Pro laptop – and many of you have asked me – and this is extremely light at just 870 grams and cutting edge. Specs latest input, 12 generation, processor thats, a 28 watt one, but many of you have asked me to also uh cover the 360 pro version and, as you can see, this is the pro 360 version. This is supposed to be the flagship version from samsung, and i had asked samsung india to send this, so they have sent it, and this one comes with actually native s pen support. This also has a touch screen and, of course, as you can see, this is the flexible model, so you can use it like a tablet or a two in one. So lets have a closer look at this laptop now so guys. This is the laptop itself, and this is the galaxy book 2 pro 360. In fact, they launched six different models and we also still get the 60 watt type c adapter. You can even charge your smartphones with this one. This is a pd charger and uh. We also get a s pen in the uh box, so you can use the s pen and of course this is actually a touch screen, guys uh. This is uh. This uh still the 13.3 inch model and uh, though uh. If this is a convertible, as you can see, you can move around and all those things use like a tablet. Still, the weight is not that much just one kgs 1.

04 kgs, thats it and uh. So that way i would say they have done a great job. Now, before i proceed and talk about, it lets talk about the build quality. This is anodized aluminum, both at the back and front. Hence, though, this is not that heavy, but feels very, very sturdy to hold. That was the big surprise to me, and so in terms of build quality for the weight it is, they have done a very good job. Here we have vents to dissipate the heat, uh, four rubber, feets and actually two speakers here, yeah its tuned by akg uh. Its two two watt speakers, but they also have dolby atmos so theyre adequately loud, i would say and uh you can open the laptop like this, and here we have the fingerprint scanner also embedded in the power button. So you have that, of course, we also have back lighting on this one uh again, as you can see, you can switch it on switch it off and all these things you can do with this one, and this is a 13.3 inch screen, but guys this is Again, a amoled screen uh its a 1080p amoled screen, but again, as you can see, it is having touch functionality and also, for example, if you know the views any node devices, we have the s pen and you get if you hover it over here you get The complete s pen, functionality also on this one ill, show you that, but because this is a two in one tablet uh, you can use it like this, like a regular uh laptop.

One thing i like is and again guys for any two in one. The hinge should be very, very sturdy, and here i have to say the hinge. Quality is really good on this one and you can use it like this just fold it completely like in the tablet mode like this, and now you can use it. Uh and uh lets use the s pen, because i think i feel thats the big difference. Uh. You so you get this pop up and again, if you have used any node device, you should be very familiar with this one uh lets say you can just quickly just create notes on this one with uh s notes. So again, if you have a samsung account and if youre using, what do you say s ill, just change s note and the latency is decently good. As you can see, it says: 25, ms of latency, so for writing no issues at all. Apart from this uh, we also have does support microsoft native for pen support, for example, uh, the microsoft whiteboard and all those things are supported, so you dont have to worry. In fact, samsung has added quite a few actually apps for uh, note, writing and all those things, for example, pinup and all those things this. I used the microsoft tool and i did that so this works and again its a very fast laptop because its having the latest 12th generation processor. This is the core i7 variant uh.

We also have the core i5 variant and we also have this uh pen up, and this is pretty cool and you can just load stuff and draw, and all these things lets say i start coloring. So i can just lets say we take this okay ill. Take a yellow, and just – and this is what you say – pressure sensitive so harder. If i press it, the color will be darker and i, like the accuracy of the s pen, it is actually good if i, if you notice, if i press harder its going to so you can get if i press very lightly light shade. If i do the same thing harder, i can get so again. This is also pressure sensitive, so thats. Actually, i can save it save as a post, save that whatever and again this is complete uh. I have to sign up for the samsung account and, if you press this, i also like that you have screen, write, live messages and screen writers, particularly like pretty useful lets, say uh. This is the benchmark. I was running and lets say ill. Just use the screen right and you can use this from anywhere, so screenwrite will take a screenshot of this one, and now i can say i can highlight this from the pen. I can highlight this and write bench mark or whatever, whatever whatever. If you just press this button, while writing it acts as a eraser. Also that is there, so you have all these features of s pen.

So again, if you have used any note device, this should be very very familiar to you and in fact, apart from that, uh samsung has also bundled some software uh. This is the clip paint studio uh. This is actually supposed to be a paid software uh, but you can hit this get serial number and get a six month subscription to this, so they have also done stuff like this. Another thing i was not expecting is that this model ill just keep the esp. The only light nitpicking that i have is that you cannot store the s pen anywhere inside the the, so you have to carry it along with you, so thats what it is. Let me just ill show you this another thing that i like is that this one is having the military std 810 g rating. So again, this is supposed to be a little bit rugged, though its a two and one. So that way, they have done a good job now talking about uh the processor on this one again as far as fingerprint scanner and all those things are there here. Also, i like that uh samsung is going with the latest intel 12th generation, but theyre going with the p series processor, guys uh. If i open the cpu z, many pr users get mistaken, uh that uh generally, if you notice the thin and light laptops, etc, were earlier using the u series of intel processor, this is actually having.

