Listen, let me grab it for you really quick! You ready! I got it. I got it that was smooth right, smooth transition, so this computer is the samsung galaxy book flex alpha so i’ve seen a lot of things about this computer. So i was like i want to give it a try too and it’s not really new, but i haven’t had it before so it’s new to me. Let me go down through the spec list. Really quick, so it’s got an intel, i7 chip, and i think this is the 10th generation and not the 11th generation. Then it’s got the full hd touch. Qled uh screen the 12 gigabytes of ram and then the 512 gigabytes of storage. So let’s go ahead and get right into this video. I want to get into the unboxing kind of show you guys what i see when i unbox and give you guys that look right right, all right so boom. Here we go here’s the samsung notebook um again. This isn’t, the newest laptop, i know, but it is new to me and if you’re watching this thinking about getting it it’s going to be new to you too yeah you, you right there, so let’s try to get into this. The packaging really isn’t impressive. I mean i’m, not gon na lie, it’s, not it’s, not anything to rave home about, but let’s get into it hold on grab one. These uh huh, give it a little slice boom that up.

So let me pull this little pull tab. I hate pull tabs so much there. We go i’m gon na flip it this way, because it just seems like it’s supposed to be this way right, like the lettering should be down here but it’s, not you ready three, two unimpressive unimpressive, the whole thing is just unimpressive so straight off. The back. You’Ve got your power brick i’m, assuming this is yep power, brick um and a lot of people think that this is power. Bot get rid of this. A lot of people think this is powered by usbc, but it’s, not man, it’s got its own charging. Look at this cable, the charging, cable, it’s crazy right, not usbc in 2021, but whatever you got your power, brick Music. You got your books and your information in this plain folder quick, starts warranty information and get rid of that. Then you have the laptop and that’s: it comes in a little foam, let’s get rid of the foam off to the side, Music and that’s the box. So let me pull it out of here. Let me see what’s going on here: whoo i’m, not gon na lie. It’S super light. It has this luxury. Look to it. I mean i guess the closest thing that would resemble would be a macbook let’s, just get a little little blue glow on the corners right like it has that luxury feel to it. Um let’s see. If you look at the size, it’s kind of got that chrome on it, that just makes it look expensive.

So it’s got the two thunderbolt: a ports, the sd card reader uh, the power button, the usb type c, an hdmi. This is actually the charging port and then this is the headphone uh. Three millim 3.5 millimeter jack yep let’s see what it’s like on startup it’s gon na wait. Will it pass the one finger open test? I don’t know i was just the first time opening up let’s let’s, try to warm it up a little bit right. All right, let’s! Try it again one finger opening test. Ah i don’t know maybe it’ll get better with some warmage got to warm it up. You can’t just go in straight and touch it right. You got ta, always caress it. A little bit. Let’S try to get it on first power up let’s see what it does Music. I think the battery is dead. So let me go ahead and plug this up and then i’ll get right back ready. Three, two one! All right we’ve got the power cord in now and yep that’s what it was. So it was dead because of the power cord it’s kind of an interesting screen. Let’S, take a look at that a little bit. You see that screen there i’ve! Never oh it’s, pretty cool right as it tells you how long it’s been charging that’s pretty cool. Now we can go ahead and try to give it a little power up right. It’S plugged in everything should boot up boom.

There we go samsung logo right from the start, a lot easier when you have power right all right, so i’ve got the computer loaded up and everything – and i kind of say man that um that display is looking kind of crispy. I don’t know how to say it, but this display is low. Key nice and not it is a touch screen is super bright let’s see if we can pull up something here, yeah that display is actually really nice. Um let’s go to youtube and try to test out these speakers. One thing i will say, though, is that the keyboard in highlight situations i’m, not i’m, not sure if it’s, maybe just my angle, that i’m at right now, but the keyboard just seems a little dull. Like seeing the lettering on the keyboard, it’s, just not it’s, not exactly where i would like it, some guys might not have a problem with it, but let’s talk about how the keyboard itself feels, though this keyboard uh. The response is, i like the way that it feels the buttons are really clicky. I like how how well this keyboard feels um yeah. I like the keyboard. I like the size of the track pad. Don’T forget this is a smaller computer. This is 13.3 inch laptop. So it’s not a 14 inch, a 15 inch or 17 inch laptop it’s, not huge, so you can’t expect the real estate of the track pad and the overall feel of the computer to be as large.

