Now you can pick this up on Amazon I’ll, put a link up in the description, the price on this one 160 bucks. So this is official budget phone status that comes in five different colors. You got black deep, blue red coral, orange and gold. Alright, so let’s go through all the specs. Now this is a gsm, only phone. So if you got ATampT or t mobile you’re good to go, if you got Sprint or Verizon you a step for the display, you got a six point. Four inch Super AMOLED panel with the resolution of 720 by 1560 and that’s 268 for the PPI patrol you’re. Getting an 85 screen the body ratio and when you watch the videos you’re gon na watch them in the 19 by 5 by 9 aspect ratio for the processor, you got the exit node 7. 8. 8. 4, with the model achieve 71 mpg PU. What does that mean in English budget specs bro budget specs? Now you get in 3 gigs of ram 32 gigs of storage, and you do have a micro SD card slot for expandable memory up to one terabyte it’s running Android, 9 VIP fresh out of the box with the Samsung 1 UI skin. On top for the battery, you got a non removable. Four thousand milliamp battery that features 15 watt fast charging for the cameras on the rear. You got a dual setup, so you got a 13 megapixel. F, 1.9 that’s your wide angle lens and you got a 5 megapixel.

F. 2.2 that’s, your ultra wide angle, lens on the front. You got an 8 megapixel, F, 2.0 lens now, you’re. Also getting Bluetooth 5.0. You got NFC USB type c charging you get an FM radio, you got a fingerprint sensor on the rear and you get a headphone jack, so what’s missing for my flagship checklist. Basically, everything all right, but for 160 bucks, we’re, not gon na complain. Of course, you know you’re not getting wireless charging you’re, not getting doing speakers there’s, no IP rating, no quad HD display none of that fancy stuff. I had 160 bucks. This is a budget phone and we’re gon na treated accordingly. Alright, so first things first shout out to white shoes back in the building white shoes, calm down. Alright! Here we go Samsung Galaxy 820. Now this might be the cheapest galaxy phone that you’re gon na find. Of course, I went with the red let’s see. Did we miss anything blah blah blah all the same specs we just went through no need to read them again. Here we go inside the box. Now, of course, nice little white box, giggity let’s, see what you get okay now this is gon na. Be your use! Your books is shit, pluck them follow them to the side and that’s pretty much it on that there’s one more in there here’s what it is. Here’S your device 15 watt fast charging, brick alright that’s, not bad 160 bucks. This is gon na, be a USB type c charging cable, my shoes, you know what to do and you get a set of headphones.

Now. Let’S see these aren’t the AKG headphones standard set of headphones, very lightweight little Samsung Brandon got your play and pause button fill it on the cheap side. It is what it is and is your simple gesture tool. Alright, so that’s pretty much it now for the device itself let’s see, we got a little plastic on here. Let’S get this out of here. Okay, now let me do a smell test on this. Okay, this is that red red. Alright, this is a beautiful red color. I, like that plastic, build all right, so definitely on the lightweight side. It’S not gon na have that super premium feel to it. About 460 bucks, like I said, we’re not gon na complain, there’s your fingerprint sensor in the rear, dual camera setup, digit flash on the top. You got a little mic on one side: here’s your power button volume up and down let’s see if we got any juice. Okay, now you got a little tear drop notch in the front and a little bit of bezel on the bottom hi. This is minimum bezel that’s, not a gigantic chin, but you can see it on the bottom. There’S your headphone jack ha Samsung. Galaxy. Note. 10.1 cenote, 10 plus no headphone jack I’m, not really feeling that or that kind of rant hashtag bars there’s a USB type c charging. So I got another mic and you speaker girl, that’s, pretty much it on the other side.

Did you SIM, tray and let’s? Take a look at this display alright, here it is there’s your tear drop notch and, like I said, minimum bezels on the bottom, alright, so I’m gon na pause, the video scoot scoot I’m gon na pause, the video I’ll drop. All my information in then we’ll breeze through the OS talk amongst yourselves, alright so I’m in the middle of downloading all my apps and setting up the phone. So in the meantime, let’s do a little size comparison with some of the other galaxies, a series. Okay, so here’s the 820 here’s the 850. Both of these have that plastic feel to it. Let’S see: okay, pretty much the same height and the same width here’s, the galaxy a 70 again, both plastic builds. A 70 is a little bit taller and let’s see. Basically, the same width or just a little bit taller and here’s. My favorite galaxy eight series, the AAT. Now this one has a quality premium, build to it. It actually grew on me it’s. Just the price is to get damn high, but let’s see. This should be the biggest one, yep it’s a lot taller a lot wider, but the build quality is night and day. Alright, this is a real phone. This is a budget phone. I let me finish: setting everything up all right, Joss we’ll be back in not just put my information in the phone got everything all set up, and I got to be honest with job for 160 bucks.

