We did the galaxy watch three titanium. We did the galaxy, but pro the water resistant experiment, and now we have another samsung video exclusively for you guys. Now. I hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure to follow instagram account the new channel 420 and follow my instagram account jokes in 1999. Please like subscribe and share this video and click that notification bell. Thank you guys, Music. So here it is the galaxy book flex. Mystic, blue that’s, the only color the hassle i mean i like it. I love it so here it is let’s. Do that 360 spin see that samsung logo right there Music see that mexican flag. You already know you already see that mexican flag represented here in the new channel. Also one thing super lightweight here’s, the 13.4 inches. I think and there’s the other this. This is the smaller one, but it’s also it’s, not just a laptop it’s, also a tablet. So you know one thing you want to draw or just chill you can turn it into a tablet. You already see that right there that switch right there, Music, so let’s turn it now. Let’S talk about a little about the specs we’re, no experts here, but we’re going to talk about it all right, guys so gotcha, okay, guys so the specs for this computer is laptop there’s. A 13.3 f hd qlid display a windows 10 home intel cores i7. The 8 gigabyte ram gigabyte, wi fi energy star certified here are some of the specs a touch screen.

Yes, size. 13.3, my bad, i thought was 13.4, so the type is f hd. The resolution is 1920 times 1080. memory. Eight gigabytes hard drive is 512 gigabytes. The graphic entel, iris, plus graphics and also the camera front, camera 720 hd and what else akg speakers and the weight? 2.5 2.56 pounds – and we also have i don’t research right here, but oh yeah – touch pad track. Checkpoint number of keys, 80 battery life 20 hours. That’S pretty good, you know if you’re pressing your travels a lot. This is definitely a laptop for you. Also. It has a fingerprint scan and here’s the price if you buy it directly from samsung, which i did right there, the price or you can do payments by months, so it’s pretty good guys, there’s also other laptops from the family. We have the guest book, eon. 13.3 qlid: this is a smaller version, i think, but i got the galaxy book flex all right, so now, we’re going to show you the laptop more in hand, show you how it works. What we like we don’t like about the laptop some constant pros. Obviously, we’re going to be honest here: we’re, not you know, even though we’re samsung fanboys a little bit we’re still gon na give them crap, because you know criticism. Criticism is good, as we learned that from you guys so let’s get into it guys: okay, guys so here’s a closer look up at the laptop there.

We go fingerprint scan so here it is here’s your home screen. So this is a windows, uh windows and samsung laptop, so obviously different compared to an apple apple laptop. So here it is. You also have the the back, the the keyboard, the backlight. You can adjust that the lighting also let’s check the camera. First. How about that? Ass, ass, okay, okay, guys, we also okay, let’s go let’s make this bigger, so this is a cute lit. This is a cute little laptop, which i have a cute little tv uh at the room, um, so not going fancy to details. The q lit is basically it gives you more coloring. It gives you more vibrant colors to the screen, so this isn’t a 4k 4k laptop. So, if you’re looking for a 4k laptop like true 4k, this is not your laptop, but if you don’t mind the full hd and then um, if you’re more of a person who likes more colors or pictures, something you’re into pictures, a lot of picture editing stuff. This is a perfect laptop for you, because this is a q lit laptop, so it brings out more colors. They look more vibrant, more more colorful more. They look just better and you actually notice this. I don’t know if the camera you notice it, but actually, when once you uh use it yourself on hand, it looks very, very, very good, so let’s go let’s, go to youtube, see that’s come back activity bad, so let’s let’s go yes.

I don’t know some somebody here, some more yes, there’s something going back to you right there. Okay, so first let’s say let’s test out the speakers. Music, now i’m gon na give this this. This is something i hate about this laptop. I don’t hate that you get around it because i don’t mind, but this is something that you know for the month: the price you’re paying i’m gon na give samsung for this. So obviously they’re snoozing on this, you hear you see this samsung. These guys are snoozing. So stop doing this because you guys are lacking on this. So everybody knows the the macbooks. The laptops are with the best speakers. They have the best speakers in the game, they’re, obviously the best so okay, so so let’s it’s. The last show right here a little preview right here. Okay, thinking about you today, so that’s one thing i hate about this next time: samsung, please put spit better speakers either way: oh there’s, also a touchscreen laptop, so no Music, okay, guys so another thing that’s. Now this is also tablet. I already told you guys this so i’ll show you how it looks with a tablet mode on here. Just switch it perfect right there, so that looks pretty good. It stays right there do you want to switch to tablet mode, let’s say yes in case you teleport already guys right there tablet mode. So one thing one thing i don’t, like also is that moves a lot.

You see that so that’s that’s that’s that’s a bad thing right there. You know it’s, pretty good you wan na just like that, but that’s one thing i like it that wiggles a lot but other than that um. Oh yeah, one thing. One thing i always forget something we almost forgot to mention is, as it comes a little pen, a little pen and no extra cost, so this comes with it. Let’S say, create note, okay guys. So this is perfect. You know you can. I think this is also a button, so you can switch, you can press play, pause or anything on the music and you want to doodle or edit your pictures or anything just go with blue okay, ooh, pretty dope red let’s draw a smiley face: hi hi, so It’S pretty dope, no cap, so you know you close your windows, let’s press, this. Okay, so, like i said before, there’s also like a little controller, so let’s press play damn should not work Music right there, your windows laptop, obviously, okay, let’s switch it back to to the laptop mode. Do you want to switch to exit tablet mode? Yes, there we go okay, guys, so we showed you the speakers, we showed you how it looks. We should do everything, not everything, but you know we’re, not professionals here, but we showed you the basics, how it looks. Maybe you can see that the samsung will go right there. You can see it pretty dark, but that’s it guys.

So my personal opinion on this – this is a laptop for video. Editing is decent it’s, decent it’s, not a professional mutating laptop for work. I’M, not sure, but i do think this laptop is more for like a fast like if you travel a lot and if you uh you’re a picture person who likes editing or really really looks into the colors and stuff. So this is a perfect laptop for you. So this is the perfect laptop for you, so i definitely recommend it to a photograph or anything. Oh yeah, one thing let’s. I need to kill it right, so let’s go to youtube. Just look for a video okay, so maybe on the camera you can’t see the colors like the difference who are super intelligent in three years. Will anyone in my high school graduating class be operating a nuclear reactor? Probably not the navy depressing okay guys? So it looks perfect, let’s, let’s let’s make sure we have all the settings up to the highest come on. Bro let’s turn this ak. Oh out of here we gone bro. We gone Music down there, we go on open camera, you can see it, but this obviously like the colors are more out there. Really, Applause so looks beautiful, cute, hey guys, let’s, just tap them really: quick Applause, Music, okay, so that’s it guys that’s it for the video. Thank you for watching and i’m. Sorry, if i repeat myself, a lot i’m so good i’m still getting used to that, not repeating myself still nervous and but no we’re getting we’re getting there we’re getting there um.

So i hope you guys uh like it, and i hope you guys maybe you’re looking for a laptop something simple, not to not too big. You know this is in my opinion. This is my. This is my first laptop, so it’s biased, and so thank you guys for watching the video click like and subscribe and share this video guys. Please thank you and everything we support all the love. Thank you for all of you, guys shows and everything and please follow our instagram jokes in 1999. Obviously, in the neutral channel 420 instagram, you know give us that followers and also follow ginger paisa and you know we’re getting there guys we’re getting there. You know this is only bound to grow anymore. Come on man, we going with this we’re gone with this all right.