This is the galaxy book odyssey, so what it does is it tries to combine the best of having a work laptop as well as a laptop that you can game on. So it borrows the galaxy book name from something like this, which is the galaxy book 360.. This laptop, i absolutely love, is one of my favorite laptops of 2021. I did a lot of my productivity work on it like typing up documents, checking emails stuff like that and overall, its just a fantastic laptop with excellent, build quality, and then it borrows the odyssey name. As you can see, the odyssey logo right here, which is samsungs gaming side of things, so it has the power to get some gaming in on this laptop and in this, video were gon na find out if it strikes a good balance between work and play because It is a really weird laptop, but you know whats not weird, protecting your data and all of your private information with this videos sponsor bitdefender, especially with all of the data breaches that have happened these past few years. You need to take this seriously. Bitdefender total security is an all in one suite that will protect your devices, improve performance and enhance your privacy. On the performance side, total security offers autopilot, which acts as a security advisor to give deeper insights in your security posture. It has advanced smart capabilities to recommend security actions in context of your system needs and usage patterns.

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I think its pretty good. Is it the best out there? No, i think razer and dells xps lineup really nail the build quality when it comes to windows laptops this isnt bad, though its made of a solid aluminum enclosure. You can see. There is a little bit of flex right here on the lid and if we flip it over to the back side, theres a little bit of flex back here as well, and if we open it up and go to the keyboard, you can see its pretty solid With only a slight bit of flex, so overall its a really well built laptop, and i do think that it is a step right below maybe the xps, 13 or 15 but um. I dont think anybodys gon na be disappointed overall, with the build quality of this laptop in terms of its size, its actually a hefty laptop. You can see here next to the 15 inch microsoft surface laptop four, its quite a bit thicker and its just overall wider, and if we look at it compared to the macbook pro 16 inch, the newest one, the 2021 model. It is still thicker than that laptop and thats a big boy. It also weighs just over four pounds, so its got quite a bit of heft to it, but it doesnt feel bad. It actually feels really really solid. Looking at the port selection over here on the right hand, side we have a micro sd card slot which is kind of weird um, but well talk about that.

When we get into content creation, we have a headphone jack. We have a ethernet port, two usb type, a ports. These are gen 2 ports and a kensington lock over here. On the left hand, side, we have a few more ports, we have a usb type c port which is used for charging and for data transfers. This is not thunderbolt 3 or thunderbolt 4. This is just a gen 2 usb c port. We have an hdmi, 2.0 port, another usb type, a port and then finally, an additional usb c port. That again is just a gen, 2 port, no thunderbolt on board. If youre wondering, if this laptop can be opened with a single hand, there you go, you can see, it opens up nice and easy, so it passes the single hand, opening test and inside we have this nice keyboard, its a full size keyboard with a number pad Included, which is nice, something that you normally dont see on 15 inch laptops. My only complaint is, with this number pad everything seems a bit cramped im, not really a fan of how cramped this this keyboard is, but it does do the job and after a while, i did get used to it. The galaxy book odysseys power button doubles as a fingerprint scanner. So, if i turn the laptop on, you can see it automatically scans. My fingerprint and logs me in its really fast its nice and responsive, and i havent had any issues with the fingerprint scanner im going to go ahead and give you an example of what the keyboard sounds like, as well as how much travel you can expect.

Personally, the keyboards a little bit too squishy for me, i do like how quiet it is it just doesnt give me the tactile feedback that i prefer from my keyboards, but i think most people are going to enjoy it, especially with the number pad over here. I just find it to be a little bit cramped and it just doesnt give me the tactile input that i like. The trackpad, however, is great its using windows, precision, drivers and also has a nice tactile click as you can hear, and its very responsive and it works and functions beautifully. Taking a look at the display here we have a 15 inch, 1080p 60hz display. It looks nice. It is a mac display. So if i turn the flashlight on my phone here, you can see theres no glare. It has that matte. Look to it a couple things about the display that ive noticed is a its not that accurate, youre gon na need something like this: a color or display calibrator in order to get the most out of it. When i was doing some content creation, video editing and photo editing, i would export clips or photos and then view them on mobile devices. Like my galaxy s, 21 ultra or my iphone, and i realized that the exported photo or video on the laptop just didnt. Look the same on a mobile device and believe it or not. Those mobile displays are much more color accurate than this panel, but once you calibrate it itll get the job done.

Viewing angle wise, i think the display is quite good, especially for a matte style display. As you can see, theres not that much color shift everything pretty much stays on point like. I was really impressed with the off access viewing capabilities of this laptop. You can see its here, not a whole lot of color shift happening. Of course, there is the typical dimming, but overall, its pretty impressive, so according to the tech specs, this does support hdr 10 content. However, with the peak brightness of 300 nits its more like an emulated, hdr experience, so i wouldnt expect too much from hdr content when it comes to this laptop. But nonetheless the display does look good if youre a fan of matte style or anti glare screens. Youll probably feel right at home with this one colors are pretty good once you calibrate it, and the sharpness is actually quite good for a 1080p display. So when it comes to content consumption, i think the experience is pretty good. The galaxy book odyssey ships with windows 11 straight out of the box. This is the first laptop ive used with windows 11 on it, and i got ta, say im pretty impressed. It almost has like a mac os vibe to it, which im a fan of since i use apple products and overall, i think microsoft is headed in the right direction. With windows, 11. everything seems nice snappy. It performs really well im still getting used to finding everything, but i like the experience so far.

