If youve never heard of samsung dex, the idea is very simple: just plug your phone in and itll automatically display a computer like interface on any external, monitor, basically youre using your phone as a computer. The! U perfect x, pro lap dog is a 15.6 inch, 4k touchscreen display, with a built in 10, 000 milliamp hour battery and a removable keyboard cover similar to what youd find on the microsoft surface pro. I have to admit this might be the nicest portable display ive ever used, but it also costs 550 bucks. They do offer a 1080p version. Thats 100 cheaper, but thats still a lot of money for whats. Basically, a really nice portable display all right. The metal stand. Swivels out like this and lets, you use the display at almost 90 degrees to completely flat like so. I really like the stand and hinge design a lot. Its very sturdy theres also rubber feet at the bottom to stop it from sliding when youre using the touchscreen but yeah. This is really well built and solid. Hidden behind the hinge are the ports, a headphone, jack, usb c and menu controls on one side and, on the other, an hdmi mini and two usb c ports, one for charging and one for video input. I like that, you can have two things plugged into the monitor at once. For example, right now i have both my phone and nintendo switch connected and switching between them is nice and easy through the built in touch menu.

You can also plug a laptop into this and use it as a second screen, but if you already own a laptop something like this seems a little excessive, so the keyboard attachment connects to the bottom via magnets. Now you have to align it perfectly for it to connect, which is a little frustrating, because it does take some time, as you can see, but youll most likely keep it on most of the time. Because of this design working off your lap is essentially not possible. I mean you could do it, but id be constantly worried about this falling off and where the heck im supposed to be keeping my phone thats one of my biggest annoyances with all the lap dogs ive tested in the past. They never seem to offer some sort of way for you to mount or store your phone. I mean theres options, but i dont want to spend any more money than i have to give me an all in one solution, especially at this price point anyways im ranting, but this is essentially an on the table type of device, which makes it a lot less Useful when, on the go, the benefit of a design like this is, of course you can remove the keyboard cover whenever you dont need it alright. So the keyboard is nice and roomy. The buttons actually have a good amount of key travel, theyre, actually quite clicky, which i like, but the problem is these arent backlit, which i think is a huge letdown because youre paying so much for it.

The other issue i have is that, because my hands are relatively small, i do find that the keys are a little too spaced out for my liking, like, for example, compared to one of my favorite keyboards, just check out how much wider the keys are. Spaced out like this is so much wider than this. The keyboard itself has a really nice soft texture, theres a row of shortcuts at the top that you can activate by holding the function key like this heres, the volume button. So they all work, but whats funny is that the brightness toggles here controls the brightness on the phone, as you can see, and not on the monitor yeah, its really really really weird. If you want to adjust the brightness on the actual laptop, you have to go through the touch menu like so so press the button here and then adjust it manually on the screen like that, the tripod im gon na keep it real with you guys its. Not all that great its usable, but its kind of small and theres no palm rejection, which is so frustrating because, while i was typing, my palm would accidentally click on things all the time. So i had to disable it honestly youre better off using the trackpad on your phone or just printing a mouse like i said, the display is really really nice. Youve got tiny bezels on the three sides here and a much thicker one at the bottom, but whats crazy is just look at how thin this thing is.

Like thats impressive, i got ta hand it to them. This thing looks really premium. Colors look good youre getting 100 of the srgb color space and it gets decently bright too, but yeah. This has a glossy finish. So reflections and fingerprints can be a bit of a problem since, as you can see, this is a touch screen. The touchscreen works, pretty good, just dont expect tablet like responsiveness from it, but yeah. There is a slight delay, as you can see: theres, like maybe half a second delay, so for more precise work, its going to be really hard but yeah for managing windows and basic touch control stuff. This will do the job. This 4k version that they sent me is 100 overkill. If dex is your only use case for it, but man 4k content looks really good on here. If you can connect something that supports it. There are two upward farming speakers at the back here which honestly isnt the best location, but these arent half that bad theres a lot of distortion at max volume and in general they arent as good as the ones built into the galaxy z43, for example. But these get pretty loud. Usually speakers on portable monitors are like complete trash, but i can get by with these id rate them like a six out of ten Music. You get a 10 000 milliamp hour battery built in that will power the monitor and charge your phone at the same time.

Now, if youre not a fan of keeping your phone plugged in the entire time, theres a toggle in the touch menu to turn that off but yeah, i was able to completely drain the battery in about five and a half hours while using decks. That included a lot of word, processing surfing the web and a sprinkle of netflix speaking of netflix. Did you know you can access different libraries of content from other countries? Well, with the surfshark you can so what searchrock does is that it encrypts all your data before it goes over the internet, so people you dont, want having access to your personal information wont, have access to it, especially dangerous when using public wi fi, one of my Favorite use cases for search track is to access content from other countries with one click i can access american netflix, even though im located in canada so thats even more content. For me to binge watch with no limit to the number of devices you can connect at a time. This means you can keep your entire family secure too check out stuff right now by clicking the link below and using my promo code, tau youll get 83 off and four months completely free, well, theres a lot i like about this product, but the answer for most People is gon na, be no yeah theres a lot of minor annoyances that you cant overlook, since the price of this is getting really close to a tablet or even laptop money, and you can do so much more on a laptop.

This competes with other laptops that are built exactly like laptops, and i think those make way more sense when it comes to on the go productivity. I love the portable monitor aspect to it. This is easily one of the best ive ever used, but the keyboard attachment, especially the trackpad, falls really short. For me, this is essentially a tabletop device and, if its mainly gon na live on your desk, you might as well pair a better keyboard and a mouse to it. Now, if you dont plan on being portable at all, you can also just spend the money on a full blown monitor. I would have loved it if they sold the portable monitor on its own without the keyboard attachment at a lower price. But then again, it would just be another portable monitor on the market, so theyre kind of stuck in a weird place with this. If you guys are looking for a high quality laptop in this surface, pro form factor then yeah. This is one of the only options on the market as usual.