So let’s Go Carbon 49 and this number quot49quot represents the number of the keys in the keyboard. So as we speak about the number of keys let’s head to the body of the keyboard itself, It has a simple cool Design with curves It’s a a small details, but it makes the keyboard looks good. It has a slight heavy weight about 2.8 Kg, But it’s a weight you can handle The main function of the keyboard is that you can control and play with the quotMIDIquot tracks or on Virtual instruments in the DAW softwares quotMIDIquot means that the sound of the instrument Is digital from the computer Not an actual sound recorded via Microphone, whether its a vocal or real instrument, So the keyboard controls that ‘MIDIquot? As you can say, that the computer is the real instrument and you have the keyboard to control it and that’s. Why it’s called MIDI Controller Just like the Controllers in PC and Consoles used in gaming? You got the game on your device and then use the controller to play it and move objects, etc. … quotCarbon 49quot is not like the Org or the Electric piano that has a software inside it and speakers It’s useless. If you don’t connect it to a computer, You can play with this keyboard any virtual instruments that exists in the DAW softwares, For Example, FL, Studio, LMMS And Cakewalk. In the back of the keyboard, we have the Power, switch, the USB cable connection, port, which is the only power source in it, and also we got another ports like MIDI, Output, 5, pins and Sustain, and the last two ports quotmaybequot used to connect thee keyboard with Other Midi devices as Drum Pads – I am not sure, as I hadn’t tried it before.

When we look at the top of the keyboard, we will see the small LED screen Which has quotC49quot as a default view and the screen changes value according to the last adjusted function. We will talk about these functions a minute later beside the Screen. You will see the quotVolume Faderquot in which you can control the volume from 0 to 127, and also we got the quotData Assign Knobquot and has the same values from 0 to 127. Its function is to control the pan of the volume quotwhich side to hearquot, whether in right or left, sides of the stereo speaker and the balanced volume between left and right is to keep value on 64. Also, we have here the quotEdit Modequot Button, which we will talk about it later in the video beside it. We have the place where you can put your tablet or your phone on it to make it easy. If you connect the keyboard to one of those devices On the left Side of the Keyboard, we have the functions that affect the sounds while playing on keyboard. We have the quotOctavequot and quotTransposequot Buttons and we have the quotPitch, Bendquot and quotModulationquot Wheels., So Let’s see how the affect the sounds from a closer look. Alright Lets start with the quotOctavequot by explaining it. In brief, The Piano as a general is based on a 12 Keys and then repeated many times, and since this keyboard has 49 Keys, so these 12 keys are repeated 4 times one key from the 5th octave.

So we got total of 49 Keys. The idea of the Octave here is when you go further in the right direction. The sound gets softer like these notes, quotCquot and quotDquot as a reference. You are gon na, hear it softer in the next Octave. Alright, when we want to increase or decrease the Octave. We got the quot quot and quot quot buttons. The quot quot button adds new Octave From the Right Side. Let’S Consider the Keyboard has 4 More Octaves on the right side other than the existing ones. So when we click quot quot, we added a new Octave on the Right Side Of keyboard and then all the current Octaves are Shifted to the Left and the sounds are getting softer. As you can hear now, You cannotice that the Octave here is Shifted to the left. So when we return back to 0 quot The existing octavesquot, you can demonstrate better. As the Octaves are shifted regularly. The Concept Of Octave is to have a HARDER sound on the left side and a softer one on the right side, So it can create a beautiful harmony and you Can consider the left side as a Baseline and the right side completes the Melody. As I Said before, you can Increase it up to 4 times, Softer sound and also decrease it 4 times HARDER, sound and when you decrease Octave, it shifts in the Opposite direction on a regular basis. Some instruments don’t have much octaves to add, and this is normal as the Keyboard designed to fit with all VST instruments.

