One of the most common ones known is the samsungs dex feature which has been around since the days of the galaxy s8. Initially, you needed a windows pc to access the dex application, but now you dont even need that all you need is a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and a single usbc cable as soon as you plug it in the phone does the rest. So when the manufacturers are providing so many features, the question has to be asked: can a phone really replace a pc? I mean every app that you use on your pc has a mobile version, so there is no reason why you cant get some work done, and so i decided to give it a shot. I replaced my laptop with my phone for one day to see. If i can get any work done, just using samsungs decks setup wise, my job was made a little easier because my monitor has usb passthrough. So i didnt have to connect my keyboard and mouse to my phone with a weird adapter or anything. The monitor has two usb ports on the back, which can directly interact with my phone. So i use that the nice thing about dex is that your phone screen and the monitor are completely independent, meaning that you can have some application running on the monitor and do something else entirely on your phone. The only catch is you cant open the same app thats, already open on your phone.

So if you have opened an app on your dex interface and you want that on your phone, the app has to be closed and restarted, and no you cant even transfer apps from one window to another, even though its literally being powered by the same phone. I think thats a room for improvement. There i mean its running on the same phone. I should be able to take it from my phone screen and pull it on the deck screen, but thats a minor complaint, because the apps just run absolutely fine on the decks interface, even mobile centric applications that i used ran absolutely fine with the keyboard and mouse. I was actually pretty impressed and by the way, if you dont have an external keyboard or mouse, you can still use decks. Your phone can change into a touchpad with a keyboard im, not a fan of that keyboard, its pretty small to type when youre. Looking at the monitor, but the touchpad is frankly excellent, its one of the best pads ive used. I know its the same device powering both screens but the accuracy by which it tracks your fingers and allows you to have multiple gestures. Its pretty amazing to me my work primarily requires me to use a good browser and the microsoft office suit, both of which are already available on the phone, including the google document suit, like google, docs, google sheets and samsung has optimized other applications like outlook and microsoft Teams to work better with decks on paper thats pretty much all i needed really.

It all worked surprisingly well. The performance was buttery smooth as expected and well. There is no fan noise to deal with because its all powered by a phone there were a few small software glitches, but nothing that couldnt be worked around or there wasnt anything. That could stop me from doing my work, but i do see some bigger problems, though, and pretty much all of them are hardware related. The first issue, i noticed, was the device heating up, obviously, when its constantly being charged and simultaneously being used as a pc, the device gets pretty toasty and that cant be good for the batterys health. I didnt get any high temperature warnings on my phone, but just to keep it safe. I unplugged it once in a while, like once every 35 minutes now. Thankfully, all the apps that i had opened still stay open. The next time i reconnect but theyll all have to reload. So if you had opened like a bunch of tabs in your browser like i usually do, they all have to reload. So you cant really do continual activities like if you were downloading some huge file when it was in a text mode. You better keep it that way to prevent it from being interrupted, and even though the browser opens all of the web pages by default in desktop mode, it doesnt support for other things. Like extensions, i cant use the browser extensions that i would have used on my pc, so i had to take some workarounds to do something that otherwise would have taken me just one click and speaking of clicks, some of the buttons in your mouse that you always Took for granted like the middle click, doesnt really work here.

You cant open the links in a new tab or close the tabs using the middle click. You have to right click all your way. There again not a deal breaker. You can still get your work done, but its not as fast as using a pc because thats what im used to, but i was able to get most of my work done just fine aside from a few websites like the drip community, which absolutely needs a desktop Browser everything else was an acceptable alternative and i guess thats the verdict. I will give using samsung dex for a day. It is not a complete replacement by any means, but its an acceptable alternative. So if your pc is not working well or maybe youre in between your pcs at the moment, you can use decks to get your work done, at least for basic documents and meetings for about a day or two. This is also a great way of reusing. My second phone, the galaxy note 8. thats kind of what i like about samsungs high end devices. I mean sure they are expensive, but they also come with a lot of useful features. Like this i mean id like to see your iphone. Do that oh thats right! It doesnt even have a usb port anyway. This was a fun experience. Im, pretty surprised that even a four year old phone, like the note 8, can be useful in 2022. If you know how to use it.

As for my workstation, though, yeah im going back to a pc because they are designed to be used for hours and hours without really damaging their hardware, that much and as for laptop batteries, they are already geared to use the wall power when the power is available. Instead of the battery and as a matter of fact, i am looking for a new laptop pc. I think my sony bio has served me well for the past 8 years, so yeah its probably time for its retirement. So if you have any suggestions feel free to drop them in the comments down below or if you want to share some links, you can do that on discord as well. Link is in the description i dont have a budget restriction as such, but dont go crazy with your suggestions, as i mentioned, my workload is not that heavy and i primarily just use the browser. So something with a super, fast ssd and ram will do just fine ill, mainly be looking for longevity and repairability. You know something thats easy to upgrade down the line and something that already has a lot of io ports, which doesnt require me to buy a lot of adapters or toggles. I have my eyes on the lg gram, its a little old now, but i think it serves my purpose. What do you think, but if you even accidentally recommend an apple macbook or recommend something that i dont like bruh? I will look for you.