This is a new entry level laptop powered by the brand new qualcomm snapdragon 7c gen 2. i’m excited for this platform, because it brings a lot of features. Customers deserve in affordable laptops and it’s. One of the major reasons this laptop starts at only 349. The galaxy book go will be one of many affordable options being powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 7c gen 2 this year and will even see chromebooks being powered by this platform. So it’s going to be a great year for budget laptops. I couldn’t do an unboxing, because this is an early unit, but i’ve been using this for a couple of days now and you get a lot for the price point. So let’s take a look at the hardware and we’ll talk about who this laptop is actually for. The design is clean, it has a matte finish and only comes in the silver color, which looks nice, it’s, fairly thin and it’s light, and it fits into a backpack with no problem. So i can see this being a great first laptop for students. The build is all plastic, so it’s natural that there’s going to be some flex it’s, not a deal breaker it’s, exactly what i expected at this price point, but it feels durable and the laptop is shockproof, which is surprising for this price point, because this laptop is Light it doesn’t quite pass the one finger test, but it is easy to open and respect on the hinge quality, though there’s some good resistance when you move it so it’s not going anywhere, and you also have a lot of flexibility on the angle that you can Set it at because it can go completely flat on the surface if you need it to and there’s even a shortcut on the keyboard to flip the orientation on the bottom.

There are dual speakers with dolby atmos support and some rubber feet to help grip the surface. The display is a 14 inch, 1080p lcd, so you get a nice amount of screen real estate. They did keep the bezel slim towards the side. So i think the design overall looks great we’ll talk more about the screen later on in the video, and you also get a 720p webcam for video calls, which is more important than ever these days. Here is a sound test of the laptop speakers and video tests. So you can get an idea here is an audio sample from the galaxy book go and with qualcomm’s audio technology. This should sound great. So let me know what you think of the audio quality. Next let’s talk about ports on the left. A usb c port led light, headphone jack and mic combo, and a micro sd card for easy storage. Expansion on the right there’s, a security slot, usb 2.0 port, another usbc port, which can be used for external displays and a sim tray, which is awesome because even at an affordable price point, you can have a 5g connection on the go. The lowest price point will be wi fi, only the one that i’m testing here has lte on board. So there will be different configurations available depending on the region that you live in. The chiclet style keyboard is comfortable to type on it. Has a nice bounce to it. I think most people will be happy with it it’s what i expected with the combo function, keys at the top, but it’s not backlit, so that’s, something that you should know.

The trackpad is a nice size as well it’s, much bigger than i thought it would be, which i appreciate and it’s running windows, precision, drivers, so it’s, nice and responsive and smooth and the multi touch works. Well, so no complaints here after using it. For a few days, so why i’m so excited about the qualcomm snapdragon 7c gen 2 platform powering? This is because it gives the laptop some big advantages first, because it’s always on it behaves more like your smartphone. So when you open it up, it’s immediately ready to use which is awesome. Second it’s always connected, you can get a galaxy book, go with 5g connectivity here in the us, so you’ll, never miss a notification or email. I’Ve been testing this on t, mobile and even with lte, i saw some very respectable speeds. I mean, i know a lot of people. Don’T even have this type of speed at home, so this is perfect for getting work done on the road and the qualcomm modem will automatically switch between secure wi, fi and lte. So you will always have a secure connection. There are no interruptions. It’S seamless! Third is the power to watt ratio? This is an eight core, cryo cpu clocked up to 2.55 gigahertz and you are getting plenty of power for everyday tasks. Qualcomm states that we’re getting about a 10 boost in performance over the competing chipsets in this class, and this runs cool and whisper quiet because it doesn’t have a fan it doesn’t need one.

