Pro 360. dont blame me for the name thats almost getting kind of silly there. No doubt i will transpose those words at any rate, as you might guess, from the name. This is the second generation of their 360 degree, convertible, ultrabook or laptop. This is a 15.6 inch model, its also available as a 13.3 inch model and some of the things i liked about samsung laptops continue on um theyre, well, theyre, thin and light, but well made thats always charming. I mean this is about 2.4 pounds for a 15 inch laptop thats kind of crazy. I took it outdoors to work and the wind was literally blowing it away. It was insane and if you get the 13 inches even lighter but beyond that thats nice, but you get an oled display nice very pretty and you get the s pen in the box which magnetically, as you can see, attaches right here on the outside. Not that this wont get knocked off in your bag, but at least its a way to keep it track of it right. So its really great for artists, because this uses wacom emr technology, which is one of my favorites right up there with the apple pencil and wacom cintiq displays for fluidity of pen theres more to talk about, certainly including one thing i like less than i used to – Were going to talk about it now so? First, the price 13.49 to 1549 for the 15 inch models; 100 less for the 13 inch models difference in price there, while the cheaper model is eight gigs of ram, which is pathetic in 2022, especially for a premium laptop hello and 512 gigs of storage and the More expensive model has 16 gigs of ram thats, fine and one terabyte of storage.

Now the 13 inches has less storage, so thats 8 gigs and 256 gig ssd, which is pretty pathetic and 16 gigs and 5 12 gigs of storage. If you spend a little bit more for that 13 incher, this keys in one of the things that i did like about samsung laptops is theyre quite premium, but they kept the price in check. This means no 2500 is silly insanely, expensive, laptop right, but some of the gotchas with that are the fact that, yes, the base model in the 13 inch is still eight gigs of ram and the 15 inch, and really nobody should be buying eight gig of ram Laptop anymore and that ram is soldered on so you cant upgrade it after the fact so yeah, but you can always opt for the more expensive model. The prices are creeping up a little bit. You get your choice of three colors here: silver or black, and a burgundy thats kind of nice, its not too insanely bright and the black is very pretty. But this reminds me of samsung laptops like the ativ book for those who still remember those from years ago. Really very pretty, but boy does it show fingerprints i mean so you might want to offer a different color just because gee it doesnt stay pretty for long. We have intel 12th gen processors, core i5 and core i7 inside these. Are the ultrabook series cpus, not the high wattage ones, which makes sense? These are ultrabooks and though the platform supports pcie 4.

We have pci3 ssds installed, which is another typical samsung thing funny i mean theyre the kings and queens of making fast ssds, but typically in their laptops, they put kind of average speed ssds in there for most people it isnt going to make a difference. You probably wont even notice a difference if youre importing and saving lightroom files and stuff like that, but people like specs and people like faster and for the price i think pcie for ssd would have been warranted. Then we have that oled display and its a good one. I mean even oled panels do come in levels of quality and newer technology versus older technology, and that sort of thing – and this is one of the good ones. Folks, you get your 100 of srgb and p3 and 95 of adobe rgb so great and there are several color profiles built in or you could try calibrating it on your own, so its 1920 by 1080., so 16×9, not 16×10 or anything else. But i think samsung figures. Probably a lot of people are watching this to watch movies, beautiful old lady movies, right so youre, probably okay with that aspect ratio and leaves it up to you as the buyer to decide. If you are anyway, its very pretty looking the one sort of gotcha you have to be mindful of is given that this has an excellent s, pen on board and reasonably powerful for a power users ultrabook here, and that online displays, you might be tempted to use This for for professional work just make sure you calibrate the screen first or choose the most accurate among the calibrations that samsung offers here, theres even an adobe rgb preset, because otherwise you know youre seeing these awesome, zingy colors and then you put it on somebody.

Elses monitor or laptop, and it wont look so vibrant. So you have to be professional enough to know how to deal with that workflow, but if youre just buying for yourself to have an awesome great time doing some art or edit your photos, you know, and that sort of thing then its certainly fine. As ever, one of the ways they keep it more affordable is by not offering 4k resolutions and even 2k, which i could see 2k here and also helps with battery life on this battery. Life, in fact, is pretty good. On the 68 watt hour, battery thats pretty large on the 15 inch and 63 watt hour for the 13 inch and you get a 65 watt fast charger, thats very compact, its pretty much about the same size as the fast charger for the samsung galaxy s22. Ultra now, with the display set at 200 nits of brightness then were talking and light productivity kind of work a little streaming video. I was getting eight to nine hours on this model, so thats pretty solid. Obviously, if you crank the brightness up or you dont go with the default dark theme, because oled uses more power for lighter colors or white and that sort of thing displaying yeah, it could get worse if youre doing a whole lot of lightroom work or something like That or editing videos, but you get the idea speaking of brightness when talking about the display here. Oled displays on laptops typically are not that bright, and this has gotten brighter compared to the last generation and samsung claims 360 or 70 nits up from 300 nits and in fact we measured a little bit higher so thats nice and there is an hdr mode which Will crank it up to 500 nits, which basically, you do only want to use when youre watching hdr video content, because it will hit the battery life? Certainly, if you do now, one of the things i used to really like about samsung laptops – and they were sort of copying apple here – is a very clean windows install and they had their own little samsung update app.

