During one of my previous live streams, one of you asked me a question: what about samsung dex for pc and the touchscreen windows machine? Can you control decks on pc, while you’re using on the touchscreen windows device, so i’m gon na try this out with my microsoft surface pro 7, so let’s find out? Can you control decks for pc? While you have a windows machine which has a touchscreen display? Let’S begin by getting my note 9 and connected to the surface pro 7. i’m to use usb type c, 2, usb type c, to connect my note 9 to a surface pro 7, just because the usb type a has been used by the display link adapter to Screen record everything what you see on my on my um surface device, so let’s plug that in into a usb type c port once plugged in my phone, is getting notification or vibrates that is basically being charged i’m just going to unlock it. Some decks some something decks for pc, starting so i’m, just going to full screen that i’m going to express accept on my note 9 to get dex for pc running on my surface pro 7.. So right now nothing wallpaper hasn’t changed, but basically right now we are inside the decks for pc. So right now, i’m gon na take my mx master budget mouse, as you can see i’m clicking around going through an app drawer and using the logitech a380 to control the uh, the decks on pc as well.

But what, if i’m, not going to use either of these input devices i’m just going to use my fingers to control samsung decks for pc let’s start by just tapping on a screen. So if i tap once this acts as the left mouse button click i tap again. This closes, if i’m going to go, for example, into this app, which is called concept it’s like a drawing app on android devices. I think that started and right now, okay, it’s just telling me here we go let’s open the one of the canvas i printed earlier. So two fingers pinch to zoom in and out does work as you can see, but it’s very, very, very laggy. If i’m gon na start drawing um, as you can see, it’s slides behind, let me actually a mouse input just to create a new one. Let me quickly select the much bigger brush size, let’s go with 16 points and the black color, so we’re, just gon na. So right now, i’m gon na try to draw uh, hopefully the camera and the screen recording will be able to pick it up exactly how laggy it is. So, as you can see it is slides behind. By about, i would say three, four centimeters, so one single mouse input does work so right now how to exit this up – and i tried this before there is here we go just scroll – is sliding from the bottom of the screen, the app appears or the tabs By appears just for blink of an eye and blink of a second and then you can close it so let’s run the app called fluid this app i’m, using just to test how many finger inputs.

The this device, for example, takes at the same time so i’m gon na use one finger as you can see, i’m interacting with the app. If i’m gon na try two finger inputs, nothing happens and that’s it. Only one finger input is for tap and if i’m going to use two finger inputs to tap it acts like a right mouse button click. So if i’m gon na quickly exit this app, you go we’re back into a homepage screen so let’s say i want to right. Click on, for example, fluid app on my screen. I need to tap once to select and then tap two fingers next to each other. To do a right, mouse click, because if i’m gon na click somewhere else, it basically deselects and just right does the right click exactly where my two fingers taps so i’m gon na tap back on the fluid we’re going to tap here. As you can see, it goes outside, but if we’re going to tap two fingers on the actual app it’s going to add the right mouse button, click and that’s it pretty much that’s all it is it’s a one mile one finger tab to act as a left. Mouse button click and two finger tap acts as the right mouse button, click, uh, drag and drop. I think it does work. So, as you can see, i tapped and holding and right now, app is just going all over place because i’m trying to drag the app into a different location, so they click tap and hold and drag does work but pretty much, i think, that’s it nothing else.

So it’s not ideal to control decks or decks for pc with the touchscreen displays, but if you have not, if you don’t have a mouse a keyboard around you, this is um, not bad. Let’S, say a quick, a quick kind of interaction with the decks for pcs. It’S usable that’s, what i’m trying to say, let’s open the samsung i’m going to use the keyboard just to be much quicker: i’m gon na type, some okay internet. Under my note 9 – and this one ui 2.5 – is very, very picky. It doesn’t search the apps straight away, so you need to spend like close the app draw open, app draw close, app draw an open, app draw again just to get the uh search, keyword being recognized just to get that to be recognized so right now, we’re back Here we go, we are in the samsung internet i’m, going to tap on the address bar tap on the keyboard, come on i’m, going to type reddit i’m going to tap on a samsung dex subreddit group that is loading and i’m going to try pinch to zoom. In and out so i’m going to use two fingers to zoom in, as you can see, zooming in, but very very choppy, it does zoom in but very choppy so it’s it. It does work but okay, but not ideal. So it’s, not precise, precise pinch to zoom. In and out, but it doesn’t work like i said, it’s not ideal, but it will be useful for you is that kind of very urgent situations that you don’t have a keyboard, a mouse with you and you have some for some reason.

Some syntax connected to uh. Your touch windows device, so it does work a bit so that’s that’s what you can do with the touchscreen windows touchscreen device and the samsung for samsung dex for pc, while it’s connected. So while samsung dex for pc is connected. I don’t struggling to speak today anyway. Thank you much for watching. I hope this video answers.