The galaxy 820 is a major go. This might be the best budget phone of the year. Now, on the side note, if you start a new line with t mobile, you can get this phone for 70 bucks now at 70 bucks. This is a certified win, but even at 160 bucks it’s still a major go, let’s break it down. First things: first build quality. Now, of course, I got ta say it feels so good in the hands. Ladies, you know the procedures now look it’s that plastic feel to it so you’re not getting that premium. Materials it’s, not water resistant. But the theme of this video is 160 bucks and for 160 bucks the look and the feel here’s the 870. You put them side by side; one is double the price and you can’t even tell look about a hot going by the feel and the look so the build quality I’m, stamping it down a 1 no problems with that now there’s a couple of different ways: you Can open up the device you can swipe up put in your PIN and your padding, you also got face unlocked. So if you look closely, you see that little ring around the front front. Camera I’m gon na look at it there’s the face unlock that’s, not the fastest and most fluent in the game, but it works every time. Let me try it again and there it is. You also got a fingerprint sensor on the rear.

Now the fingerprint sensor on the rear works 100 of the time again, not the fastest in the world, 160 bucks it’s gon na get the job done. Look at this display now look shoes. I know it’s, not 1080p 721 it’s AMOLED. So all of the colors look. Nice and rich, the blacks are nice and dark again: I’m gon na say it one more time. 160 bucks, I really can’t, complain I so far I’m. Definitely feeling this phone let’s take it to the toggles all right. So you got some of your basic Samsung toggles. Not all of them, but you got a lot of them, so you got your flashlight. You got power, saving mode. You got auto rotate. You got your blue light filter for when you read it in the middle of the night. You can use this as a mobile hotspot. You have Smart View. So if you got a smart TV screen cast on deck, you got do not disturb secure folder. Now, if you bind this as your trap phone or your scumbag phone you’re gon na need that and it’s right there on deck, secure folders got your navigation bar. You could turn that on and off all to say ultra data say, and you got Dolby Atmos all right. So when you connect your headphones turn on Dolby Atmos it’s gon na give you more of a surround sound feel to it. Let’S go through the settings. Real quick, all right, so you do have NFC on this, got your blah mobile hotspot, blah blah blah let’s, go to our sound of vibrations.

Let’S get max volume. One bottom fireman, speaker I’m gon na test that out in a second let’s, see anything else. I’M. Let’S. Do this quick, no need to go to notifications, let’s go to display alright, so this is gon na be max brightness right enough. I had to get the job done. You got night mode. I turned on night mode, that’s gon na save some battery on this AMOLED panel. You can turn off your navigation bar. If you want, you can have swipe gestures or you can turn your put your back button on the left or put it on the right. I, like my, have a mods on the left. Let’S see let’s go through anything else, no need to check out the wallpapers and themes. You see those already lockscreen all right, so you got face unlock. You got smart, lock and get your fingerprint sensor. You do have a couple of face: widgets, no always on display, but you can have your music today’s schedule, your next alarm and your weather, and you can have some app shortcuts from the notification screen from your lockscreen weather, biometrics and security. I got three fingerprints on deck. Like I said, secure, folder, you’re gon na need that it’s pretty much it. Alright, Google no need to check those let’s go to advanced settings, alright, so check this out. You got smart pop up view. That’S, a classic Samsung feature on a phone that’s 160 bucks I’m impressed.

You got direct share now I turn over deuce animations and you see now. If you want, you can go to developer options and reduce them even more, but so far it’s pretty good let’s go to motions and gestures. I see you got a double tap to wake the screen. You got smart state. So as long as you’re looking at the phone, the screen to stay on smart alert, if you got your phone upside down like this and you get a text message once you pick your phone up, you get a little vibration to let you know check your notifications. Got your easy, mute flip the screen you to meet all your sounds one hand mode. You two finger sensor gestures, so basically what that is you swipe down the fingerprint sensor and bring down your notification bar? I don’t like that. I get too many actions there. Two swipes: you got palm swipe, the catcher that’s your screen, shots and swipe the call or send messages. So when you’re looking at here recently, your recents, you got a phone call. If you want to call a person back, you just swipe on the number. You could call them swipe the other way send them. A text got us a whistle on deck to digital. Well, did you well be in? I monitor your scumbag tactics, that’s the accessibility, all right. So if you’re hearing or visually impaired, you can still rock out and that’s pretty much it let’s go to about just for fun.

