It crushes the web browser and well talk about that in a second all of my productivity stuff, all my email stuff, all my calendar stuff, even some light photo editing dex for me, has just been game changing, especially because its always connected whats up guys. My name is mitchell im fluent in tech, so you need to be, and i want to go ahead and talk about what ive learned after switching to dex as my mobile computing solution quirks features, i want to talk to you guys a little bit about how my New perfect x, pro dex dock, has played into all of that things i like about it and things i hate about it now. The second thing that im absolutely in love with regarding dex, is the fact that im always connected at least here in vietnam, im paying four dollars for four gigabytes of data a day. Also in vietnam. Most of the houses here are made of brick, meaning wi fi signal oftentimes isnt, that great in the entire house or in the entire business im working at or wherever, and that means that my high speed lte connection can be invaluable. If i need to connect to the internet and being that the whole heart of dex is a mobile phone not having to take my device out and tether it to a laptop just saves time and is ultimately more convenient. The third thing, ive learned, is how much i rely on zoom for my job and how much i am resenting the fact that zoom is just ultimately incompatible with decks now in vietnam, i am still doing online teaching.

All of this online teaching, essentially utilizes. Two things: a powerpoint presentation and zoom, and in order for me to teach on zoom mobily, i have to connect to my zoom class with two accounts, one from my pixel and one from my samsung. One of them is sharing the powerpoint. The other one is sharing. My face and voice – and this just drives me insane the fact i have to do this double phone thing – get a stand out for this. Its just really inconvenient. Please samsung do some type of workaround to allow us to have dax fully featured, and i wouldnt even consider buying a laptop to replace this now. The fourth thing ive learned is that the samsung battery protection is really really nice and its also kind of necessary. If you want to use decks all day, let me explain now: when your phone is plugged in using dex, it uses a bit of power, its not super power intensive, but definitely drains the battery. I have battery protection enabled on my device, meaning it never charges above 85 it kind of stays between the 85 to 83 mark. Now, if i am using dex with my you perfect x, i need to enable charging on this to keep my phone in that 80. Ish percentile, if i plug this into this device and its below uh, that 85 percent mark, then its going to drain that internal battery to charge my phone ultimately giving me less run time um on my you perfect x and the 10 000 milliamp hour battery on Here does charge relatively quickly by the way.

This is my solution for holding my phone on ill show you guys in a second but uh. I i got ta say that if you are going to be using samsung dex and your phone is below 50 below 40 youre gon na want to have that whole setup plugged in and charging now. One thing i have noticed that has been incredibly helpful with the: u perfect x, pro and samsung dex is that if im using a normal, quick charge 3 or a usb a socket which is not usbc power delivery compatible, i can charge my phone and charge the You perfect x pro and the u perfect x, pro essentially trickle charges, so youre not holding any of these devices at 100 battery for a long period of time. As you guys know, i care a lot about battery health with the charger that i utilize. I can just either plug it in the usb a or the usb c port, if its the usb c port, its going to charge it usb 8 port, it doesnt charge it or trickle charges it like one percent, every five or six minutes, thats a great workaround. Now my fifth takeaway from replacing my mobile computing unit with the samsung deck space setup is that samsung needs to add palm rejection to the software. The fact that im constantly turning the trackpad on and off on the youperfect is such a headache and thats. Really, no fault of you perfect, as the like trackpad is doing exactly what its intended to do its just an admission from samsung deck software that we really need fixed.

Like dear dex gods. Please add palm rejection. If someone knows a third party workground or an app that i can do, go ahead and comment that that would make my life extremely simple now. My sixth takeaway from this is that browsers matter browsers matter a lot. Normally i use brave browser to earn crypto, which you guys can tip me from. If you guys are brave browser users, it goes to supporting me awesome. If not whatever uh and i tried using the stock samsung one stock samsung one was fine, then i used microsoft edge and using microsoft. Edge was fantastic if youre, using dex microsoft edge is by far one of the best fastest, most full featured solutions. All of the issues that i was having with brave browser completely fixed using microsoft edge if youre using a different browser. I know some people have used firefox. Some people on the reddit were telling me to use edge. Let me know what browser you guys use in the comment section down below now before we get to our seventh and last takeaway. I want to go ahead and thank the sponsor for todays video, my company actually techfluent. Now, if you guys see, i have these little like neoprene pouches, stuck on the back of my you perfect x pro, and i use these pouches to go ahead and hold my phone secure against the back of my device. So it doesnt move thats, not what these are designed for.

These are actually designed to hold your hard drive. We have a smaller version for an ssd theyre used to hold it to the back your laptop, so you dont potentially break your hard drive and lose all your data. But if you guys want to get one of these to use with your deck setup, ill have links to it down in the description down below its. What i use its a perfect solution, i can shake it. I can bring it on a roller coaster. I dont have to worry about it falling out. I use two of them, put them like side to side and its great now. The last and final thing that ive learned from this has been using decks without a keyboard which i know is kind of not the purpose of dex. That said, the fact that i can go ahead and turn the on scored on screen keyboard on when i have the keyboard detached is fantastic, but using a 15 inch screen with a 10 000 milliamp hour battery with one hand isnt the most its not the most Convenient thing its not the most ergonomic thing, its, not the the its, not something i would suggest to most people, but the fact that you can remove the keyboard and you have very much like a tablet thing. You can turn off dex mode to just have like a big tablet. Interface thats, great um. I am pretty happy with my experience using it with the keyboard cover.

Without the keyboard cover. My typing experience on the keyboard cover has been totally fine. Battery life has been totally fine. Now i am looking to add a screen protector. Thats, a matte finish screen protector to my you perfect x, pro just because its not the brightest of screens at only 300 nits, its fine for most office environments. When i have to take it into the office, that said, i would like maybe 450 500 nits, and that would make this device a work outside work away from home. I understand they need to put a bigger battery in it. Thats, just you know let a boy dream here: okay, let me know what your dex setup is in the description down below if youre using it with a monitor, if youre using it with a usb hub, what peripherals youre using with im interested in that stuff. As someone thats now, basically converted to using decks almost full time for my mobile work stuff in my office, that im working at now doing youtube content for them. Okay.