However, they released so many that it can get confusing as to which is worth getting and which isn’t one of their newest phones is the Galaxy, a 60, which is the same as the Galaxy and 40 that’s being released in India, so which of these two camps? Does the phone fallen? Should you get it? Should you not I’m Angie for GSM Erina, and this is our review of the galaxy a 60 Music? The galaxy a60 is a really satisfying phone to look at the sky. Blue gradient reminds me of candy and there’s. A matching sky blue ring around the main cam and the triple camera setup too, on the back you’ll find a fingerprint reader that is easy to reach in quite fast and reliable. The phone also has a face unlock option, but it’s much slower and less secure because it only uses the camera in the front. Speaking of that, camera it’s housed in a punch, hole, that’s, pretty small for an LCD panel and much less obtrusive, the ones we’ve seen from other brands, unfortunately, and perhaps because it’s, an LCD there’s discoloration around the ring and the bottom bezel, especially when it’s on a White background, while the edges of the phone are pleasantly rounded it’s a little wide and it doesn’t have the best balance when you’re using it with one hand, still, the software does allow for easy one handed use if you’re scrolling through the phone. If the motion for the back gesture was from the sides rather than the bottom, it would be even more comfortable but that’s.

A general 1ui decision that I find perplexing the a60 wobbles and flat surfaces. Unless you use a case included in the box, which makes the phone even wider, the LCD panel is a bit of an unusual choice for Samsung. As we know, the company for its excellent Super AMOLED z’. Naturally, the panel doesn’t have blacks as deep as their amyloids, but they’re not bad and combined with a good, brightness and auto mode. Sunlight legibility is more than good enough. Unfortunately, the black theme on one UI also isn’t as useful, because being an LCD blacks don’t provide any battery life savings. All the same battery life is quite ok and the a 60 got 86 hours on our battery life tests once you’re out of juice. You’Ll also get 40 in half an hour thanks to quick charge, 2.0 it’s, not the fastest, quick charge out there, but at least it’s something on the audio front. The speaker doesn’t get too loud in comparison to most phones out today, and the maximum volume was a bit weak which might be a problem if your phone rings in the crowd. The sound quality itself is average, so listening to music isn’t bad, although it isn’t mind blowing Applause, the phone doesn’t have a headphone jack, but at least it comes with the dongle included in the box. I’M. Actually surprised I’m saying this, but when you consider how many manufacturers are just leaving it out entirely these days and the dropping cost to Bluetooth headphones wires seem to be going the way of the dodo.

Still, we have to say if you do choose a dongle life wired audio quality was impressive for the price range, the a 60 sports one UI on top of Android Pi, which means you get the wide range of options. Empson loves to include this means advanced battery settings Bigsby and the side panel. If you want it more minimalistic, you can also uninstall pre included apps, like Samsung Notes. The UI ran relatively smoothly with just the occasional slow down future software updates should help in the snapdragon 675. Chipset should be more than good enough for a few years, it’s faster than the 660, but not quite as fast as the 710 you’ll find that the phone is good for multitasking and general use, but not the best. If you’re a heavy gamer still it doesn’t seem to have any problems with the occasional game, so, like gaming should be great on this device, the galaxy a 60 has a triple camera setup, but for being honest, it’s only two real cameras and a depth sensor during The day photos were good in terms of colors and dynamic range, but detail was not so great. You saw some heavy sharpening halos around straight lines, along with corner softness when the subject was further away. If you decide to shoot in 32 megapixels, there is slightly more detail, but not significantly so photo rendition isn’t well be different. Taking a photo takes more time and there’s no HDR in this mode.

For some reason, it seems to be a common theme that using the full resolution of these high resolution, sensors doesn’t usually promise better photos. If you want that blurred background, you should take photos outside during the day with enough light. You’Ll get a nice looking portrait with natural skin tones and good edge detection, but in lower light or even indoors, photos are significantly softer. The old stride. Camera was underwhelming, to say the least, colors contrast and dynamic range match what the main cam can do, but there’s a purple fringe around high contrast subjects detail is poor and there’s even more corner softness, it’s good enough for social media but that’s about it. The not so spectacular levels of detail continue to be a trend at night and images. Look soft there’s, no night mode, but details in the shadows and bright spots will benefit if you turn the HDR manually. As for the ostrich, camera in low light it’s far from satisfactory photo speaks for itself. The 16 megapixel camera and the punch hole has an F, 2.0 aperture and no autofocus. You might have to take a number of selfies to get one that’s in focus and even then there’s, some general softness when in portrait mode, the phone also struggles with edge detection. The galaxy a 60 is not a bad phone, but relative to the really strong competition it’s, just not worth it. For the money. There are phones like the red McGee Tony Pro out there and the Xiaomi me a three which offer a lot more bang for your buck, there’s, even a couple of galaxies that are more worth it.

So sadly, if you’re a Samsung fan, I would say, go with another, a series device like the galaxy, a 50 or the a 70 rather than the a 60 thanks for watching.