It is the latest edge led tv, with support for hdr and today i’m, going to review it Music now. What’S interesting is that samsung, claiming that this tv has three side. Bezel, less design and it’s gon na be a lot faster kind of turbo faster. So we need to put this to the test. Otherwise, samsung 8 series has a lot of variants from 8000 to 8075 and higher, but they all have the similar screen quality, which offer 4k resolution hdr 10 and then apps. I perform a hands on evaluation of the 50 inch 50 inch au 80, 72, but this review also applies to the other screen sizes from the 8000 series. Now, what made me curious is that on the outside, au 80 is different from every side to the last year. Tu 85 – and there are some noticeable changes in sight too, especially with the speakers and faster 4k picture processor. Crystal is well upgraded, but can it match the competition in the line all right, so let’s open this eco friendly box? As usually, there is this delightful white phone with hidden packages on each side inside are two mystifying t shaped legs. Here is one larger back. It looks like unusual samsung tv first aid package with power cord, the remote control with the batteries and a quick setup guide for those who can’t read. The au80 has a cool new design with even more stylish bezels that’s, thanks mostly to a new three side: baseless design in thin bag.

So it should look modern and sleek on any walls and shells dimension wise. The au80 is available in many sizes from 43 to 85 inches. Those using the stand will appreciate its minimalistic plug and stay design. It has this new bracket instead of using screws. So you just slide in and you’re ready tv looks and feels well made. Despite the stand, not using any screws Music at its stickers, the au80 sits at around under 1 inch, which is quite slim in comparison with some direct led tvs, so it’s gon na fit quite good on your wall around the back. There are 2 usb 3hdmite, 2.0 ethernet and optical port. I like the built in cable management on the back. It will be cool if one of those lines continue in those stylish lags. But if you plan to mount a tv on the wall, you will need a samsung wall mount kit because screws are different. Luckily, you will only need to hide the power cord, because this tv has wi fi and bluetooth wireless connection in recent years. The remote did not change a lot, it is still comfy and easy to navigate. The build quality feels like premium plastic with some metallic ascents, the top half has volume channel menu control buttons and a lot of shortcuts to video stream apps. There is also a dedicated voice button. If you want to use voice search, the bottom part is unused and there is no channel numbers for dvb tuner.

I wonder why samsung thinks number buttons are not necessary anymore, it’s, true, that some users don’t care about them anymore, but while others will need to press multiple times to access the channel, i think we could have the best from both worlds. If user could change the role of number buttons, you could assign them to your favorite apps or use them for channels, so the 123 button could toggle between app and channel mode, but until then you will need to use voice control and on screen keyboard. Luckily, you can still buy a classic samsung remote now we’re gon na plug it in i’m. Gon na show you the best things that zen can do. One of the best things about setup is the fact that it’s much faster than on average initial tv setups, thanks to its background source, scan once it’s set to complete you just press the home button on the remote, and here is your home screen. You can see samsung updated his n6 system and it features some minor changes such as different colors and content highlights as we hover over home icons. It does allow the plenty of smart features, including art, mode, wireless screen and quick control through samsung smartthings app. The design has a fast search feature: iptv, Music and most of the best smart tv apps. You will find anything from youtube web browser to netflix. Sadly, the design collection of apps is still limited in comparison with android google tv, especially if you want games.

If you don’t, like the price of streaming apps, you can still use good old, usb player, app or watching movies, though there is only support for the latest x, 264 and 265 codecs. I want to tear you apart once upon a time there were hv and xvid, but not anymore, otherwise, that zen usb player is one of the fastest and offers support for subtitles and has a lot of customization options. The au80 has the fast dvp tuner suppression channel is really quick and upscaling works. Great dig deep, and this journey is going to be all about that. Okay, it’s, going to be a tough one inside the channel setting. You will find an updated favorite menu to more easily organized channels. Program guide, remembers your content choices and recommends programs that it predicts you like Music. When it comes to picture performance, the au80 uses an edge led backlight with semi gloss, va panel. So you can expect excellent contrast and an impressive black uniformity in dimly little room Music. I like the motion on samsung tvs and you can select these various options, which will reduce motion blur. The 4k picture. Quality is excellent, and the hd channel showed well when upscaling standard definition, whether for tuner or web, despite the screen has only 50 to 60 hertz in the specs. Here. Motion processing helps a lot thanks to the samsung advancing crystal processor, which can improve picture quality to almost look like it’s hertz.

Of course, if you enable the game mode, the screen, refresh rate can go higher than 120, so we’re talking about 4k, 60 and 4k 120.. This is mostly achievable with help of samsung’s motion accelerator turbo, which can achieve 4k 120. in general. It has very good support for gaming with input lag below 15 milliseconds. If you want to get best of 4k netflix and youtube works great and without any problems when watching hdr content, brightness level can go up to 400 nits, which is 25 percent more in comparison with 300, its budget 4k tvs. So it has more than enough brightness for dimly lit rooms, but if you have a lot of sun in the room – and you want the best hdr, then you can check out more expensive, samsung quilted series, which can go higher than 600 nits. The au80 offers quite few distinct picture modes, including dynamic, standard, natural and movie profiles out of the box. Color accuracy is good, so you want the best profile for sunny room. Then you only need to choose dynamic or natural picture profile. If you select the movie, you can see that the picture has darkened slightly, and this is the best quick profile for dimly lit room, especially if you want realistic calibrated colors. So there is almost no need for picture calibration outside the factory. Unless you want to be bruce wayne, then you can still change these advanced settings. Give me some news: the design has standard built in web browser which works quick and it has a responsive on screen.

Cable with small leather suggestions, it is useful for quick browsing, but for anything else i would still recommend screen mirroring from your phone in terms of sound quality, because it’s meant to be on the wall. The au80 has very thin side, so there is not much space for an impressive base. The built in speakers sound loud and actually more clear, so you should expect to get better stereo effect than an average mid range tvs, Music. The 20 watts drivers do a good job of defining the dolby digital sound out of the sides of viewing location, so its stereo sound is actually good and commentable with focus on mid range frequencies, so i could say it’s better than last year, two series, of course, If you compare bass, it’s, actually a little weaker, but anyway it’s, if you want the best bass, it’s still best to connect the soundbar, the samsung au 8000 series have made market improvements in terms of design. So if you’re looking for tv, that’s, stylish and easy to use the new bezel, less design, faster picture, processor or one of big highlights, it is enjoyable to you for watching movies in dark room thanks to its excellent va screen. So the levels of controls are the best in this class, and there is more than enough here to give you the taste of 4k, but on other side, it’s lacking the brightness to be one of kings of hdr. Of course, as i mentioned before, it could have more apps and games, but if you want fast and responsive tv with low input lag, then it still has the advantage in comparison with google tvs and with that in mind, samsung au 8000 is easily one of better Options, if you want a good 4k smart tv for an affordable price thanks for watching guys, i will spending probably the next couple weeks of testing this tv.