A3 2017 edition super excited about this phone. This is not the galaxy there. This is a different phone. The reason i'm super excited about this phone is not because of its specifications. We'Re talking about a mid range device here. This has only got a 1.6 GHz octacore processor, with 2 gigs of ram and 16 gigs of on board storage that is expandable with a microSD card up to 256 gigs. So those specifications don't get me excited. But what does is the size and also the fact that it has ip68 certification, so this right here is the sony. Xperia z5 compact I've been rocking this phone for quite a while. Now it came out back in October 2015, so it's, nice and compact, and it has ip68 certification, the phone that came out after this, the sony xperia x compact sony, dropped the ip68 certification on that phone, so bit of a disappointment there. That is why i am excited about this phone, so I am a fan of smaller sized phones. I, like phones, that easily fit in my hand that I can reach the whole screen and fit in my pocket, and I like the waterproofing on them, so i don't have to worry if it rains or heaven forbid. If I was to be pushed into a pool, it hasn't happened, but it was to happen. I would need to worry about my phone being destroyed, so this phone here 4.7 inch display nice and compact and that important ip68 certification, ok so anyway, let's just open up the box and check out the phone.

Alright there she is looks very nice we'll. Just put that to the side for now and see what else we get in the box, so we have a quick start guide and other documentation, don't care about that have a charger here, a USB type c charging cable and some decent. Looking earbuds alright let's just put that the side and have a look at the phone so size wise. It is a little bit bigger than the z5 compact, so taller let's have a look at with a little bit wider as well, but it is definitely slimmer. We'Ve got the volume on the left side. There. Power button on the right side will get the speaker grill here in an unusual place. If the camera wants to focus and get some light on that there we go speaker there, its no longer on the bottom. On the bottom, we just have the micro USB and the headphone jack. So it looks very good let's just peel this stuff off, and here is the phone in all of its naked glory stunning, looking phone with the glass on the front and back – and i believe it is Gorilla. Glass 4 takes a few design cues from the galaxy s7, like the curved edges here on the back just a stunning looking phone, i love it in all black, looks very stealthy, so anyway, I'm gon na power this on and have a quick play with it and See how we get on ok, so i've been using the phone now for a couple of hours, and so far i have to say i am quite impressed.

I may have finally found a replacement for my daily driver, which is the aging z5 compact there's. Only one thing I'm, not quite keen on as the video support, does not support 4K and only does 1080p, not a biggie, but it is a little bit of a downer, but over all, though the performance is very good. I love the always on display there. As you can tell there's a fingerprint magnet, the scanner works very well. I haven't noticed any lag anywhere but yeah. I quite like this phone nice and compact ip68 certification. So what do you guys think? Do you, like small phones? Do you like ip68 certified phones? Let me know in the comments below and drop a like if you want to see a full review of this phone or, if you want to see me, do a comparison between the a3 2017 and the z5 compact and as always, if you haven't done so already.