Of course samsung does have their own software inside of windows 11. So if we go into the apps here, we have samsung settings and inside of here youre going to find options for connections, display, advanced features, battery and performance and, of course, keyboard. I did a video on the galaxy book 360, giving you some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your samsung laptop, and these are still applicable for the galaxy book odyssey so make sure to check out that video at the card at the Top we also have odyssey control. So if i go back into the apps here and then boot up odyssey control, this is going to be all your performance, metrics and more gaming options. I would say so under performance. We have our cpu usage, our memory, size, gpu, clock and gpu memory usage. You can adjust the fan, speed, gpu, speed under odyssey mode. We can assign different profiles depending on what were doing so. We can have profile one and two for different gaming profiles and then a default profile and you can adjust the display mode from off fps rts, rpg aos. You can turn on and off the dolby atmos setting. You have black equalizer, lock, windows key and you have your always or your on screen display settings which you can turn on and then modify what is being shown. So, if i tap on modify, you can view things like your gpu temperature usage and your clock.

Speed. Gpu memory, speed usage and your usage percent fps, so on and so forth, and then last but not least, we have playback, which is where you can do, screen recordings and captures for gaming or, if youre doing maybe even tutorials, not quite sure, because i use obs. But you can use the odyssey control to do something similar and, of course, all this functions beautifully. Thanks to the specs of this laptop, this one in specific features the rtx 3050 ti. We have an intel core, i7 11th gen, cpu 8 gigabytes of ram and a 512 gigabyte ssd, if youre wondering, if anything can be upgraded, lets go ahead and flip this thing over take off the back and find out to get into the back of the galaxy Book odyssey, you have to pop off the two feet on the back side right here. You can tell because theyre a little bit more elevated versus these two front feet. These two in the front just have some adhesive. On the other side, there are no screws whatsoever behind these two feet and all together its just two simple little screws that need to be removed, and then you have to go around and pop off the back plate very gently using like some type of plastic pry Tool like this one right here, but once you get the back off, you can upgrade your ssd. So this is a 512 gigabyte ssd. Of course you can put in anything up to two terabytes.

I believe, and then you have a cover right here for the ram and you can upgrade your ram okay, so lets talk about performance now when it comes to the galaxy book odyssey and to do that, we have to hit on three different categories. First and foremost, compute performance to test that out, i ran a series of benchmarks, feel free to pause the video and take a look at those benchmarks for yourself im, not a huge benchmark person, but i know a lot of people out there really like these. So there you go. The next category i want to cover when it comes to performance is content creation, and this is something that is more suitable for me and my line of work. I think the specs on this laptop are plenty capable you can. Edit 4k video or edit high resolution photos easily its, not the specs that hinder this laptop whatsoever, its actually the other things like the display, for instance, not being color accurate. However, after some calibration, you can fix that. The other thing is the lack of thunderbolt 4 thunderbolt 3 or usb c4 ports. So you cant do any expansion with this laptop, whether its egpu a better display or anything like that. Also, i get why they went with the micro sd card slot in order to expand the system storage. I get that, but if were being real sd card slots are much better than micro, sd card slots and much more usable being able to take the memory card out of your camera and then just slide it right into your laptop is so much easier than connecting Your camera, using a cable or having to get a dock or some type of hub, also going back to the display, since this is a 1080p panel, if youre editing resolutions higher than 1080p for video or high resolution photos, you might notice the lack of sharpness on The display and end up over sharpening your content thats, an issue that i ran into since im coming from higher resolution displays on my macbooks, as well as my monitors so thats.

Just something to be aware of the third category i want to cover is gaming, and to do that im going to go ahead and run through a few games that i played on the laptop. You could take a look at the performance for yourself and well also give you an example of how well the speakers sound, since these do have dolby atmos on board Applause. Applause lets. Take this Applause. Applause 1080p gaming on the galaxy book odyssey is going to be just fine. However, i had to make sure the settings were set to low to medium, so youre not able to game too much in high, depending on the title that youre playing so its not the best out there, but i never really had an issue with the performance. My issue was with expandability once again, not being able to connect a proper gaming. Monitor to this laptop is definitely a limitation because the hdmi 2.0 port, or the lack of thunderbolt, 3 thunderbolt, 4 or usb c4. I really wish they would have at least stuck one thunderbolt port on this laptop for the expandability purposes, but they didnt, and i think that really does hinder the functionality of this laptop for both content creation and gaming. Alright, so lets wrap this up. The galaxy book odyssey is a pretty good option from samsung and if youre invested in the samsung ecosystem, like you own, a samsung smartwatch, maybe some earbuds, a smartphone and a tablet.

This laptop might be the right one for you, because it ties in beautifully into that ecosystem, offering things via software like wireless file share. You have automatic cloud backups and you can access a lot of the stuff on your phone straight from your laptop, without having to connect your phone to the laptop similar to what apple has been doing with icloud the iphone and mac lineup. So if you do have investments in that ecosystem definitely check this laptop out. As for the categories that this laptop is aimed at work and play, i think it does an adequate job at both, but i dont think it excels or exceeds in either category and for the money at 1400. I think you can get a better windows laptop than this one that can do a better job at both work and play. I would check out the dell xps lineup or maybe even razer, depending on the sales that are going on youre, going to get a much better, build quality in terms of laptop and probably the same, if not better performance. But i hope you guys like this video. If you did, please consider giving it a thumbs up subscribe for more videos, just like this.