Go to status! Let’S see software information, Android, nine VIP, 1uy 1.1, so it’s pretty much up to date. All right so now let’s check the web. Browsing speeds go to, okay, there. It is now not the fastest in the world, not to smooth this. About 160 bucks, it’s gon na get the job done. Let’S try a little multitasking so let’s. Do our split screen skip this out of hand. Let’S. Do our YouTube on the bottom I’ll update that later get a little Mortal Kombat action all right, so you got Apple on the top YouTube on the bottom now let’s see if we can uh exit out of this let’s try to pop up view. Okay, the top of you does work with minimize net. Miss uh, try something this this okeydoke Bob Netflix Applause. You see about the blue that one doesn’t split open into puff up minimize that open these up. Take it back to YouTube. Of course you can move this around or you can go. Fullscreen Applause let’s see how this looks all right. So I got my daughter’s last video cued up let’s check out the display and listen to that speaker now. Of course, 720. Is your max resolution Music? One bottom forward, speaker, definitely not the loudest, but it looks pretty good, though there’s a viewing angles. Little bezel on the bottom. You tear drop notch. Now the side note I’ll leave a link for this video. If y’all want to see me, do my daughter’s on voiceover for her makeup, I was definitely having a good time.

Alright, let’s keep it moving. Alright. So now let’s take a look at the camera. Now you can hit your camera app, but you also have your WorldStarHipHop button press. The power button twice brings up your camera let’s check out the different modes. You got panorama. You got pro mode change, your ISO, your white balance and your shutter speed. You got live, focus eye that’s, your portrait mode, only works on faces. You got photo regular and wide angle. Now, look at that wide angle that ain’t bad at all and you got video let’s go to settings real, quick maximum video resolution on the rear 1920 by 1080. On the front same thing: Full HD, 1080 let’s see let’s go back to photos. You got your different filters, you got your aspect ratio, you got a timer and you got your flash and you also have some stickers all right. So if you want to get cute let’s, take a look at some pictures: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. All right so you’ve seen the pictures for yourself not the best in the world, but definitely not the worst. So, overall, on a scale of one to ten I’m, giving the Samsung Galaxy a 20, a major go and four hundred and sixty bucks, as Bob Barker would say, the price is right. This is the perfect phone for your kids for your parents, for your backup phone. Your tracfone and it has secure folders, so this is gon na be perfect for your scumbag activities.

Now my only gripe with this phone would be it’s a little on the slow side and when I say slow, I mean slow compared to a flagship phone. So if you buying this and you’re used to using a flagship, you’re gon na notice the difference in speed and when I mean slow Bob opening up apps they’re gon na take a little bit longer when you go into websites. It’S gon na take a little bit longer to load up the page when you’re multitasking. You will experience a little bit of lag here and there, but for 160 bucks. It is what it is. I it’s a budget phone and it performs really good build quality wise. It looks and feels nice, I just kind of looks modern if you didn’t know any better. You wouldn’t think this is one hundred and sixty dollar phone put it side by side with the galaxy a 70. They pretty much look and feel the same. The display 720p, but it’s AMOLED panel, so it looks nice face, unlock, actually works. A fingerprint sensor works. All your Samsung features. Work pop up window split screen, multitasking top life, secure folders. I really can’t complain the speaker’s, not the loudest, but again for the price. It is what it is anyway: Samsung Galaxy, 820 it’s, not the end of the year yet, but this might be the best budget phone of the year and when I say budget phone I mean under 200 bucks, but we still got time now.

In the side note that’s been asking me about the Galaxy Note 10 and then note 10 plus I got those coming up real soon, I’ve been going heavy into those I’m gon na. Do both phones all the cases, all accessories we’re going crazy. I real soon. Actually, sooner than later, hit me up in the comments. Let me know what y’all think about this one shout out to everybody. Rockin with me on Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Google shout out to all the Google gangsters. I see how holding down that Facebook page shout out to everybody hitting me up on boxer and a special shout out. Tell me buddy rockin will be on Instagram y’all, know that’s, where I’m at home time on a percent full throttle and a special shout out to everybody rockin with the new stream on Sundays. Yall already know stream gangstas on deck, get your drinks ready. No meat boys laugh oh yeah special shout out to everybody following me on snapchat flossy, underscore carter, that’s whack and a special shout out to the notification squad. I see how, in the comments such an early hashtag salute. Oh you, one more thing. I almost forgot fellas. Ladies say it with me all y’all haters, all y’all, trolls close your eyes and picture me.