This is the second part of the series best budget smartphones. Under 200.. We will examine the galaxy a12s one features: 2., camera 3. security package, 4. components, 5. connectivity, 6. list, the pros and cons 7.. I will render my overall rating and review of this smartphone join us hi. My name is roderick and welcome to this channel seek right. Tech reviews, i will be your host narrating, this video seek right. Tech reviews provides consumers like yourself with tech, product knowledge and consumer education on future trending and current state of the art technology. If you are looking for an unbiased examination and review of any tech item that can help you decide what to and what not to spend your money on then this is the place for you. If you are new to the channel, then sit back and enjoy the video we’ll talk again to you at the end of this video. If you are visiting us again and haven’t joined the srt community, take a moment now: click the like button to help the channel reach more viewers, click the subscribe button and turn on the notification bell. So you are notified when a new video is posted. I post new videos on saturday. The features of the samsung galaxy a12 are one 6.46 inches in height 2.98, inches wide and 0.35 inches thick, with its weight being 7.23 ounces 2.. The screen display is 6.5 inches, pls dfd, lcd or physical level, sharing thin film transistor.

Liquid crystal display a proprietary samsung display design technology that offers high brightness and color accuracy with their wide viewing angles for their phones. Three: the display is high definition, hd plus 720 by 1 600 pixel resolution with 16 million color depth and a 20 to 9 aspect ratio. 4.. The cameras are a main quad rear camera and a front selfie camera. The main quad rear camera has four lenses. 16.0. Mp, f, 1.8 wide lens 5.0 mp, f, 2.2, ultra wide lens 2.0, mp, f, 2.4 macro lens and 2.0 mp, f, 2.4 telephoto lens lenses for the main camera have both flash and autofocus the front or selfie. Camera is 8.0 mp, f, 2.2 lens. The video recording resolution for both cameras is fhd 1920 by 1080 at 30 frames per second video playback formats include mp4 m4v, 3gp 3g2 wmv asf avi, flv, mkv and webm 5.. The battery is a lipo 5000 m on on removable battery. That comes with a 15 watt fast charging adapter the battery life is reported internet time. Usage is up to 30 hours. Talk time. Usage is up to 34 hours and video playback usage time of 16 hours. Although the fast charging adapter is 15 watts, it is reported that the total charging time is quite dismal for the galaxy a12 from zero to 100. It takes three hours and three minutes of time to fully charge. Six other features include a smart, lock, b, multi screen and pop up screen modes and c a game booster feature Music.

The security package for the galaxy a12 breaks down this way. One face recognition, unlock feature: 2., fingerprint sensor, side mounted, unlock feature 3., smart, lock, feature 4. android standard security, settings swipe pattern, password and 4 digit pin code and five samsung nox, multi layered security package. The samsung nox security package is a proprietary, comprehensive military grade level. Internal hardware, chip that isolates encrypts and secures your data, including your confidential files, credit card transactions, passwords and health data information. Music. The components of the galaxy a12 are one android 10 upgradable to android 11. One ui 3.1. Two ram equals three gigabytes: ram: 3. internal storage. 32 gigabytes with 19.4 gigabytes available to the user at the time of purchase, excellent excellent for external memory; storage, a micro sd xc card up to one terabyte in size, five chipset mediatek, mt 6765, leo p35, 6. central processing unit, cpu octa core 4×2.35 gigahertz cortex, a53; And 4 by 1.8 gigahertz, cortex, 853 7 graphics, processing unit, gpu power, vr ge, 8320, processor 8.. The audio system breaks down like this. A dolby atmos surround sound b, a customizable equalizer, installed c fm radio d, a 3.5 millimeters audio jack port installed e audio playing formats, mp3 m4a, acc, ogg, boga, wave wma amr awb, flack, mid midi, xmf mxmf me rttl, rtx and ota 9 sim equals dual sim Slot type sim 1 plus micro sd slot the connections for the galaxy a12 are one bluetooth: 5.0 2.

wi fi equals 802.11. A slash b g n slash ac 2.4 plus 5 gigahertz speeds three wi fi direct supported four hotspot equipped and supported five usb interface. Usb type c version 2.0 and six near field communication nfc supported the pros for the galaxy a12 r1 good screen size display and pixel resolution 2. excellent, multi, camera package; 3. excellent internal and external storage capacity, 4. upgradeable to android 11 operating system 5. excellent security package; 6., very good battery life 7. fully unlocked phone available for these carriers. A a d n t b boost mobile c qriket wireless d, metro by t mobile d, sprint, f, t mobile g; u s cellular and h. Verizon. The cons for the galaxy a12 are one. The ram is just three gigabytes: this could have been at least four gigabytes ram. The basic industry standard; two, no mobile high definition, link capability, mhl, three, no user manual installed on the phone. However, i have found a pdf link where you can download the user manual for the galaxy a12 from the description box below 4.. The battery recharging time is abysmal from 0 to 100 is 3 hours and 3 minutes to fully recharge. I give the samsung galaxy, a12, smartphone and overall rating of a minus. For these reasons. 1.. This is a superior budget smartphone for the price point of 105 2.. This is a smartly designed phone that has and offers great flexibility and versatility in its features.

Camera security components and connectivity apart from the ram, is just three gigabytes, as opposed to the industry standard, basic of four gigabytes and no mobile high definition link capability: this is an extremely durable device that can comfortably serve any user. Who wants excellent and predominantly current technology? Very inexpensively and would feel satisfied with this phone for about two years easily or until they choose to upscale their phone to a mid range or high end level phone device. If you found this video helpful, informative and provided you with effective, useful product knowledge, click, the like button, click the subscribe button and join the srt community turn on the notification bell. We post new videos on saturdays click. The next video to continue watching don’t forget to check out the description box for all the links mentioned in this video.