Live usage. 20 chrome tabs open fortnite running in the background, not sure if that’s daily usage but i’m gon na really put it to the test office work, you name it. I’M gon na have two separate tools to measure all of the temperatures, and everything else number one is the core temperature tool that really goes in deep for every single core. We have a four core here, the other one. You probably know that’s the intel power gaucho tool, i think that’s, the right name, and that gives you the small long one down, and that really gives you a good overview of what’s happening here today. So the base speed for the i7 is 2.8 gigahertz and you can see when i start up fortnite. It is going into peak territories here already and that’s about there’s a big, but no let me change the wording, not the big button. However, this all of this is going to change in the first half of my testing today and you’re gon na see this shortly and opening and running fortnite seems to take a lot of power. But what you can see already is the temperature overall it’s not really getting that high and when double checking with the temperature core tool, you can see right here that it is, is pretty much in line with all four cores. So what is going on here? Well, there’s one thing we can do to really figure this one out and we’re going to put some more stress on this machine here.

In addition to thought that i opened about 20 chrome tabs and then adobe lightroom, i even started playing videos on each chrome tab going to youtube, and i noticed the clock, speed, dropping below base frequency and the temperature was really consistent. Also and look. This is almost like a really healthy straight line here right, so i wanted to check the task manager and really, let me see what windows tells me you can see. The utilization is high, but we have some wiggle room here to go up according to the task manager and looking at the intel tool itself, it was still below base speed all the time and the temperature was freakishly consistent, like it’s, not really getting that hard. So i thought we’re gon na have to get this machine to a breaking point what’s. The point of doing the test of nothing is happening here right, so i did more of this application. I pretty much opened all the single office application you can have installed on your machine, so let’s see what happens here and once i did my clock. Speed was still below base and looking at the temperature diagram, it looked a very healthy line like a really good ecg. However, the task manager showed me some reasonable utilization, not really that high but reasonable. So i still don’t know what’s going on and i thought to myself. I cannot stop here right, what’s the point and knowing really well that fortnite opening up for that really takes a lot of juice, takes a lot of power that’s.

What i did i closed fortnite and had all the other applications running. In the background, all i told you, the chrome, tabs playing videos, all the office application and then i restarted fortnight and finally, we could see some movement now. You can see the clock speed going up, even the temperature is moving up slightly, but it is very controlled which brings me to the big trade of coming now, and it really depends on you. If you see this as a trade off, it is the fan. So the good news is that the galaxy book 2, the galaxy book flex 2 – is built in a way that it can absorb the power of the i7. However, during the process, you better you better, you better get used to the fan, speed and sound and noise and everything there is to do with this fan noise. So i’ve got a galaxy book flex 2, here in front of me, i’m, going to open up well. Why don’t i open up fortnite! I know this is going to be a huge test, so no noise now opening up fortnite so i’m going to put it down. I don’t know if you can still hear, but this is pretty much the sound you have to get used to all the time and it is going up and down depending on your workload, but there’s more stay with me. Stay with me there’s much more to come and after my test i closed every single application.

I had open on this machine and i kind of monitor the laptop as you do right, but out of the blue, the fence starting spinning like there is no true mode. So i got my phone out here and took the following footage and you can see here. I had a pretty steep increase on the intel power gadget tool for pretty much everything, even though everything was closed and it was starting to get higher than for any test before, bearing in mind that every single application is or was closed. So look i even checked the task manager to give me that peace of mind. I wanted to see if there is something secretly running in the background that really takes all the juice away right. You just don’t know with windows. Sometimes so i checked it, but there wasn’t anything visible or spectacular going on, and i just couldn’t figure out what happened here and then it came to me. Yes, it did come to me. It came to me once i unplugged the power cable. I unplugged the power cable from this machine. Everything stopped it’s going back to normal, which means yes, once you plug it back in and you start charging your device, it will go bananas, so i think it almost stopped. Let me see still there. So all the applications are it’s still there. I want to um really have it stopped, so you guys can see what happens when i plug the power cable in we got it.

Let me see this is a live test well as live as it gets. So basically, this is what happens when you plug it in when you unplug it. It doesn’t stop like right away, but it will stop after a while, oh it’s it’s. I think it stopped already so you’ve seen it like as live as it gets right, but this is what happens. Basically, this is what i’m trying to talk about to you, guys that you really have to bear in mind. This is going to be the one big trade off for you, so my friend, google and i started searching for some similar comment problems and we could find a lot of these complaints and some some forums and they had pretty much the same issue. And i was looking into this if this is just for the flex 2, pretty much for all the flex line up, depending on the processor of course and that’s. Why we want to have the i5 later come in to see if there’s the same issue, but it is a very different experience. I have to say from what i’m used to you have to look at this from a different angle. Also, you could say: okay, i’m, going to turn off the machine. Yes, that is valid, but what about a monitor that also charges your flex 2 right, you plug it in you, just want to have a second monitor, a big screen, and suddenly the fence starts spinning.

You unplug it, you have no monitor that will charge your device, but then the fan stops so once it is fully charged, it will also stop, but then you start working right. You want to start working and every time you open up. That is something well powerful or heavy. The fence will just come back on, so you plug it in let’s, say you have a monitor you plug it in you charge it and then you work. It will be on pretty much all the time. You do have one option, and that is the samsung app that comes pre installed with all the galaxy book devices, especially here for the flex 2, and that is called silent mode. And you will see this in all the samsung support forms and the samsung support will also tell you this as a viable option. Whilst it is a viable option, all it means it will go back into battery saving mode, it’s kind of power, saving mode, which is an option you have in windows anyway, and you don’t have all the power, as it says, it’s a power saving mode so there’s That, okay beside the fan – noise, i’m gon na park it right here. This is the fan noise area right beside that in terms of performance, i wanted to give you that update as well. At no point did i have the feeling that it cannot handle what i’ve thrown at it you’ve seen. I put it to a lot of stress, but it handled it really really well and we have the i5.

This is the i7. We have the i5 on back order and we will compare both them and we’re going to give you that guidance. So if you like, what we do, don’t hesitate. Don’T be shy, hit that, like button hit the subscribe button and we’ll like that and next video you will find out which one is better for you, the i5 or the i7.