You can hear how HARD the sound is when we got far Left. Alright, That was the Octave Let’s Head to the quotTransposequot. The function of the Transpose is it Shifts each key, a half step semitone to the next note, not shifting a 12 keys like the Octave, Its different for sure you can increase or decrease the Transpose up to 12 Times. Let’S. Try it on those quotAquot and quotBquot notes Increasing Transpose, As you can hear. By increasing the Transpose The Sound of the keys, gets a little bit softer and Vice Versa. And yes, if you notice that Every button, you click it lights up Red, whether in Transpose or Octave, To inform you with the direction of the function you choose And That’s it for the Transpose. Alright, The quotPitch Bendquot Wheel. It has the balanced value of quot64quot By Default and Fixed on it, and just like the Volume fader, it has values from 0 to 127. So the value 64 is the Original sound. When we increase, you can here the difference in a higher Pitch, and here is the voice in a lower pitch and when you release the wheel, It returns back immediately to 64, And here is the quotModulationquot Wheel – has a kind of Echo on the sound as you Can hear But its effect on the sound may differ according to the instrument you are playing with. I said in the first of this video that you can play with different Virtual instruments.

Not just a Piano Like this old Games sounds Fun. Staff Lets try the sound of Electric Piano. I Used some Reverb Delay and EQ on this sound to make it more harmonic. Last let’s Try Violin. I don’t know what the quotEdit Modequot in the Keyboard is doing at first. Even when I read The manual that comes with the Keyboard, But After months of practicing on the Keyboard and then returned back to read the quotEdit Modequot in the Manual, I kinda knew what it does. But I saw it didn’t worth trying and its a waste of time, Because all what the quotEdit Modequot does can be done in the DAW software that I am using easily.. For Example, The edit mode can adjust EQ and velocity also make a pre sets ProgramsChannels with its settings saved, And all of that staff can be adjusted in the DAW a lot easier and the numbers on the top of the keys of the quotEdit Modequot are used To set certain values for editing, you can see in the manual how certain value can affect these settings So its a waste of time to look at each number then set the value and see it in the small LED screen of the keyboard, Its getting boring. So why I should use the quotEdit Modequot while I can adjust all of these settings on the DAW software Like in the DAW. I can adjust the EQ on a Graph and Control the Velocity of each note accurately on a big Screen.

Instead of being limited to some keys, I Think the quotEdit Modequot will be useful if the Software you are using doesn’t, have these kind of settings and I don’t think that there is a software that leaks these settings, as they are basics in audio editing or maybe The quotEdit Modequot is useful when you connect The Keyboard with mobile phone. I made a lot of search on quotEdit modequot on many sites and platforms, and I didn’t see ant information or applications on it. I Found Nothing So in general, The Edit Mode is kinda complex, But if you want me to make a video for its use and go in details for it, let me know in the comments below Not Forget to mention that if you have a mobile or tablet Support OTG connections: You can easily connect the USB Cable of the Keyboard to your device and play with it. I Used the App quotPiano Connectquot to play the Keyboard on it. What bothered me about the Keyboard is That it has quotClacky Soundquot when you press on the Keys It’s, not the smoothest, feel on the keys you get when you press on them. You will hear that quotClacky Soundquot when you are playing music with low volume, But It won’t bother you when you play sound on high volume, as you will be focused on the sound of the music itself, The Price of the keyboard – and this is a good price For a 49 key Midi Keyboard, as I found the price of 49 keys, Midi Keyboards of other companies, and I found it higher in price, I recommend you to get it from the official retailer of Samson Company in your country to get the best price and maintenance Service, You can check the official retailerseller in your country on Samson official website, Because I found people other than the official seller are selling this keyboard quotOverpricedquot.

Instead of buying it with too much price, you can pay more and get Carbon 61 Key Midi Keyboard From the Official sellerretailer Finally comes with the Keyboard, a link to start on Komplete Kontrol Software. If you like to do so And that’s it Tell me your opinion about this review specially, I am reviewing it as a gamer.