This one is in 11.6 inches uh. They also make them in the 15 inch which i’m gon na do in the next video, so let’s go over the outside of the chromebook first um. On the right side, we have usb 3.0 and then we have kensington slot lock and on the left side we have the usbc, which also charges the chromebook, but you can also connect some stuff to it. We have the sd card slot and we have the headphone jack um on the bottom it’s made of plastic, and you have you have two speaker grilles. So the speakers are on the bottom. Dual speakers i’ll talk about that a little bit more later. So the bottom, as i said, it’s plastic and the top is made of aluminum and also the inside – is made aluminum uh chromebook itself, it’s a bit heavy for its size. It’S uh 2.6 pounds. So you definitely gon na feel it if it’s in your backpack carrying around 2.6 pounds, i mean it’s, not too heavy, but you know since it’s, so small it is heavy for its size. So we have the 0.9 megapixel camera, which does the job nothing to brag. About, but you know most of this budget, chromebooks even laptops have the same one megapixel camera, which you know it’s usable but you’re not going to be able to take any really good pictures or videos, but for zoom calls skype or stuff like that.

For video calls. It’S going to do the job and, as you guys can see, has a this really big, bezels, bottom and top and the side at first. I thought they’re going to bother me, but, as i kept using it, i really even didn’t even notice. The bezels inside the chromebook we have the intel uh cpu it’s gon na be n4000, which is pretty common with a lot of the budget. Chromebooks um either they’re going to be n4000 or 4020 or you know maybe some older ones, but they’re all going to be based on that dual core uh. It does the job. I haven’t experienced any issues with it and this one also comes with the 64 gigabytes of storage and six gigabytes of ram, which is kind of very uncommon, because most chromebooks either come with four gigabytes or if you’re gon na pay up fourths or four or five Hundred bucks, you’re gon na get eight gigabytes of ram, so six gigabytes was unusual, but um honestly, like i did notice it like during the games. It does, you know, play better and you can probably open up and use more tabs. So if you plan on multitasking a lot that that extra two gigabytes of ram is really going to help, but if you you know, if you’re trying to save some money for gigabytes of ram it’s going to do just fine, i believe difference of the price is 50, this one retails for 279 and the 4 gigabytes 3 4 gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes storage retails for 229.

, so there’s a 50 bucks difference in price. If you want to go for that double the storage and two extra gigs of ram so before buying this chromebook uh, i read a lot of reviews and a lot of the bad reviews were because of the screen. Now the screen is 11.6 inches it’s. A 720p resolution which, for this size it makes sense that 720p, you know if it was 1080, you just wouldn’t be able to use it because everything would be small. So you would have to change the resolution now the pixels aren’t. You know as good as um. You know some tablets or better chromebooks but, like i said, it’s it’s a it’s, a budget chromebook. So you have to have your expectation. You know they’re going to cut corners somewhere and unfortunately, on this chromebook it’s it’s kind of the screen. You know i’m, not saying it’s bad, but you know it’s it’s, nothing impressive about the screen um, so it’s it’s. It has a tn uh panel, which is different than ips um. The colors just don’t pop as much tn panels a little bit more dull and also a lot of complaints, came about the viewing angles which, if you go, you know if you, if you move the screen up and down, so you have to find the right angle. Um and then you’re gon na get the perfect picture, but you know some people are complaining all if you know if you move it up and down it’s a small it’s, a small chromebook, so it’s pretty much.

You know you put it in front of you. You find the right angle and that’s it. You know you don’t move around and uh. For example, if somebody is like standing over your shoulder it’s, you know they’re not going to be able to see the screen because it’s just the viewing angles is bad. I notice the left and right viewing angles aren’t as bad. So if you have somebody next to you, they’re gon na be able to see the screen if you’re, showing them something but up and down it’s, just not gon na be usable. Um, like i said for me, it’s it’s, very usable, chromebook uh. I did a lot of browsing. Let me show you guys, for example, some you know amazon page and let me find the right angle for the camera. There we go and uh. You know i would do a lot of reading um. So for me it was just fine. I haven’t, you know, it’s not going to be the same qual quality as some tablets and but you know, for the price you paying it’s it’s, really not bad. The sound of this chromebook was nice uh. It has two two uh speakers on the bottom of the chromebook. I was a bit worried. You know when i first saw it. It was the bottom speakers because when you you know, when you put it in your lap, i was just afraid that it’s gon na get muffled, but it just doesn’t do that the speakers were really nice.

Let me guys play you something, and this is the highest volume Music. I did a lot of music listening. I did a lot of watching videos like i would watch uh games on it and stuff like that. It was the speakers, were you know, quite nice keyboard on this. Chromebook is really nice. Also it’s it’s soft it’s, not as clicky but it’s soft and your fingers travel really nice on it, it’s just the right size and um. You have your typical buttons on it. You have the power, you have the volume you have, the mute, you have the brightness multitasking left and right when you browsing web and refresh it’s pretty much standard for all the chromebooks honestly, i was typing really fast with it. If you, you know, if you really good, if you’re really good with typing you’re gon na, do just fine but um, so it’s really good keyboard, um, no issues with it, at least for me. So the touchpad is, you know, it’s very usable it’s, a bit small. If you guys can see it, but it makes sense because it’s it’s a smaller chromebook um. I, like the keyboard, a bit more than the touchpad, but you know i haven’t had any issues you know make sure you guys go on the um settings and then make sure you go settings and then you’re gon na go device and then you’re gon na go Touchpad and make sure you guys adjust the sensitive sensitivity and um since theory, and then you make sure you enable tab to click and um.

For me, i did a little bit of slower touchpad speed because i felt uh you know at the default. It was just a bit too too sensitive for me and i also did enable reverse scrolling because i’m used to touchpads on my imac. So i set it up the same way as i would use my imac touchpad, but yeah touchpad, pretty nice um, not amazing, but very usable and pretty nice. The last thing i want to talk about is the gaming. I get a lot of questions about. You know the gaming if it’s going to play – and i did try a few games – uh keep in mind. This is a non touch screen version, so the gaming can be a bit more difficult on chromebooks. You know with the touchscreen. It could be much easier because a lot of games are transferred from the uh android tablets. So when you have the touchscreen version, it’s much easier, but more and more and more games are optimized for chromebook, especially the non touch versions. So one game um. I wanted to play: was the asphalt 8 it’s a racing game and you don’t need to touch the you. Don’T need the touchscreen to play it and um. As i mentioned, it does have six gigabytes of ram, so it does help i’m, not sure which chromebook in the previous review, i did review, but it was a bit laggy this one i haven’t experienced any lag.

Let me guys show you. Let me turn up the volume all the way i didn’t notice on this game. The sound wasn’t as loud as when i will play some other music raps. He has no lag. So, oh damn, hey man! I did really good so yeah that’s, the that’s, the asphalt 8 game no lag just runs perfect um, i believe it’s at medium settings. I didn’t want to try it on high because i think it looks just fine but um, and there was another game that i tried: um it’s called um. This was just random game and haven’t played it before, but it’s called fish dome uh. Let me just show you that one Music, you guys can see the display, looks just fine i’m, not sure why all the complaints about it um. Personally, i like it, i mean the colors look all right so let’s do this one just to show you guys and all the games like at least these two games that i play just run great. Like no lag, i haven’t had any issues at all yeah that’s about it. Thank you guys for watching please like and subscribe.