reason being more screen real estate a little bit over three pounds. So its a very ultra portable 15 inch laptop. I really like the build quality with its all metal design, and i love the display its a super amoled display that actually is a little bit brighter than i thought the 13 inch was this measured 301. Of course, id like to see it above 400, nits or so, but of course youre going to sacrifice battery life now battery life was very good youre, going to get all day battery life with this, so thats going to be great.

If you are a student or someone who needs all day battery life to get through a whole school day or a whole workday, this will get the job done now at a starting price of 12.99. I think this is not a bad deal. Considering the premium materials used, the super amoled display the ultra thin portable chassis on this. This is a very, very premium device, but not as high of a premium in terms of the price tag, as weve seen with some of its competition, but im curious to know what you think. Let me know in the comment section below what do you think of the 15 inch version, especially when you compare it to something like the surface laptop 4 and im going to put them head to head in an upcoming video very soon. So you want to make sure you subscribe to my channel, make sure you hit that notification bell. You dont want to miss any of my new videos, a lot of exciting stuff on the way. So please hit the like button. Please subscribe! Please share this video dont. Forget to leave a comment in the comment section below. Let me know how im doing. Let me know if theres a device or something out there, you think i should review ill. Do my best to try to make that happen. Dont forget to check me out on facebook, twitter, instagram and, of course, my website amdtechreviews.com.