4 inch android tablet from samsung. So there are two configuration of this tablet that you can currently buy on amazon. The cheaper model comes with 64 gigabyte storage and 4 gig of ram, while the more expensive model doubles. The ram to 8 gigabyte and quadruples the storage to 256 gigabytes. Now the storage is not a big deal, because both these configurations support expandable storage. So you can get an sd card and increase the storage on either of these two configurations. So i dont think thats a big deal, but the big deal is double the ram in the more expensive model. So this is the model. I think that i will recommend, because eight gig ram ensures very smooth android experience. More ram will also help with something called dex mode, which i think is the single best feature of this tablet. So when connected to an external monitor, a keyboard and a mouse, this tablet transforms into a full fledged computer, so the operating system, it switches from a tablet mode to a pc mode, giving you a windows or a mac like desktop environment. So in this mode you can move the cursor with your mouse. You can type with the keyboard, you can resize each app window and you can switch between apps using a task manager so its exactly like how you do it in windows, 10 or windows 11., and the added bonus is that the tablet screen is also functional, which Means you can enjoy a dual screen setup for maximum productivity.

Now i have been using the dex mode on this tablet for almost six months, and i have not faced any performance issue while surfing websites, while watching streaming videos. I also run productivity apps, including emailing and word processing, and this is because 8 gig of ram its more than enough for samsung to smoothly run the dex mode. Now lets talk about the included s pen, which i think is a fantastic accessory, making galaxy tab. S7. Fe a very useful and the most versatile tablet in the market. As of now samsung has been perfecting the s pen and boy. Does it show so this pen offers 4 000 levels of pressure, sensitivity, making it not just great for sketching, and you know making digital art, but also for taking notes. So if you are a student or if you are a working professional who likes to jot down a lot of notes, you are going to love this feature. Its pressure sensitivity works smoothly across a wide range of apps, including third party app. So i have tested it out on many apps and i have never felt any lagginess, while using adobe, sketch photoshop express autodesk, sketchbook bamboo paper and even microsoft, onenote, which is notorious for being slow and laggy when used with an active pen. Added bonus is samsungs built in notes app, which offers surprisingly good handwriting recognition. So there is a single button on the side of the s pen and it acts as an eraser, and i love this feature.

So when you bring the s pen close to the screen, a list of useful s, pen apps automatically pop up and my favorite – is the screen right app because i can annotate screenshots, something which i do all the time. So, in my opinion, samsungs s pen is right up there with apples pencil when it comes to latency and usability next lets talk about the screen on this tablet, so youre getting a large 12.4 inch screen its 16 by 10 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1600 By 2560., so this is roughly 243 pixels per square inch, which is comparable to 264 pixels per square inch offered by the far more expensive ipad pro its screen supports hdr 10 plus, which means when you are watching your favorite, shows from netflix disney plus amazon. Prime. You are going to get the full. You know white color gamut, so you are going to get really crisp video watching experience. Now. This tablet is using a tft lcd panel instead of amoled panel, which you will find in the more expensive galaxy tab, s7 and s8. But i think its still a pretty good screen delivering over 430 nits of maximum brightness that can shoot up to 520 nits in the sunlight. That means even on a hot sunny day when you are sitting in your backyard, you will have no trouble reading text or watching videos on this tablet. So i really love the screen on this tablet.

Now, texts look really sharp. Colors are very vibrant and the contrast ratio is about 1900 to 1, which is really impressive. I especially like the 16 by 10 aspect ratio because its great for media consumption, so, for example, right ipad pro. You are not going to get those huge bars on the top and bottom while watching videos on this tablet, which is what you get on ipad and thats, because the ipad has the more square. You know 4×3 aspect ratio. Complementing this large 12.4 inch screen is a pair of akg tuned dolby atmos speakers, so these two speakers are placed symmetrically on the shorter side, creating a perfect stereo separation when holding the tablet in landscape mode. Now they are fairly loud and they deliver decent bass. Since samsung has equipped this tablet with a massive 10 090 milliampere battery, you will be able to enjoy multimedia on this tablet for long hours. So i tested the battery life on this tablet and what i found that when i started from 100 and i watched the full movie – and i did you know web browsing – i also did some social media scrolling battery was still sitting at 60, so thats pretty impressive. Now samsung claims 12 hours of battery life and i honestly dont think they are exaggerating, so you most likely are going to get 12 hours of battery life on this tablet.