Let me zoom in this is actually having a uh p series. Processor – and this is 28 watt – generally, the – u series are just 15 watt, in fact uh. This is the latest processor from intel, and this is actually a proper 12 core processor. Yes, 12 core processor, the way its divided is. It has four powerful cores and those actually have multi threading, so eight threads, and then we have eight power efficient cores that has eight threads, so total of 12 cores and 16 threads that this laptop is having and motherboard is made by samsung and memory. We have 16 gigabytes of ddr5 ram and i like the fact that its clocked at 5200 megahertz a lot higher than some of the others that clocked at 4 800 or something like that and guys here are all the specs for this laptop so that you get A better idea, uh, and also i like the screen quality on this one again, its an amoled screen guys a very color accurate screen. So you can even do video editing on this one and as its an ambulance screen. Even watching content, like movies and stuff, is a very good experience on this laptop now coming to bob. What do you say? Uh benchmark, i ran some benchmarks to give you an idea, and these are free tools that you can run on your laptop also to get an idea uh for geekbench. If you notice uh the single score uh, we got one five, six, two and multi core, very high of six nine, eight seven.

This is excellent for intel laptop, and apart from that, i also run cinebench r23. You can also download uh on your laptop, its a free software, and here i was thoroughly impressed. The score is 5907, which is an excellent, excellent score for intel ultra light laptop. This is just bonkers if you compared with intel 10th generation or 11th generation processor and guys they are able to get this, because this is using the p series uh processor. So, in terms, what does all these mumbo jumbo numbers mean? That means this is this processor. Is actually pretty powerful and it handles a lot of stuff without any issue. In fact, you can even do 4k video editing on this one uh generally, and you also have power profiles like any laptop high performance silent. Quite i was just when i was using this casual stuff. I was just keeping it on silent and hardly any uh fan noise were there by default. It will be in the octopus mode here. I sometimes the fan ramps up uh while running the benchmarks. I kept it on high performance and yeah. Definitely, yes when i was running the benchmarks. Yes, the fans did ramp up and i noticed the sound, but in regular tasks. That was not an issue uh also regarding heating, when youre using regular stuff. The laptop does not get heated up. In fact, right now also, as you can see, hardly any fan noise that we are getting uh, but when i was running benchmarks and stuff uh pushing it.

Yes, it gets a little bit warm. But again that is to be expected, because the processor used as such a powerful processor on this one also the build quality again, i have to say, is excellent on this laptop so for a thin and light laptop, and specifically, if youre looking for a two in One uh: you can have a look at this one. We also have an integrated webcam on this one here, and this is supposed to be your 1080p webcam. So lets have a look at this one, so heres uh recording this video with the webcam of this galaxy book 2 pro 360 – and this is supposed to be a 1080p webcam generally in most of the windows laptops its a 720p webcam. So as of now, at least in the preview, it looks good but uh you guys. Let me know what do you feel about the webcam quality? The audio is also being recorded via its internal microphone. So what do you feel about the webcam quality? So what do i feel about uh, this laptop uh? Certainly an excellent two in one laptop, but again guys lets be real. This is the premium. This is the flagship model from samsung and uh. This has the best specs. As of now uh and again its a little bit pricey, this specific variant that i have this is the uh core, i7 variant and 13.13 inch screen. We also got a 15 inch variant uh, so we also have a core ipad.

This one is about one lakh. Twenty one thousand uh, but i was checking samsung website you get a discount of about five thousand views, specific credit cards uh. In fact, there is also a non pro model of this one uh very similar to this one. In fact, i would say, but that does not have a bundled s – pen thats, for about 99 000. But if you are just looking for a regular laptop, you can also look at the regular samsung galaxy book 2 uh series that starts at about 70 000 or something like that uh. So certainly a very good laptop. I would say, if youre looking for a premium ultra book, i like the fact that, though this is a two and one, this also does not weigh that much just 1.04 kg so very easy to handle. I would say the weight balance has been done very well and, if youre looking for a light, convertible but a powerful laptop guys remember, this is having the 12th generation p series chip, not the! U series, chip, the p series is a 28 watt thats. Why its so powerful? In fact, you can even do 4k video editing on this one and well handle it. So if youre looking for that kind of a machine, definitely you can have a look at this one. Uh im actually uh using this one. I took it even to my vacation when i went to goa. In fact, many of you have asked me ill, be posting the full review of this one in about the next two weeks.

I have one more place to travel so im using this as a travel laptop, so again stay tuned for that video also but anyways.