The configuration i have here is the one with four gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of eufs storage, but there will be a model available with eight gigabytes of ram. Browsing is great on the edge browser since it’s arm optimized now and productivity apps, like microsoft, excel powerpoint and word work fantastic too. So this will be great for students and with the power of the adreno graphics on board. You can even enjoy some games too. I was able to play one of my favorite games smoothly here very responsive. You can hook up your favorite bluetooth controller too. If you want now, don’t expect to play anything outside of mobile games here, because you aren’t going to be playing triple a titles but it’s great to have this type of flexibility for downtime, possibly the best thing about the qualcomm snapdragon 7c gen 2 powering. This is the battery life i’ve been using this for the last two days and i still have yet to charge it with regular use. The estimates here say that over 12 hours with cellular connectivity on so that is very respectable. I can definitely get used to this type of battery life and what’s awesome. Is you don’t need anything special to charge this laptop with? You can use the same power, brick that you use on your phone and it will do just fine and a power. Brick and usbc cable comes in the box when you buy one. So i want to talk about who this laptop is for, because me personally, i’m excited about the choices that we’re getting as consumers, because not everybody can afford or needs the most expensive laptop, not everyone’s, doing professional work.

They just might need something reliable that they can use every day to stay productive, and i think this could be the perfect fit i’m going to be using this more for the next couple of weeks to bring you a full review, because i don’t think it’d be Fair to do conclusive testing on an early unit but i’m going to be giving this to my son afterwards, because i think it’s a perfect fit for his first laptop with all the virtual schooling that is happening and the need for him to learn how to type And get familiar with windows 10.. He picked it up really fast he’s only seven, but he started using the track pad with no problems and started to look up flags of the world because that’s, what he’s into right now so i’m curious to see how he adapts to the galaxy book go. I think the price point of 349 is perfect, because it’s, affordable, it’s, light enough to travel with and if it takes a drop or two i feel like it will survive because of the construction, and it competes right there with the ipad for education and you’re. Getting a full computer here, so i can see this being a hit for the classroom. Another person that i think this laptop is for is for the samsung fan that is looking for a laptop that works within the ecosystem. I like the fact that things like smartthings and smartthings find are on here, so you can locate your samsung connected devices.

If you have a samsung tablet, then you can easily use it for a second display with your galaxy book go. So this could help you work from home or with your new home office setup bluetooth devices like the galaxy buttons pro show up easily and are seamless to pair your galaxy phone can also link to windows. So you can use your android apps on your laptop. You can also access your photo library easily. You can also get text and notifications too, and one of the best features called quick share. Is here too so you can easily transfer files and pictures to your laptop from your galaxy devices, it’s a great ecosystem, considering what you’re paying for this laptop you get so much, but i think the expectations need to be set based on the price point, because the Positives definitely outweigh the negatives and there’s a great balance of features on this laptop to make it worth it. But let me nitpick here for a second: there are a few things that i wish it did have. A fingerprint scanner would have been nice instead of just a power button. A combo one would have been cool. I wish it did have a backlit keyboard that would have been convenient and i wanted a little better viewing angle and brightness on the tft display. Don’T get me wrong at the right angle. The display looks good, as you can see here. I have watched a few movies on this, but anyone who has seen a display like this before knows what to expect with viewing angles.

So i don’t think it’s a deal breaker, but i thought that i would share so you would know what to expect when you pick one up. So let me know what you want to see in the next follow up video. Do you want to see performance tests app compatibility photo editing you? Let me know what you want to see. Compatibility with arm on windows is something that i’m watching closely. It hasn’t been moving as fast as i wanted to, but the insider build should be public soon. With better compatibility later this year, but i really appreciate what qualcomm is doing to help accelerate this process. They have a snapdragon developer kit coming that will help get their programs ready for the snapdragon platform they’re already working with key partners like zoom for better extended battery life on laptops with snapdragon. These chipsets, like the qualcomm snapdragon 7c gen 2, will help bring many more entry level laptops to the market, making them more popular, and hopefully this means good news for the adoption of arm on windows. I’M optimistic. So let me know what you think in the comments below, so are you picking one of these up? I will leave a link down below for more information and where you can buy, one wi fi only will be available first and then the 5g model will be available later this year, but internationally, i’m. Assuming that you can pick up an lte model.