So today is the day that samsung’s high end laptop the samsung galaxy. Pro series becomes publicly available, so i ordered mine from amazon and because i live so close to an amazon distribution center. So i received my this morning on day, one so i’m super excited without further ado. Let’S go ahead and do an unboxing video to show you what’s inside alright let’s do it. So let me put the amazon box aside. So here is the box of the samsung galaxy book pro. The box really reminds me of apple’s design, and this is kind of understandable, considering that samsung rolled out this high end laptop series to compete directly against apple’s macbook pro, so the samsung galaxy box pro has two different variations. The first one is this samsung galaxy book pro, while the other one is the galaxy book pro 360.. The main difference between these two is the 360 one can turn into a tablet. While this one cannot i’ll explain my rationale in my next video about why i decided to choose the pro. Instead of the pro 360., the samsung galaxy book pro comes with two different sizes. One is the 13.3 inches, while the other one is 15.6 inches. It also comes with two different colors: one is the mystic silver, while the other one is the mystic blue, so for this particular model that i bought it’s, the 15.6 inches one in mystic, blue color, alright let’s go ahead and unwrap it and check out what’s inside So there are basically four items inside the box: we have the samsung galaxy book pro laptop itself, we have the user manual, we have the power adapter and we also have the usbc charging cable.

So you can take a look of this. Both sides are usb type c, and this is the power adapter, and this is the user menu let’s, see what’s inside quick, start guide and warranty information. So let me put all these stuff aside, so that we can just focus on the laptop all right time to unwrap the laptop itself. So my first impression is that this mystic blue color is so gorgeous and it matches so well with the matte black color at the back. So my second impression is how light this laptop is. This is only 2.3 pounds. This is arguably the lightest high end 15.6 inch laptop on the market period. So, to give you a sense how light it is so here is my uh 2.9 inch apple ipad pro with the magic keyboard on so to compare the weight of both of them. So the samsung galaxy book pro is almost like one pound lighter than the ipad pro with the magic keyboard on. So this is really good for travelers. So, on one side we have the hdmi port, the usb type c port and the thunderbolt port, and on the other side we have the 3.5 millimeter headphone port, the usb 3.1 port and the micro sd card slot. Next let’s see whether we can flip the monitor up with one hand, without tilting the laptop yes, we can do that. Alright, let me turn this around so that you can see the front of it.

So one of the biggest selling points of this laptop is that this is the first time that samsung brings it signature screen the ammo led screen from its cell phone to a laptop to compete directly against apple’s retina screen from its macbook pro series. So this video is only about the unboxing in the next day or two i’m gon na do a deep dive video to show what i like and don’t like about this laptop, so that you can make an informed decision whether to buy one or not. Thank you very much for watching. Please subscribe and stay tuned.