, This time I’m going to talk about GOD, MU, the fifth knight of this version released so far., God, Mu, came positioned in the front line and with the proposal Of support his abilities, protect his allies, providing greater resistance against damage and knock’s effects, also enabling a possible counterattack or pressure against the opposing team. Mu’S differential is the ability TELEPORATION that allows you to pass on the effect granted by athena and help another hero. Who has a greater loss of life during the battle trying to ensure his survival and for change? The rhythm of battle. Let’s see the skills of GOD MU SKILL, 01 STARDUST REVOLUTION. Mu throws various cosmic stars at opponents at medium distance dealing damage and pushing them a short distance away. When releasing the talent Mu has immunity to most knock’s effects during the skill’s execution.. The talent makes the skill more useful because the delay in execution made it difficult to use now with immunity. Execution is guaranteed, and so is the objective of gaining ground and interrupting opponents with the skill. SKILL 02 STARLIGHT EXTINCTION Mu creates a large star rift striking all opponents positioned in the middle and bottom rows, dealing magic damage and reducing opponents’ magic defense by 8 for 4 Seconds., As the skill lowers the magic defense of opponents in the middle and bottom lines, we can see that Mu does not focus on destroying frontline heroes that usually have tanks, but on fragile opponents who are positioned in some of those lines.

. With that in mind, it’s interesting to have magic damage, heroes that on your team and so can attack these targets while they are under the effect of magical defense reduction without heroes of this style. This ability does not have as much impact in battle. SKILL, 03 PSYCHIC MU, uses his mental power to to put away opponents dealing damage and creating protection for your team against throw attempts for 4 seconds. When the talent is released, increases allies’, magic defense by 12. During protection., The protection against throw attempts provided by the skill opens up the possibility of a counterattack. The protection helps the allies in the execution of the abilities, since they are not easily interrupted during this period.. This is a skill that is easy to be interrupted. Skill 04 CRYSTAL WALL Mu quickly, teleports closer to the nearest enemy, pushing them a short distance away when creating a wall of crystal.. The Crystal Wall remains for 4 seconds and protects all allies from damage equal to 4 of maximum MU health at first level.. This skill does not damage the opponent And, with the improvement of the talent MU is immune to control during skill execution.. This ability guarantees MU to recover and protect terrain on the battlefield similar to that of the GOD TAURUS, but the speed that Mu can reach. The opponent ensures less loss of terrain, but it is not as effective when it comes to maintaining positioning as the GOD TAURUS.. The CRYSTAL WALL also grants the reduction of part of the damage taken by allies for 4 seconds.

At lvl 154. The reduction is up to 16 of the maximum MU health value, but that doesn’t include MU. It will continue to take damage. Normally. It’s, like placing the shield of the GOD SHAKA on each ally, with the difference that the wall can also block damage from the special ability and the reduction is greater than that of the Shaka.. Although it depends on the dynamics of the battle for skills, especially the Awaken skill to hit the CRYSTAL WALL, is a high impact skill., and if the damage does not exceed the resistance imposed by the MU CRYSTAL WALL, no damage will be dealt to allies. Nor will it interrupt them, but if it is greater than the resistance imposed, the damage dealt will be reduced from the resistance value of the Crystal wall.. For example, Assuming Mu has 2.000.000 health, then the barrier will protect 16 of that value, resulting in a 320.000 damage reduction. So if the opponent does 1.000.000 damage with the special ability, then the damage received will be 680.000.. Skill. 05 TELEPORTATION Upon entering the battlefield Mu, receives the protection of Athena’s Dagger.. The dagger increases the double defense in and the attack being sent every 12 seconds to the ally with the lowest health ratio and whoever receives the dagger, has their health restored to 4 of their maximum health or if it is renewed in same ally. But it is not cumulative and if the ally who possesses the dagger dies, it will return to Mu.

At lvl 154. The double defense increase is 14 and the attack 10, a big increase in both defenses and attack. That remains for as long as you have the Dagger. For the first 12 seconds of battle, the Dagger always starts with Mu and is passed on after 12s to an ally, with more loss of life being able to change the rhythm of battle. Because now MU has the reduction of your defense and attack, while the ally that received the Dagger has the improvement of defense and attack and recovers his health causing not to be easily destroyed.. If the Dagger is transferred to a damage hero, it will deal more damage in less time, speeding up the game, but if the Dagger passes to someone with resistance, it helps him to resist even more saving time. These changes during battle create a certainty which will not always be as expected.. Another point that can happen is that heroes who focus on specific attributes to use their abilities may not hit the expected target.. For example, GOD SHAKA has the ability to send the hero with more attack, to roam the 6 realms, sending the GOD AIOLOS. However, his teammate Saga Spectro, receives the dagger now having more attack than the God Aiolos and being the new target of this skill., As seen GOD MU, is a support hero having abilities that help his allies have a greater survival during battle. Reducing much of the damage received and making it difficult for him to take his team to the corner by creating space for the counterattack.

When makes your team immune to knock’s effects. On the other hand, GOD MU also thinks about destruction and increases the magic damage dealt to middle and backline heroes through STARLIGHT EXTINCTION.. Mu damage is not expressive, since Mu is support and still only has 3 abilities that can deal damage. and that’s it guys who liked it leave your like share with your friend who needs to know about GOD. Mu and we’ll see you next time. Big hug.