That would handle all the driver updates. That sort of thing you didnt have to go hunting for them. The drawback was they didnt have them individually on their website. So you had to use the updater but thats okay anyway, now they, i guess they think theyre copying apple by adding all kinds of features, but on top of that theyre copying their galaxy phones and some of the badness that goes along with that, which means you Know people always complain about android im, not saying theyre wrong. I kind of agree that theres redundancy there like. Why do we need two photos? Apps and that sort of thing? Well, here we we have windows. This is windows. 11. youve got the full featured file manager right its the definition of a good file manager, but theyve thrown in their own little file manager and search functionality. Again, on top of that, this is just going to confuse peoples redundant, im, sorry, samsungs, galaxy notes. App is here and thats a nice thing, especially for people who are galaxy phone or tablet users, because theres continuity and its a pretty good notes, app. It does hand writing recognition and all that sort of thing. So im fine with that. Then you have smart things in case you want a samsung, smart fridge or a smart washer or smart lamp. I dont know everything. You know that im not sure. We really need that pre installed on here and theres, even more junk, its just too much junk junk junk its the opposite of what they used to do, and i think they went over the top.

But they did try to copy apple into the webcam, which is 1080p thats nice. It has a follow you feature, so if you move around it kind of works, okay, they also allow you to use. If you have a late model, galaxy tab s tablet as a second screen. I mean windows has a second screen kind of feature now too, but that thats nice enough for people who have that so second monitor built in uh. And then there is sort of like a copy of apples, new feature where you can use the keyboard and the trackpad on your laptop to control your tablet instead and even with apple. I dont know that anybody actually needs that slinging files back and forth between devices is neat, maybe using it as a second monitor. Okay, but its there round out some of the other features. Here. We have wi fi 6e with bluetooth, 5.1 theres, a fingerprint scanner embedded in the power button and lets talk a little bit more about the s pen its as good as ever. This is the non bluetooth s pen, which means theres. No air command thing like you hit a button to start the powerpoint presentation, kind of thing: im, fine with that dont need that its just a darn, good pen, folks, wacom emr, is awesome. The pressure level curve is great. On this. You got your 4096 pressure levels. Youve got tilt support and i just thoroughly love using this.

To do art, certainly for note taking its the cadillac of note, taking experience as well, because it feels very pen and paper like despite the fact that glass is still slippery theres that but yeah its good. Its great for doing art and its still something that its good for and obviously its a 360 degree convertible and its quite light at this point. So even though its 15.6 inches putting it in tablet mode. Putting on your lap at two and a half pounds isnt a laughing stock kind of thing to do right, its light enough, and certainly the 13 inch is even better in that respect so great for that all right to get inside. Well, first off, yes, see the fingerprints boy: if you choose this color its going to be a heartbreak anyway, pull off the rubber feet. There are four corners here and happily theyre, actually pretty easy to get off, not like some of the old models where gosh it was hard to get those off and then theres teeny, tiny, phillips, head screws. The rear two are captive, which means they will stay in place and be held. The front two will come out and then we take off the nice metal cover, and here are the internals nice to see dual cooling here. Even though we have integrated graphics and a ultrabook cpu inside stuff, that does help keep it cool and quiet. Really, i just dont hear the fans a whole lot on.

This ram is solid on board, so you wont be upgrading it so get it with more ram. If you think youre going to need more ram, likewise, the intel wi fi 6e card with bluetooth is soldered on as well, not so unusual for really thin and light laptops these days. And finally, our m.2 ssd is here and as i mentioned, though, this platform should support. Pcie 4 really fast ssds, you get just a pcie three ssd here and youll either get a 512 gig or a one terabyte, depending on which price tier you choose, the speaker. Drivers are right over here down firing again akg brandon and they sound pretty good honestly for a thin laptop, so thats, the samsung galaxy book 2, pro 360 15.6 inch model and overall i like it its quite a nice laptop for the money. I, i would say definitely a 16 gig model. The price is still not bad compared to the competition but its getting up there, but you get that oled display the best pen experience that youre going to get on a windows laptop. Certainly with that wacom emr s. Pen on board and its pretty quick, i mean, even when i was using corel painter 2022, which is kind of a pinkish program and ran pretty fluidly on this. So it can handle some heavy duty, art and photo editing, and even some video editing too im lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech, videos and thumbs up.