You won’t have the numbers on the side to key in, but for its size it really does feel premium. It feels compact. It feels really good. The only complaint that i would have is right here, where you see they put the fingerprint scanner that fingerprint scanner um. It cuts off the shift bar, so if you’re used to typing and hitting shift don’t forg like don’t forget, i just keep uh. The shift button is smaller than it normally would be so i’m going to open up youtube and let’s see let’s just type in 4k. Video, i really want to see how good this screen is i’m, going to click on this first, one Music, so right off of the rib before it even finishes loading. I can tell how good this screen really looks. This screen is really really really bright and it looks amazing honestly, let me try to get in a little bit, so you can see how good of quality this actually is. So let’s get some video playing. Oh wow, oh wow, that looks so good and i know you can’t tell how good that looks, but that looks amazing and i’m really not boosting it up, but this looks really good. Super high quality like this is one of the best screens that i’ve seen on a laptop. This looks super good. I want to hear some sounds let’s get some let’s get some copyright free, music, yeah let’s, see how these speakers work.

Applause, Music, um, Applause, Music. So i will say that these really aren’t the best speakers that i’ve ever heard um like the lenovo computers, have the dolby atmos speakers in the system. This isn’t the best and it’s actually and to be all to be real and completely transparent, it’s not very loud, and i would i wouldn’t say these are on top of the line premium. Speakers or anything like that and like they don’t even have a speaker grill for production. I i just don’t you can tell you, can tell that the speaker system isn’t the best here, but i mean best buy – is selling this now for 7.99, so you’re not paying a premium price. However i’ve heard better. I can just say it that way, but i will say that it seems pretty snappy pretty responsive. The screen is amazing um it has a really high quality build. It just feels really good. I just like the way that it feels in hand. I just love it. It’S, i just love it. I can’t, i just love it. Let me just give you a quick breakdown of the entire video, really honest and truly, when you take the computer out of the box, it does have a underwhelming viewpoint from when you’re doing the unboxing and it doesn’t meet expectations there. I just can’t lie about that part it’s, pretty boring and it’s nothing to write home about. But when you take the computer out of the box and you get that first feel i mean it really does feel high quality it’s metal um.

It just has the chrome on the outside. It looks really good when you look at it from a distance. If you just saw somebody with it, you think oh super premium laptop, so that’s definitely a bonus. However, the non premium thing would be the like. My worst complaint would be the sound system. The sound system is trash, but with that being said, um if you’re a person that likes to wear headphones when you work or you like to use bluetooth speakers when you work or you have computer speakers – there’s, always a workaround around that but it’s. Just sad that you would have to go to a workaround, i personally would just use my air pods or some wireless uh speakers, or something like that, but i wouldn’t rely on those speakers um, so that’s. Just the honest truth about that. Also, i do have to give credit where credit is due. The screen is amazing. I’M. Not i can’t hide that that is true and nothing but the truth. The screen is amazing: um it’s, not 4k it’s, not a 4k screen. However, you would not be able to tell just by looking at it it’s super bright. It has a super crisp picture. Um like i pulled up the 4k video on youtube, and i mean it was beautiful uh. I have no complaints on the screen at all. It does have the two usb a ports on the side with the sd card reader and the power button, and it also has the usb c port with the hdmi.

I think the hdmi, if you’re a content, creator that likes to plug up into a wire a monitor or anything like that, that’ll help a lot as far as the usbc ports with everything transitioning into usbc. You would think that they would add some more ports to that, because originally the computer was, i do believe, 9.99 and i i did catch it on the sale because i’m, the sale king um, but for 9.99 i would like uh, maybe at least one extra port. I think that they could have taken away the power cord, the power port, because the power port is not usbc. It is not charged through usbc. So why not just add another usbc port and then have two usbc port, two usb a ports and that hdmi port, and that would make it the perfect portage for me other than the speakers. I really don’t have any initial complaints. I do know that just at rest, here and i’m not sure why. But i do hear the fans kicking on they’re not super loud, but i do hear them. Um i’m not running any applications, so at the end of the day, i’m going to give a more um in the life of review of this laptop um, to try to figure out the quirks and the good and the bad about the laptop and then i’m. Going to put it out for you guys, because you shouldn’t buy it if i wouldn’t buy it, but obviously i bought it right.

So if you made it to the end of this video, i just want to say thank you and if you could do me, a super super big favor hit. The like button for the youtube algorithm hit the subscribe button and i’m coming with so much more this year. So i really appreciate you making it to the end.