So this headset has a budget price, but an awful lot of premium features so let’s go ahead and get it unboxed just before we go ahead and get the headset unboxed i wanted to let you know about the price. The msrp is ‘.99 in the uk. Although i did find it on sale in amazon today for 32 pounds and 80 pence, so you can see the specs on the back of the box. We’Ve got fairly large speaker drivers at 57 millimeters. The impedance is 32 ohms sensitivity, 102 plus or minus 3 decibels, and frequency of 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz. Okay, let’s go ahead and get things unboxed, okay, so let’s take a closer look at the headset itself, and i think the first thing to say is this: does not look like a headset costing only 32 pounds. It looks like a much more expensive headset and the reason i’m saying this is the amount of padding. If you look at the ear cups themselves, they’ve got a fairly large cutout for the ear and we’ve got very thick padding. So these look like they’re going to be fairly comfortable to wear and you can see the sahara gaming logo in the ear cup itself. Also along the top of the headset we’ve got the sahara gaming logo and again lots more padding here as well. It’S, a very thick layer of padding. So again these look like they’re, going to be fairly comfortable to wear the headset is adjustable.

All you need to do from the side is pull it forward and you can hopefully you’re going to be able to get this to a fairly comfortable position. You can see here as well. We’Ve got the sahara gaming logo and we’ve got this blue stripe as well, and this will light up if you plug the usb cable in you’re, going to have a blue, led lighting here coming from the headset we’ve got a single, cable and it’s nice to see This is a fairly thick braided, cable i’ll go ahead and unwrap it. We’Ve actually got a fairly long, cable, it’s, 1.5 meters in length and then coming from the end of the cable we’ve got two connectors, so the first connector is a standard three and a half millimeter jack, which is going to work on your computer. Your tablet, your phone or any other device, one of the nice things about this headset – is it’s just plug and play there’s. No software at all needed to use it. The usb connection is solely to power. The led lighting on the headset, so if you don’t want led lighting there’s, no need to plug it in so i’ll. Go ahead and plug this in and give you a look at what the led lighting looks like okay, so i’ve gone ahead and plugged in the usb cable and what you can see. We’Ve got a fairly attractive blue, led lighting on the side of the headset itself.

I’Ll go ahead and dim the lights and give you a better look at that. It is important to say if the blue won’t work with your color scheme. There’S no problem you just don’t need to plug the usb cable in and the headset will work perfectly well, but not light up. So i think it’s fairly clear. The headset has an awful lot of great features, but i think the most important test for any headset is what it actually sounds like. So i compared this headset with my current headset, which is the razer kraken tournament edition, and i looked at it in three different areas: they were gaming, listening to music and also listening to the quality of voice. When i was editing videos, so i think the first thing to say is the sound quality coming from the headset is excellent and in fact, when i was gaming or listening to music, i couldn’t actually tell any difference between this headset and the much more expensive razer Kraken, i did, however, notice a difference when i was listening to the quality of voice during video editing and there i much preferred the sound quality coming from the razer kraken headset it wasn’t the sound quality coming from this headset was bad. It was just comparing the two side by side. I find it much more pleasant to listen to the razer kraken and i was getting a lot more information from the voice. I felt listening to this.

I was losing a bit of the quality, but it’s, probably not a fair comparison, given the difference in the price between the two headsets. Another really important feature of any headset is how comfortable it is to wear, particularly given you might be wearing it for a long period of time, and i have used this headset for my video editing over an extended period of time, and i always find it fairly Comfortable to wear, i think, that’s largely due to the amount of padding on the headset and also due to the large cup size. So, looking at the things i liked about the sahara pro v headset, i think the first thing is the price you’re not paying an awful lot of money, but getting an awful lot of headsets you’re going to get good, sound quality you’re, getting a headset that’s fairly Comfortable to wear you’re, getting some led lighting, one of the other things i really like is you’re getting the lighting, but not needing any software to get it, which is great. You’Ve, also got the option to use the headset in your phone or other devices and it’s. Just plug and play without any software, i think the only site negatives are that this particular model doesn’t come with a microphone, although they do offer a more expensive version that does come with a microphone. The other thing that might not be to everybody’s taste is the blue color on the headset. If your setup has a different color, blue may not work well for you, but then again you just simply don’t have to plug the usb in and it will work without any color on it.

So if you’re in the market for a budget gaming headset, i can definitely recommend the sahara pro v and you’ll find links to the headset in the description. So hopefully you find the video useful.