Everyone Ty here, so both my full four and Galaxy Tab recently received one UI 5 AKA Android 13. and while majority of the changes were minor, there is one change that I know will make a lot of Dex fans. Happy Dex finally supports 4K resolutions on external displays, but there is a catch. You got ta do a little bit of tinkering which Ill talk about in a bit. In my last video, I said that it maxed out at 1440p, which is obviously wrong, so shout out to Satish for dropping this comment and letting me know in todays video. I wanted to share all the Dex based changes and, of course, my thoughts on them. So this was a very small update when it comes to actual new features for decks, but there are a couple of cool little changes that you might not have noticed. First of all, the taskbar has been enhanced according to Samsung, they added a search button, so you can quickly find apps and files on your device, a search function isnt that new or exciting, but I do appreciate that it now opens in this smaller pop up. Instead of taking up the entire screen, this way, youre not completely taken out of whatever youre working on its just a bit more multitasking friendly. If you right click on the taskbar, you can open up a new menu that actually lets. You hide buttons that you might not want or need on the taskbar, including that new search button personally Ive hidden the navigation, language and keyboard buttons, as I never really use those.

So, with all this extra space on the left side here Id love an option to move all the icons to the left, so the right side here doesnt feel so cluttered. Once you have a bunch of apps open. The notifications also got a fresh redesign. It looks cleaner, its spaced out nicely and the bigger app icons are a nice touch. The action buttons are bigger with bold text now too, which is a nice improvement over the old, tiny ones. You can, of course, still quickly swipe, left or right to dismiss notifications. Theres also a new indicator that appears on the notification button itself. That does a much better job of drawing your attention. If you happen to miss the initial pop up clicking on the date opens up a mini calendar in the past. It would open up the actual calendar app. Sometimes you just want to glance at whats coming up on your agenda or view the monthly calendar. So I like the idea behind this. My problem with it is that they pretty much just slap the calendar widget on here and called it a day, its too small and my opinion and theres. No reason why I shouldnt be able to read more of an event title, especially one. This short, you can also right click on apps or buttons on the taskbar to quickly access certain tasks or shortcuts. A couple of examples that I find useful were clicking on the Galaxy Store icon gives you a quick way to update all your apps and right clicking.

The screenshot button gives you the options to take a partial screenshot rather than one of the entire screen. You can always cop a screenshot after taking one, but this might be a little more efficient, so Im not 100 sure. If this next one is actually new, but I dont remember having this option before in the Samsung keyboard settings, you now have a toggle for show toolbar with physical keyboard, when youre using the book cover keyboard or any Bluetooth, keyboard and start typing. A toolbar will pop up right above the taskbar. This gives you the ability to do a few things that werent possible before, when using a physical keyboard, for example, you can quickly access emojis, paste things from your clipboard type, with your voice and even Translate into a different language. One thing that is still missing is predictive text if youve used an iPad with a physical keyboard, this little box pops up giving you real time spell check and word suggestions, including emojis. Samsung definitely needs to add this, especially on the Galaxy Tab, with a super pricey keyboard cover that just isnt very good value. What is good value, though, is a service from todays sponsor surf shark surfshark is a virtual private Network that encrypts all your data before its sent over the Internet, masking your true IP address and location, keeping you safe and private. With surf shark, you can actually gain access to different content. Libraries from around the globe did you know that Canada has one of the biggest movie catalogs on Netflix? Well, now that you do just connect to a comedian, server and stream away, the best part they offer unlimited connections.

Yes, unlimited thats unheard of with a single subscription. You can download a new surf shark on as many devices as you want, take 83 off and get three months free by clicking the link below and using the code r e n with a 30 day money back guarantee if youre not happy with the service. Just get a refund Music, okay likely likely most important Improvement to Dex with this update is that it can now support external displays with a resolution up to 4K up from 1440p, which was the previous max resolution. If youve used Dex on a large display, you know how low res it can look. So a 4K option is much needed. The interesting thing about this all is that its not officially listed on the changelog for one ui5. Nowhere does it say that Dex now supports 4K resolutions on external displays, so technically its not official. For that reason, you need to download a good, lock, app called multistar to actually get it to work. Good luck, kind of feels like a testing ground for Samsung to try out new features before theyre, officially added to one UI inside multi, star, tap on iHeart, Samsung, Dex and then toggle on high resolutions for external display. If youve got an older device, you might experience some extra heat, but I havent had many issues with the taba State Ultra or the fold 4., once thats toggled on restart decks, and you should see a UHD AKA 4K option under display resolution a bit of bad News for those of you who use a doc or a USB hub, it maxes out at 30 frames per second, so itll likely feel way too choppy to comfortably use a single high speed.

Cable from your device to the display is the way to go. If 4K is what youre after so the extra sharpness is great and all but sounds, is gon na need to iron out some of these scaling issues. Remember that mini calendar yeah its now a tiny calendar unless Im sitting right in front of the screen. Theres no way Id be able to see this. You can zoom everything in in the settings, but it doesnt scale everything up like, for example, these buttons above the windows dont, get any bigger and are a pain to actually interact with. Another Improvement that Samsung has quietly added to Dex is a new display arrangement. In the past, we only had the option for positioning to the right or left side of the external display, but theyve added an option for below the display now which allows you to move the mouse freely between the displays when using a stats Leo, which is what I personally prefer, when plugged into a monitor anyways those are essentially all the improvements to Samsung Decks, that Ive come across since updating to one UI five feel free to. Let me know if I missed anything in the comments and your thoughts on the changes as usual.