That is, the samsung galaxy book go if you’re looking for a deal. This may be it, but remember, at this price point you’re going to see some compromises, some good. Some bad i’m gon na, let you know what those are and i’m gon na. Let you know some things will help you consider if you should buy this so let’s get straight into this review and let’s get it going all right. So the samsung galaxy book go. It is a really interesting laptop because it is great for basic things like word processing, so if you’re using microsoft, word or microsoft office, maybe you want to use powerpoint or if you want to use the microsoft edge browser. This would work great for browsing. If you want to look at disney plus, if you want to look at basic entertainment stuff, this laptop is made for that and one thing we see and one reason why is because it has a snapdragon 7c. This is the second generation, it is an arm processor and if you don’t know a lot about arm processors, they are meant primarily to give you good battery life and also to give you things like instant connectivity or to give you that ability to just open up Your laptop and have it instantly turn on, so this is great for students, people who are going to be using their laptops for a long time, maybe you’re just typing on your laptop and you’re.

Just like oh shoot. I really need to write out this 50 page paper. Well, that’s going to take some time right. Maybe you want to go to the coffee shop and things like that. You might need good battery life and a lot of these windows laptops. Sadly, they advertise 15 hours of battery life and then you get like three or four and it’s just terrible. Well, this laptop is designed to give you good battery life and to really focus on the main priorities of what you want to do in a 350 laptop. This is amazing because it has a 1080p screen now it doesn’t have the best viewing angles, but i’ve seen laptops that are like 500, that don’t even have a 1080p screen, so this laptop has a pretty darn good screen for the price and it can even tilt All the way back, so, if you tilt this device sideways, you could see you could get it tilted all the way here so that well, you don’t just have one or two little modes. In fact, you can even turn the screen upside down. If you need to, there are some cool benefits to this laptop, though again, you’re not going to see things like touch screen and all these other extra benefits that you might see in other more expensive laptops. This laptop focuses on the things it needs and i’m really glad to see a good 1080p screen again it’s, not the best, and if you’ve had five or six hundred dollar 1080p screens, it won’t be as good as those but it’s at least serviceable, and it is Bright enough for basic viewing conditions now, the other thing this laptop excels in is battery life.

This has a really good battery i’m talking well around 10 to 12 hours. Probably it does vary depending on what you’re doing and what brightness levels you have, but i really think this laptop will last anywhere from 9 to 10 hours, maybe even up to 12 hours, or so they advertise more than that. I know samsung does but realistically, if you’re using it, if you’ve got multiple apps going or you’ve got multiple things going, you’re going to get very, very good battery life. So this is a laptop with a good screen, good battery life, and it has again that arm processor we talked about so this has the qualcomm snapdragon 7c. This is the second generation chip of that and it’s a good processor again. This performs very well if you’re, focusing on basic tasks, if you’re, focusing on microsoft word, if you’re, focusing on edge, if you’re using those things so simply put the normal windows programs, you see every single day they normally at least in their original state. They weren’t built to work with this processor, so that means the people who want their apps to work better on this processor. Well, they had to translate it and make it work a little better with arm processors. So, of course, microsoft did the work they made. Microsoft edge run smooth, they made their windows applications like microsoft office. They made all of those run smooth on this processor, but a lot of people out there.

They have not even made their programs to work with this laptop. So we have to understand that this laptop does have some limitations. So when we look at 32 bit programs for example – and again you might not care about all the bits. Let me just say that google chrome was not built to work with this laptop, so you can download a 32 bit version of it and what happens is they have to basically emulate it? They have some really sly way to get it to work, even though it’s not normally compatible, and that does take a performance hit on the laptop. So if you’re, trying to use google chrome, for example as your web browser, you’re gon na see a big performance hit compared to microsoft edge, if you go to the windows app store and you try to download apps, you may download one and figure out later. Oh it’s not compatible so that’s, the rough part, this laptop isn’t even compatible with a bunch of programs out there. I tried to download a few programs myself that i typically use and i’d say about half of the programs didn’t even work. I was able to download steam and i downloaded the 32 bit version. I tried to even download some games for fun and i was able to get something like oblivion, which is like a 15 year old game. Now i was able to get that to work and i was able to use the highest resolution i could, which was just under 1080p, and it did work really really good and it was pretty smooth.

