Now this tablet is Samsungs midsize budget tablet and it came out in 2021 in May so its about a year and a half old, but Im just going to review. You know if its worth getting today and uh how it performs you know what I like about it, what I dont like about it so pros and cons and uh lets, get into it all right so uh. This is a budget tablet, so its a pretty affordable. Its only 125 on Amazon brand new and uh its comparable Id say to like the Amazon Fire tablet, but its its different because it does have the Google Play Store, whereas you know for fire tablets. Youd have to sideload the Play Store, so thats really convenient and thats. Definitely a plus and uh. I feel like this tablet is really meant for media consumption. You know its not its not meant for productivity, all right now, so first Im going to go over the positives and what I like about this tablet uh. The first thing I like is its design, as you can see here like its uh, the back is all metal. So I really like that for a budget tablet, thats really surprising. A lot of tablets are all in plastic, but I do like the design. Even the sides feels pretty nice and smooth like this fuse premium, even though its only 120 bucks so and then we just go through the ports. You got the expansion card tray here, see here.

Oh there it is okay, so you can add in extra storage right here on the bottom. You got the uh USBC right here you get your headphone jack, which is also a positive, because a lot of tablets now like default. They followed Apples lead where they took away the audio jack and everything has to be connected via like Bluetooth or an adapter, and so it has also the USBC uh. And if you see here, you got one speaker Grille here and one speaker Grille here. So we got that stereo sound because you know you got the speakers firing in both directions, so you got that effect. Stereo sound effect, so thats, really nice. You know like, whereas the regular iPad has both speakers on the bottom firing downwards, whereas this tablet is Stereo because it fires in both directions, Music, so those are the positives and uh. Also, of course, is the price which is uh, really uh good, its only 125. On Amazon, so thats really good all right in terms of media consumption, and then we just play a YouTube. Video, as you can see here, plays videos very well, its 8.7 inches, its really light its really easy to hold, which is another positive. You can just hold this with one hand easy to manage, so its really good for media consumption, no legs there, you see Wolverine doing this thing see our this is really good for just watching videos and movies, all right in terms of gaming Im going to test This out on Mario run here, so you guys can give you an example of how it performs playing a game like this, so I dont notice any lags, and this is a pretty basic game, its not too graphic intensive, so it does perform pretty.

Well all right. My next game here is snake IO they died already. All right lets go, try it again, uh so far its running pretty smoothly, and this game is also not too graphic intensive uh. When I did play previously, I did notice some uh, some stuttering, so um so yeah like you could notice. The processor here is struggling sometimes, but for the most part, its running smoothly, all right, Im gon na go over some things that I dont like about this tablet, and one thing is the um. The screen resolution like its not its, not full HD, its only 1340 by 800, I mean uh, I wouldnt say its like a huge deal breaker on this smaller screen, because its only 8.7, its not like you, know, 10 inch a 10 inch tablet, but it is Not full res full HD, and another thing I dont like about this tablet – is the uh, the processor, its using a p22t and uh, sometimes like the OS. It lags like when youre doing commands um just navigating the operating system like on this processor, like it can stutter and its really its, not a strong processor, its really slow, um yeah like so so when youre scrolling, like youll notice, some uh like stuttering, all right. You see how it took a while to just to switch windows, so you will notice the processor and another small gripe is even though it is a stereo, sound um.

You see theres only two speakers like if you went up and you bought the Samsung Tab. A8 youd get four speakers like two on each side, whereas here you only get two speakers, so it doesnt have the quad. Speaker only has the Dual speaker setup all right and this base model comes with only uh 32 gigabytes of storage and three gigabytes of RAM. So thats uh barely barely passable, so if you want, you know, like 64 gigabytes of storage or more RAM youre gon na have to pay more. So those are the cons overall. I do like this tablet like, if youre looking for something to just play like easy games or like browse the web um or just to watch YouTube videos or movies. You know anything like just for media consumption and light tests like this is a good tablet for you. You know its very affordable and I do like it compared to the Fire tablet, because you get the stock Google Play Store. You dont have to sideload it and uh, and so like this is a perfect fit if youre looking for those uses. On the other hand, if youre looking for something more powerful, something they can play better games or uh can is more fluid. You probably want to upgrade to an iPad but uh anyways thats, my review uh, so uh please hit like or subscribe for this video and uh Ill catch.