I can get this thing and then get this thing out and then we will get this thing. We got this thing. Oh, what is this a quick start? We remove this from the plastic okay. So this is this galaxy thing: oh there’s, so many of them this is the quickstart guide. This is the quickstart guide. Look look it’s a book, yeah it’s a book here. Also what we got here is it you can it can? It can make this like that? Oh yeah, oh yeah, so we’re gon na go with this one and now we’re, just gon na go for this thing. This time so let’s see wow. Look here, wow, look at that. I regret this yeah. Oh yeah we’re done with this and now we’re going to show this one. Okay, so let’s get this thing out nice and smooth open this and then do this round. It also has a charger down here right and also that on the back it you can open it, and then there is a charger inside and look see, that’s a charger inside it. It makes it very, it makes it being plugged, and then this is the wi fi connector, another one, and then the this is the. This is the ethernet and then and then there is a we will. This thing is the hdma yeah and then the last one is the charger right it can. It can be it can it can charge anything inside it.

I can put the phone in here. Look: okay, i can play youtube. Oh yeah yeah, oh yeah, there’s still more stuff like this one one, this all right. Let me turn this volume on. We can connect this one to a monitor, but you can still get out right right and then also that i it also has gold stamina here and then okay, yeah, yeah and then and then let’s put it back there’s a hidden charger in this samsung look there’s A hidden one: okay, okay, so let’s put this back and then just put this here like that, and then let’s put the samsung thing back inside right and here just put this inside let’s hold it. And then let me do this and then okay put this right here. The star guide – always oh yeah, yes, okay, let’s, put this back here and then put this in in here in the center and then oh yeah, it’s very good, now here’s, the last one, okay, okay, thanks for watching. I hope you have a you.