I think i had to run on like low to medium graphics, but i did try to run skyrim as well. I tried to run it on 1080p on low graphics, of course, that did not work. So the point is this laptop it’s not built for gaming it’s not built for those of you who want to use a lot of different programs on windows because it’s just not meant or optimized to work well with them. And even if you find a 32 bit version like an older version of the program to work, chances are that it’s not going to work very well. So this laptop really limits you in some ways: okay, so that’s. What you need to understand. This performs very well on microsoft, edge and i’ll, say it a million times on the basic things you want to do so for a college student if you’re wanting to use disney plus, if you’re wanting to use hulu if you’re, just wanting to browse around the internet. If you’re wanting to get your stuff on google drive done as long as you use microsoft edge and as long as you’re wanting to use microsoft office, then wham bam. Thank you, ma’am it’s, going to work absolutely great, so you have to understand what you’re getting with this laptop it’s going to work great with some things, it’s going to work phenomenal with all of your basic stuff that you like to do. But when you try to download a bunch of other programs outside the microsoft ecosystem, a lot of them just are not built for arm.

This type of processor is a fairly new thing. So just keep that in mind. Now the speakers are just okay. The webcam, of course, is okay. I think it’s serviceable. I think it’s fine, keep in mind again. This is a 350 laptop and it’s got some other cool perks as well. You see usbc here on this side, a headphone jack, an sd card slot, and on this other side here you see another usbc port. You also see here a usba port and you’ve also got the security thing here. I really like the plastic design. I know it is plastic, but the bottom it’s got a really good texture. I really like that, and i think it’s pretty good for the price and i also like the design of the keyboard it’s, a chiclet style keyboard and i got just enough travel while i was using it. I really really enjoyed the keyboard. I thought everything was fine and it was a plastic trackpad as well. It wasn’t glass, but still just keep in mind that this is a 350 laptop. So the keyboard is good, it’s serviceable and i think students will enjoy it, and i thought the trackpad was just fine as well and when you factor in you could charge on both sides, which is awesome. Not a lot of laptops could do that. You could also use this charger that comes with this to charge your phone, so there are a lot of good benefits here and one other thing is this laptop integrates great with samsung phones.

So if you do have a samsung galaxy phone, this does have the quick share app and a lot of other samsung applications. You can download them on this laptop and also you could use the samsung galaxy tablet like the samsung galaxy tab s7, and you could use that as a secondary, monitor, which is phenomenal. If you want to get basic work done, i think it does help you to have some good productivity to have two monitors right there. So one of the reasons why i’m reviewing this, i don’t review a lot of windows laptops out there, but i want to help you figure out what is good, what type of laptop should you get if you really want good integration with your android smartphone, and this Does work great with the your phone app any phone could integrate well with this laptop, but samsung specifically has those extra apps and those extra features that really makes this appealing for college students and people who want to do that basic work, but people who also want To use samsung’s smartphones with it, so, if i’m going to summarize this laptop as a whole, this laptop has great battery life. It’S got a great screen and it performs well for what it’s meant to perform well for and this laptop it does have more options. I would say than a chromebook, because a chromebook cannot run any windows. Applications at all. All you could do is use the regular chrome browser and you could download android apps or linux and stuff like that, but this laptop it can at least emulate things that weren’t meant to work with it.

So this works good with everything that was meant to work with arm. You can emulate 32 bit programs, and i expect one of these days 64 bit will find its way into the regular consumer version of windows and you’ll, maybe be able to even emulate those. If you are looking for a first laptop for someone, i would highly recommend this as long as you know, and keep your expectations in check, because this laptop is for those of you who want a good laptop for like 350 bucks and it’s a good option. But i do want to give one more recommendation, and that is that, if you don’t need extra things on windows, if you don’t need to run windows, programs at all just buy a chromebook, because you’ll be able to download android apps. It has really good integration with android, smartphones and chromebooks. I think well, they are just better in so many ways because you don’t have to worry as much about viruses. Chromebooks are much more secure and chromebooks also have the added boost in performance that you get from. Like intel i3 processors, so you can get an intel i3 processor in a chromebook, you can get those processors for like 300 to 400, like the lenovo chromebook flex that chromebook retails at 400.. It has touchscreen, it has a better 1080p screen than this. Does it has a really nice build to that laptop and for the price you’re getting a phenomenal chromebook with almost as good of battery life? As this i mean it might only get six seven eight hours, but this only gets about 12.

, so you’ll get sort of close, but you’ll get a much better performing device. So if you’re just wanting something for basics, i recommend a chromebook normally. But if you need something with a little bit of extra flexibility to occasionally run a windows program, then this is one of the best options you can get, especially if you’re looking to buy one at a really really good price. Thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate it, please feel free to give me a like give me a sub to my channel. I know i don’t want to review a lot of windows – laptops it’s, not normal for me, but i try to review at least four or five a year. At least ones that integrate well with android, so i hope you enjoyed this i’ve got a lot of great content coming soon. Give me a like give me a sub, and please follow me on twitter at digestandroid. I post a lot of great deals and other things on there as well.