This s, pen actually comes bundled with it. The problem is, though, there are so many great ultra thin and light premium laptops. These galaxy books have their work cut out if theyre gon na stand out from the dell xps, 13 plus or the acer, swifts or sue zenbooks or, of course, the macbook air, which is to a refresh soon. So what do these offer well? Building on the terrific galaxy books from last year, we once again have an incredibly thin and light design. I mean seriously im holding the 15 inch one here. One handed just flinging about were talking lg gram levels of lightweightness, yet somehow, without feeling as flimsy or cheap. Also, the stunning amoled display makes a return, although this time it is now 33 brighter and certified display hdr 500., although that 500 nits brightness, is only when playing hdr content, normally itll peak at 400 nits, which is still very good, but because the screen is quite Reflective sometimes, if you have bright lights around you or you are using this outside – which you may well do as these are all about portability, then it can still be a little bit tricky to see sometimes, but it is certainly a step up from last year. However, what has remained the same is this 16 by 9 aspect ratio with a relatively chunky chin at the bottom? Now i know not everyone agrees, but i much prefer a slightly taller 16 by 10 screen and also it is just 60 hertz.

There is no extra smooth 120 hertz, like we get on, say the surface pro 8. now on the inside were getting new processors in the form of intels 12th gen p. Series which samsung say will actually give us a 75 boost in multi core performance versus last year. Of course, im gon na have to test this myself back in the studio, but these are the same chips used in the new dell xps 13 plus and also according to some early benchmarks that were seeing these new p series chips can actually outperform apples m1, which Is great until you realize the m1 has been out, for you know the best part of two years now and were about to get a refreshed, m2 and also thats sort of a 10 15 watt chip versus the 28 watt p series from intel so great news That intel is sort of finally catching up and maybe even going beyond the m1. But in the scheme of things i think apple is still well ahead, but for a windows, laptop good stuff and thats paired, with faster ddr5 ram up to 32 gigs of the stuff and also up to a terabyte of storage. We also now get punchier speakers thanks to a new smart amp, as well as an upgraded 1080p webcam with a wider field of view now 87 degrees up from 77, as well as auto framing to keep you centered. The new galaxy box also get thunderbolt 4 wi fi 6e upgraded security features fast 65 watt charging, which will also quick charge your galaxy phone and tablet.

And of course, if you do have say a tab s8, then you can use that as a second screen. In a very similar way to apples, sidecar with ipads and macbooks ill tell you who else has been busy here at mwc, though tcl, who are very kindly sponsoring this video theyve been showing off an absolute ton of new tech, including the new tcl 30 series? Phones with the top of the range tcl 35g costing just 249 euros with this fiberglass material on the back, which gives it quite a classy look, and also it doesnt pick up smudges or fingerprints. In fact, the whole 30 series lineup pack in huge batteries and also except for the tcl 306 – they all have dual or triple 50 megapixel cameras. This also caught my eye, its the new tcl next paper, 10 s and it uses an lcd backlit screen, but with multiple layers on top giving it a matte papery e ink, aesthetic, which also reduces blue light. It minimizes reflections its a really unique tablet, but its tcls concepts that im really excited about these are a pair of their new wireless ar holographic glasses. I also got to try these the tcl next wear air, which give you a huge 140 inch. Immersive screen right in front of your eyes and finally, these guys tcl are showing off every kind of flipping, folding and even rolling devices. This is the very aptly named fold and roll which ive never seen before, but the screen folds and it can roll out tcl – are also working on a new foldable concept.

So stay tuned to hear more about that. But for now click the link in the description below to check out all their latest tech. Now samsung claimed up to 21 hours of video playback on the galaxy box, which is about the same as last year: theres no real battery upgrade there. Although the efficiency improvements with the new intel chips may have an impact thats something ill have to test myself, but either way last years, galaxy books easily lasted me a full day. So im not worried. It is worth bearing in mind, though, that both the book 2 pro and the 360 come in 13 and 15 inch sizes, although the specs are a little bit different. For example, on the book 2 pro only the 15 inch model has a 5g option. Samsung told me that adding 5g to the 13 inch book 2 pro would have added to its weight and thickness, which they didnt want to do. However, more importantly, only the 15 inch book 2 pro comes with the option for dedicated graphics in the form of intels new arc gpu on the higher end models plus the 15 manages to squeeze in a full size, hdmi port and also a numpad beside the keyboard And i think, on paper at least its the 15 inch book 2 pro, that is the most interesting im really keen to see what the arc graphics can do and also how much faster it is over.

The standard intel iris, xc graphics, that we get on the other models. This could end up being a really nice balance between performance and portability, which of course, is the holy grail of thin and light laptops. So theres a lot to like here, but i do have a few thoughts. Firstly, the lack of a quad hd or 4k option for the screens, particularly on the larger 15 inch, which is a bit of a shame. Although im told the decision was made to stick to full hd as battery life is a big priority, which is understandable and of course you can always output to a higher res monitor, but maybe a 1440p option would have been nice. I also really do love the look of these galaxy books, particularly this white color, although it does come in a more businessy graphite if you need to keep things a bit more toned down, but next to something like the new dell xps 13 plus that well level Hate it looks like a properly futuristic next gen laptop, i wouldnt, have minded a bit of a refresh here, but i guess the real magic is just how lightweight this is. Im, also really keen to check out the standard galaxy book. The non pro model, which samsung wasnt really that keen to show off, but it has been refreshed and actually, if its anything like last years, galaxy book, it ended up being probably my favorite laptop just for the sheer value for money.

However, the combination of a 500 nit amoled screen so were getting that incredible contrast and deep inky blacks, the ridiculously thin and light chassis. I mean the 13 inch weighs just 870 grams and its 11 millimeters thick with the 15, still only 1.11 kilograms and 11.7 mil. Although the intel arc graphics option does add a little bit to the size, then were the 12th gen chips, the super fast ram, a great webcam top notch connectivity and security and if youre in the samsung ecosystem, some nice multi device features the book 2 pro and The book 2 pro 360 are looking pretty exciting. Actually, i cant wait to get home and test it and review it properly and, of course, also the standard galaxy book which i havent had hands on with just yet, and the best bit is, if you do fancy one theyre actually coming out to even more regions. More countries according to samsung this year, which is great news, but what do you reckon would you be tempted to buy one of them? Let me know in the comments below and also dont forget, to check out the latest tcl tech as well in the little link in the description below.